The BEST Iron Man Decks + Synergies in MARVEL SNAP

marvel snap best iron man decks

Are you looking for a deck that you can play with Iron Man in it in Marvel Snap? Iron Man can open up some interesting possibilities so I feel you will like this guide here – please mind, this guide here is getting the good decks directly from my popular meta decks list and gets updated each time I update my meta decks (at last once or twice per week), so you will never find any outdated decks here that are not flagged as old and outdated.

Is Iron Man A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP?

Iron Man doubles power in one location and can turn around a location easily.

Iron Man in the current meta: Not on top right now but can work in several strong decks and always depends a little in how popular cards like Enchantress are.

Good Synergies with Iron Man

Mystique can take Iron Man’s ability and do the same at a different location (or the same for make it four times) and she is cheaper in energy. Read more about playing Mystique here.
Iron Lad is also a card that can copy Iron Man’s ability so you can potentially get Iron lad down for 4 energy, copy Iron Man’s ability and already have Iron Lad’s power that makes him 10 power – an incredibly valuebale combo line to drop. Read more about playing Iron Lad here.
Mister Negative can turn your Iron Man (as long as he’s still in your deck) into a 0-cost card that has 5 power and doubles that already. A beast combo together!. Read more about playing Mister Negative here.
The Living Tribunal requires you to build heavy power to spraed it evenly among the lcations at the end – and to compete for all locations you have to run Iron Man to have the crazy high power at one location to spread. Read more about playing The Living Tribunal here.
Onslaught can double the ongoing effect that Iron Man provides and make it four times at the same location. I’d prefer using Mystique but you can technically use a Blue Marvel or Kazar along with Iron Man and Onslaught in one location and get good power in it already while still getting a lot for the other locations. Read more about playing Onslaught here.

The Best Iron Man Decks

The decks here are ranked by how well the decks perform in the current meta. As I said earlier in this guide, the table will get updated every time I update the meta deck tier list here automatically!


  • Iron PatriotS
    With Iron Lad you can copy basically every card in this deck and you are less vulnerable to Enchantress as this is not an ongoing effect so it's harder to shut down.Future Prediction: Still a really strong deck on top of the meta and only Sera Control can limit it down - with the recent balancing changes this is still one of the strongest decks to run in Marvel SnapHow to play this deck
  • Negative ZabuB
    Turn all those 0-power cards with strong abilities with Mister Negative into free cards to play and scale it up through Wong , leaving you a ton ofpossibilities for your last turnFuture Prediction: With very strong cards and the ability to drop them all for free you can run over your opponents out of nowhere if you can spot your chances well. Still a deck that is more niche than mainstream meta right nowHow to play this deck
  • Negative Galactus
    Through Mister Negative you can cheaply unlock the strong combo lines in this deck, but be prepared to retreat if lines don't fall into your favor. Can work great but also fail miserably making it a exciting, effective but also rng deck.Future Prediction: We'll see how reliable this deck sustains with the way Galactus is predictable but right now you can win well if you see your retreat/snap spots well.How to play this deck
  • Negative Surfer
    This deck works with many cards that have great effects but lower power themselves, so using cards like Bast and Mister Negative) to turn that around. Also has a ton of 3-cost cards that you can buff up with Silver Surfer in the end and if you can get Mister Negative on Iron Man you have a crazy push for one location that almost always wins it for you.Future Prediction: Still looking alright with some minor changes each season but Mister Negative turns low-power cards with strong abilities into cheap cards and this makes this deck really viable and strong.How to play this deck
  • Patriot Valkyrie
    Only low-power cards that you can use alaong aptriot and with valkyrie you can then scale down any location where you opponent played only one or two high-power cards and take over with a flooded board easily.Future Prediction: Along Valkyrie you can deal with the many high-power decks with Shuri to give you next to Shang-Chi another way to scale down enemy powerplants.How to play this deck
  • Negative Monkey
    Using Mister Negative to manipulate high-cost cards with mutual low power to become cheap cards to drop along Hit Monkey ideally as free card at the last turn.Future Prediction: Starter Deck for playing the Hit Monkey Season, so no data so far how well this deck will perform in the meta.How to play this deck
  • Basic Destroy
    This is a version that's quite early available with Carnage and Deathlok as your destruct cards and several cheap cost cards to feed to. With Wolverine, Squirrel Girl and Nightcrawler you also have cards to play into locations that get locked and Enchantress is a great meta counter card. Your win condition with Iron Man and Hulk at the end is phenomenal!Future Prediction: Fun to play but with very basic cards and not the best synergies you will not get too far in ranksHow to play this deck
  • Basic Discard
    this deck here resolve around the cards that gain power when getting discarded, like Apocalypse that will gain extra power so you can get a big comeback at the end. You have several cards in your deck that have nice cost/power ratio with the ability to discard a card in your deck. Can be a little rng as you want this effect to take place on your Apocalypse so sometimes it just doesn't run well - but if it does, you can throw in a 20-power card at the end and take over a tile effortlessly or even snowball through the full board.Future Prediction: As a very basic Discard Deck this will do fine and you have easy access to the cards. Still, there are some very powerful advanced discard cards like Hell Cow or Hela missing so you can get far but not to the very top with this deckHow to play this deck
  • Basic Move
  • Hela Absorbing Man
    Hela along with Ghost Rider and Absorbing Man to bring back discarded cards like crazy and leaving the opponent often times no chance to overcome a crazy power push towards the end. This deck can snowball so strong, it's simply crazy!Future Prediction: Interesting where this deck will go towards as we have two new discard cards in this new Season so stay tunedHow to play this deck
  • P2 Move
    you basically have many cards that can move and use cards to strengthen them and then multiply that through the board. This also gives you a lot of flexibility and makes it hard for your opponent to react as you can make him dump his strong cards into a location you abandon later. Also using Chavez helps draw your move cards more reliably through the turns.Future Prediction: Although this is the first 'real' move deck you can play with many move cards, move decks struggle these days with all the Cosmo usage but a great deck to learn move decks and I think they will make a comeback later this year.How to play this deckMore Move Decks
  • Spectrum Wong
    basically all cards here have ongoing abilities you can boost with Spectrum on the last turn, but with Iron Man, Wong and Mystique, chances are very high that you can even double that to all like 8 power to each location and taking over.Future Prediction: less meta deck now, espcially with the control decks taking up more space in the meta but still a deck for early P3 players to start put and push to a decent rank.How to play this deck
  • Pool 1 Ongoing
    Use basic ongoing cards that have good abilities along with Spectrum to buff them up at the endMeta Dependency: A very good deck to play in Pool 1 and also beginning of Pool 2How to play this deck
  • Negative Tribunal
    Use Mister Negative to make many very strong cards cheap and build heavy power to either use Arnim Zola to split it along Knull or The Living Tribunal to spread the power evenly among the locationsMeta Dependency: We have to wait to see how The Living Tribunal will evolve in the meta as this is quite a early deckHow to play this deck


I hope you liked this overview of the best Iron Man decks in Marvel Snap today and find them helpful to run one of them this season – I’m sure they will be one of the strongest and you can push your rank quite well with it. If you have questions or annotations to the decks, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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