infinite magicraid best team building guide infinite magicraid best team building guide

Best Team in Infinite Magicraid – Here’s How

Are you looking for a better team in Infinite Magicraid? Well, probably you do as every player does. Instead of listing you a few team setups that you probably can’t run anyways because you’re not having the heroes or have them upgraded to an extend that is needed I want to show you how you can get the best team out of the heroes roaster you have in your account – with so many heroes available the possibilities are endless but actually there are some basic things every player needs to do to get a stronger team in Infinite Magicraid.

How to build a better team in Infinite Magicraid

Here are my basic two rules that every player should apply every single time when selecting a team in Infinite Magicraid…

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Team Composition

So, in the beginning and the early stages of Infinite Magicraid, you get away easily by leveling up your damage dealing heroes and they will do the work quite well and, if not, you just level them up a little bit more and you’ll be able to progress.

This strategy will come to an end when you want to do the stages in Hard Mode or progress further in the campaign or also in raids.

You will need at least one support hero that can heal! So the golden rule here is to run two damage dealing heroes and add 2-3 support heroes, depending on your heroes available, and one has to be able to heal well. Tanks aren’t that much needed as long as your support hero(es) can keep your damage dealer alive.

If you’re struggling, don’t try to compensate with more damage, try to add more healing to keep your heroes alive. It will take longer for the stages to finish and you don’t need to mind too much about clearing the stages in the 80 turns, rather just completing them as they will release you more content that gives you more possibilities to make your heroes stronger and later you can come back and fully clear the stages within the turn maximum.

You can see this by looking at the top players on your server… they all run at least 2 healers along with an additional support hero:

infinite magicraid best team ideas

Mark Counters

Yes, almost all RPGs have it and I’m always surprised how many players simply ignore that and run their ‘everyday’ team instead:

It’s really important to look at the marks of your enemies… If I see a setup like this with two blue marks heroes, I should not run green mar heroes at all as they will suffer a lot more damage (25%) that will add up on everything and I basically have to overcome that 25% as well PLUS they will suffer 25% more damage.

infinite magicraid mark counters

I know it doesn’t sound much but if you take it very basically, you will have to overcome a 50% debuff as you will suffer 25% more damage and deal 25% less damage than taking heroes with marks that fit better!


I hope this short guide was helpful and I’m sure if you mind this basic rules, you will be able to run a team that will be more successful, even when you’re in the earlier stages of Infinite Magicraid. If you have more questions or you think I should add something in this guide, don’t hesitate commenting below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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