cookie run tower of adventures best teams and lineups cookie run tower of adventures best teams and lineups

The Best Teams/Lineups in CookieRun Tower of Adventure

In CookieRun Tower of Adventures it’s not all about selecting your strongest cookies, they also have to work together as a team and also serve the purpose of your mode. What does that mean? Well, you can theoretically put the 3 strongest damage dealers together and push but at one point you realize that you miss healing. Or you can use a strong cookie for area damage but in a mode like Honeycomb Dungeon just not be able to deal enough damage against single target. I can go on with these examples but the important takeaway here is that you need a team that supports each other and also works for the game mode.

So in this guide I have several setups for you that should help you assemble a team in CookieRun Tower of Adventures that really work. Actually multiple teams as there is not one single-fits-them-all teams right now.

Meta Teams (Snapshot)

Disclaimer: I know I said there is no single team but the top dominates right now using Cream Soda Cookie x2 + Rockstar Cookie + Gumball Cookie with the Afternoon Tea Artifact. Cream Soda Cookie is incredibly strong right now (as shown in my individual cookie ranking list here). I mean for most players not versatile since you need to pull Cream Soda twice but that is what you find on top of the Leaderboard until the devs will balance that out.

Best Single Target Teams

These teams here work best for the game modes in Cookierun Tower of Adventures that don’t have waves and waves of mobs – like bosses, Honeycomb Dungeon and Raid Modes.

With Cream Soda Cookie as main damage dealer and Gumball Cookie as enabler you can use Crushed Pepper Cookie really well to shield and mitigate damage. This is my favorite raid lineup in Cookierun Tower of Adventures right now and doing really well.

And here is how to build them to work well:

You can also switch out Crushed Pepper Cookie for Chamomile Cookie (you get her for free at start) and get healing instead of shielding. I find it a little bit easier to keep your team alive if you struggle with that when using Crushed Pepper Cookie.

With Rockstar Cookie instead of shielder/healer, you will do normally better in time limit modes or if you are missing some bang for your buck. He will buff your other cookies so they will deal more damage. Sometimes this gives the extra kick you need to master a stage.

And here is how to build them to work well:

Best Multi Target Teams

For modes like Story, the other dungeons and Rift, you need a team that deals area damage or you will have trouble. Here are some team lineups that can do that well:

Please mind that Cream Soda Cookie is so strong that you really have her in every team that runs well. You can merge the teams below together to use without her but I highly recommend pulling her right now

Dark Choco Cookie is an incredible damage dealer and throwing him into the mix will give you the ability to deal with the waves of mobs.

And here is how to build them to work well:

Rye Cookie is a very versatile cookie with single target but also multi-target damage that goes well here so you can nuke whatever you target and also make sure to deal with a section where waves of mobs would run you over.

With great range and multi-target skill, Sting Durian Cookie is a good option as well in this lineup, espcially when bosses are involved.

Chili Pepper Cookie is also working but with her low basic attack damage you might run into trouble here getting your teams damage on the enemy and not constantnly over-killing and losing time. In lack of other options still a good choice.


The meta changes, for sure, so don’t start pulling certain cookies now and spending money. There is a lot to happen in the future and what we know from the beta is that cookies like Lemon Zest can easily bring a cookie like WIzard Cookie into the meta. Epic cookies are all good and better than the rare ones (sad but true), so this should be a good starting point for you to assemble your main teams and lineups in CookieRun Tower of Adventures.

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