afk arena miraels nightmare full walkthrough afk arena miraels nightmare full walkthrough

Mirael’s Nightmare Guide (Wandering Balloon)

The Wandering Balloon let us re-play past Voyage of Wonders realms and the realm that just got added is The Dusty Barrens, a really nice Voyage of Wonders we had back in September 2020 and it will be available in the Wandering Balloon starting August 17th, 2021. Please double-check before using the fire altars if you have the correct setup, otherwise you can get stuck and need to restart Mirael’s Nightmare!

As always, I have a step-by-step guide below that you can use to solve the realm below.

Mirael’s Nightmare General & Rewards

You need to remove obstacles with the dynamites that you can set to explode by using the fire altars along with the bush tiles that make the fire travel. This will unlock parts of the map in Mireal’s Nightmare.

What’s The Reward In Mirael’s Nightmare?

Now that Mirael’s Nightmare is part of the Wandering Balloon, the reward are pretty basic and similar to the other ones:

afk arena miraels nightmare rewards

Along with the main reward, 10x Summon Scrolls and 10x Faction Scrolls, there are some boosters, soul stones and emblems as well in the Golden Chests.

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Mirael’s Nightmare Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve Mirael’s Nightmare.

Step 1 – right at the start will face yourself in a section where you can’t do much else than using the fire altar that will burn through to the dynamite and remove the tile of grass so you can pass and enter the main area of the map of Mirael’s Nightmare.

Collect all the Golden Chests and proceed.

Step 2 – no walk down and to the right where you find one section that you can enter after defeating one camp.

Then move the cart down before you use the fire altar. The reason is that the boss fight in there that blocks the Golden Chest is too difficult and you can simply remove it with the fire.

After that, walk up through the gate where you will find one camp and you have finished that section as well.

Step 3 – now walk to the left and fight the camp next to the fire altar there.

Then you need to arrange all the the carts to the left position. All 3 of them, as you can see in the image.

Once you’ve done this, you can use the fire altar.

Do NOT use the fire altar before you moved the carts!

After that walk to the bottom and clear the back entrance to get the Golden Chest on the right side where you will get the 60x Epic Soul Stones.

Then go to the top of the area and collect the Golden Chest there and you have cleared this section of Mirael’s Nightmare successfully.

Step 4 – now go to the left where you will find another fire altar.

Move the top cart to the right and the bottom cart to the left as shown in the image before using the fire altar.

Now you can collect the Golden Chest on the top right position and proceed to the left side.

Step 5 – it’s now time for the last fire altar and it looks more difficult than it is. You only need to change two cart positions here.

If you do it wrong here you will block your path to the Crystal Chest, so make sure you set it right!

You only need to adjust the carts in the middle. Move the left one to the top position and the right cart to the left position. Nothing else. UPDATE! IMPORTANT! I did write this guide based on the test server, in the live server version that you play you also need to move the upper cart in this section to the right!

Now use the fire altar

Step 7 – to gain access to the last boss camps and the Crystal Chests, you need to walk around that section and enter from the top side. Clearing them will be the last step to finish Mirael’s Nightmare.

Don’t stop here… the next Wandering Balloon is already waiting with more rewards! See here the full walkthrough for The Dusty Barrens.

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