afk arena the sandy tracks full walkthrough guide afk arena the sandy tracks full walkthrough guide

The Sandy Tracks Guide (Wandering Balloon)

The Wandering Balloon let us re-play past Voyage of Wonders realms and the realm that just got added is The Sandy Tracks, a really nice Voyage of Wonders we had back in September 2020 and it will be available in the Wandering Balloon starting August 2nd, 2021. It’s probably the easiest realm we’ve seen for a while with almost no camps to beat and a puzzle that barely deserves the name puzzle.

As always, I have a step-by-step guide below that you can use to solve the realm below.

The Sandy Tracks General & Rewards

The main objective in the Sandy Tracks is guiding a cart through several stations through the map to the final point where it will reveal the only Crystal Chest. You need to find the correct path on the railways and block the wrong paths, but that’s nothing more than a cosmetic job.

What’s The Reward In The Sandy Tracks?

Now that this is in the Wandering Balloon, the main rewards are only 10x Faction Summon Scrolls:

afk arena the sandy tracks rewards

In the Golden Chests, however, you will find some additional boosters, soul stones and emblems, too.

If you have troubles with your team, please refer to my frequently updated guide on the best teams in AFK Arena here or the tier list of the best heroes (including their best build). Also, don’t miss out on the recently new gift codes that I posted here.

The Sandy Tracks Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve The Sandy Tracks.

Step 1 – right at the start you only need to use the trigger next to the cart and it will go through to the next section of the map.

You need to make sure that the cart passes all the red points on the tracks and it will open the next door, that’s the main thing you will do.

Step 2 – clear the camp you will see there and then go up and move the left cart down by using the lowerleft switch and the red button up by using the upper right switch. This is the setup you will need.

Now you can use the trigger and your cart will go through the next gate into the next section of The Sandy Tracks.

Don’t forget to clear all the camps on your way and collect the Golden Chests.

Step 3 – now use the blue lever at the beginning of the section once.

The lower blue stone need to be up and the upper blue stone down so the cart will take the upper route on the railroads.

Now go to the right and move the car there to the upper position and the red dot to the lower position as you can see in the image.

Also clear the camps you will come along there. They are not hard to clear but it’s annoying to walk back later.

The last thing to do in this section is now to go up and move the cart in front of the gate downwards to make your supply cart go towards the gate and enter the next section.

Now let your supply cart travel to the next gate.

Step 4 – clear all the camps you see there and then move the red button above the yellow lever to the top position.

Then use the yellow lever as well to raise the lower yellow stone and lower the upper yellow stone. The path should send the supply cart to the upper road.

Step 5 – then go left and you will find several switches.

You will need to move the cart on top to the lower position and the car at the bottom to the right position as you can see in the image.

There’s also a camp at the top that you should not forget and clear now as well.

Step 6 – now walk to the left again and you have the last thing to do in this section before you can enter the last part of The Sandy Tracks.

Move the very left red button to the top position (s. image) and use the red lever on top of the map once. Now you can send the supply wagon to the next gate.

Step 7 – now clear the last two camps and collect the missing Gold Chests and then click on the supply cart on the final destination and it will reveal the Crystal Chest.

In case you wonder, you need to select the supply cart once and it will turn into the Crystal Chest.

That’s it, you’re done, good job. I really hope we will get some more challenging Voyage of Wonders realms in the future and The Sandy Tracks will not be the standard from now on.

Don’t stop here… the next Wandering Balloon is already waiting with more rewards! See here the full walkthrough for Mirael’s Nightmare.

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