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Shuri Sauron (Shauron) Deck Guide – MARVEL SNAP

As you all know, Shuri Zero is a very powerful deck that emerged late in December 2022 and has been getting more and more popular – and now with Sauron available early in 2023, this deck gains more benefits as you get the chance to clear the negative ongoing effects of some of the cards in here.

Card Strategy

Iceman doesn’t have any special synergies here but his ability to interrupt and annoy the enemy is great to have, but you can also replace with something like SUnspot, Nightcrawler etc.
Zero is the card to play before Typhoid Mary or Red Skull to prevent the negative effect. With Sauron you now have a second card to prevent those effects so chances to pull into zero or Sauron are really great.
Ebony Maw most of the time you won’t be able to remove the negative effect with Sauron, but if you pull Sauron AND Zero, you can use Zero along with Ebony Maw for a cheap 2-energy to 8-power headstart.
Lizard is always a little sketchy, espcially when your opponent has a deck that fills locations, so you often have no real chance to get much value fro Lizard – well, with Sauron and Zero you can now get more out of it consistently and also hold this card back longer to drop it at the end. Sauron just makes this card a lot more flexible.
marvel snap sauron card
Sauron is the card to play on Turn 3 before going into Turn 4 Typhoid Mary or Turn 5 red Skull. You can also crumble in the smaller cards like Lizard or Maximus after him.
marvel snap maximus card
Maximus has a nice energy-power ratio and dropping him can almost always work out well, also if you don’t draw into some of the cards later he helps getting power on the board.
marvel snap shuri card
Shuri let you douple the power of any card you play after her, that can be Typhoid Mary or Red Skull for a big powerhouse so their negative effect becomes less important or also a carl like Maximus that becomes a 14-power card. She will help you get crazy power on your board.
Typhoid Mary provides nice power although her ability can backfire, but with Zro you can block that, Sauron removes it or when using Shuri to turn her into a 20-power card you don’t have to care that much about it anymore.
Taskmaster is a great option if you played Shuri into Typhoid Mary, Red Skull or She-Hulk (can be a lot cheaper for unused energy at Turn 5) so you have him with 20-30 power but without any negative effect. Plain and raw power push on Turn 5 or Turn 6.
Red Skull looks amazing already but with 2-3 opponent cards you will effectively see him at 9 power and your opponent can overtake easily on the last turn with low-cost cards so be aware of that. Although playing him into Zero will remove his extra power for opponent cards and give him a great boost or playing him into Shuri give him 30 power. Also using him to play Taskmaster behind him will give his power without the negative ongoing effect as well as if you get your Sauron on the board on Turn 3.
Arnim Zola makes the end of each match interesting as you will basically duplicate a card into the other locations. You can do that with any high-power card you have (especially with Shuri before them) to gain so much power in the other locations that it will be really hard for your opponent to find a counter to it.
She-Hulk can become a cheap card over time and also one to play cheap into Shuri for a crazy 20-power push that you sometimes get for like 1 or 2 energy points.

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