infinite magicraid space temple 3 - snowy adventure infinite magicraid space temple 3 - snowy adventure

Infinite Magicraid Space Temple 3 (Snowy Adventure) Guide

Welcome to the 3rd Space Temple realm, called Snowy Adventure, with more rewards and treasures to progress in Infinite Magicraid.

Below you will find a short walkthrough that will guide you through it step-by-step to get all the rewards.

Snowy Adventure (Space Temple 3) Walkthrough

So, the ‘fun’ part about this Space Temple Adventure in Infinite Magicraid is that you have the ice tiles that will not let you walk where you want, once you step on them you will slide in the same direction until you either hit an obstacle (like a wall) or one tile with an arrow (called Magic Circle) that chances your direction. This is the main way how you guide yourself to the next part of the Snowy Adventure.

Along you have to, of course, fight enemies, open treasures and hopefully have a lot of fun

Having problems beating Space Temple 3 (Snowy Adventure)?

If you struggle beating the enemies in this Space Temple realm, I might have some help for you:

I hope this will help, but let’s now jump into the walkthrough for this Space Temple realm.

Step 1 – The Entry Area

At the beginning there’s not too many options… step on the first icy tile and it will take you to your first enemy and your first reward chest. You will also find a Magic Circle Controller there that you need to activate and it will turn one of them by 180 degrees:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-1

In the next area you will find no treasure but another Magic Circle Controller to use:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-2

Follow the trails of Magic Circles and in the next section you have another enemy battle and your 2nd reward chest. Then you will find yourself at this spot:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-3

Here you don’t necessarily need to fight through the right enemy battle as it will ‘only’ unlock the fountain that will heal you back up, but the battle is also quite tough so I don#t think it’s actually a good trade. But you’ll have to use the Magic Circle Controller, for sure.

If you continue now you will find yourself in front of the boss battle and you want to collect the other chests first and also pick up another healing, so DON’T start the boss battle here and step on the lower tile to slide to the opposite side:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-4

Here you can use the healing fountain to heal yourself fully up and use the Magic Circle Controller as well and continue to get to the lower left compartment with another chest:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-5

Use the Magic Circle Controller there as well and step back on the icy tiles. This will take you back to the boss compartment so there’s one last step to do before you enter the boss battle.

Your ice tiles setup should now look like this:

infinite magicraid space temple 3 walkthrough step 1-6

YOu can now slide over to the last chest and get ready for the boss fight that will give you the final reward of the Snowy Adventure.


I hope this guide helped you clear the 3rd Space Temple realm, the Snowy Adventure, and you can find the walkthrough for the next Space Temple – Wildness Encounter – here.

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