infinite magicraid reroll guide infinite magicraid reroll guide

Infinite Magicraid Reroll Guide (All You Need To Know)

Welcome to Infinite Magicraid and as you’re here I assume you just started to play the game recently and you’re wondering if you’ve done everything well in the beginning to have a solid foundation for everything that’s about to come in the game, right?

Well, you’re reading the right guide and actually the first 30-60 minutes you play can have a significant impact on how well you progress through the early stages of the game – so, the basic questions is… do you have to reroll?!

What is Rerolling? Why Should You Reroll?

So, basically you get a lot of free stuff in the beginning when you’re playing Infinite Magicraid and it’s a lot easier to get the Excellent Runes for summons in the beginning – so you can use this to summon heroes randomly and if you get really strong ones, you continue playing and if not, you will start over again as you only invested like 30 minutes and repeat until you get great starting heroes.

Do You Need To Reroll?

That depends, most players reroll to get at least 1 legendary hero from the early summons – but even if you did, please make sure to check if you got a strong legendary hero! I just updated the full legendary hero tier list for Infinite Magicraid here that will show you exactly how strong each legendary hero in infinite Raid really is.

By the way, you can even make this better by using all the available gift codes that are available (yes, they can be used over again when you reroll as well!) – check out my frequently updated list of active codes here.

How to Reroll in Infinite Magicraid

Okay, here’s step-by-step what you do to reroll.

If you already have an account you need to go to your player profile (top left corner) where you will find the ‘Switch Account’ button:

infinite magicraid create new account

Once you click it you will see this notice:

No worries, you will not lose your account you already have when you reroll in Infinite Magicraid, you will create multiple ones. This is nice on ones side, but you will also need to sign up again using either Facebook Google/Apple or TikTok.

infinite magicraid create new account login

This is really annoying as you can’t run multiple accounts on one of those accounts (e.g. you signed up with Facebook you need to select another option or another Facebook account for your new account) or you need to delete an account:

Unlike other games I recommend you to reroll and then decide to keep the account or not, the game is far to big to actually run many accounts reasonably in the long run. But you CAN do it by signing in with different Facebook/Apple/Google/TikTok accounts.

So, with your new account you will start playing and you will play until you have cleared Chapter 5 completely. This is the spot where you have gotten like 70-80+ Excellent Runes for the Excellent Wishes by all the login rewards, the early chapter rewards and everything else reward-wise the game will throw at you.

infinite magicraid reroll guide chapter 5 rewards

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to go for the Excellent Summons:

Important! Be aware that you might have to reroll several times as the drop rates for a Legendary hero are not that big:

By doing your 70x Excellent Wish summons, you have basically a 90% chance to get a Legendary Hero and it might not even be a good one, but I can tell you it will boost your progress a lot in the early stages if you have a strong Legendary carry hero in Infinite Magicraid that you will catch up a couple of rerolls easily

So, don’t give up after 1 or 2 rerolls, every reroll in Infinite Magicraid gets you closer to your goal!

Tip! Don’t just watch out for legendary heroes you roll, there are right now 3 epic heroes that are really strong and worth the invest and will carry you quite well towards the mid-game of Infinite Magicraid:

infinite magicraid good epic heroes for starting

  1. Wim is a great by protecting with his shield and can deal good area damage,
  2. Holder is a great damage dealer that can take you quite far and is worth upgrading as well, too
  3. Maya is agreat healer that will target the ally with the lowest health, really useful

Keep an eye if you roll them as well and don#t get rid of them, they will be your bread-and-butter and you have a great tank, healer and damage dealer right from the start.


I hope this small guide helps you picking up a nice head start in Infinite Magicraid and always remember, this game is to be played for a long time so setting a great foundation today is a lot more valuable than simply rushing through the early stages just to find you stuck at one point later.

  1. Your overall tierlist is best, but damn why there is no mackin in this list, literally no one uses holder, while mackin is the best early game epic in the game

    1. This reroll guide is like 1 year old and not updated anymore since re-rolling now is not really that much of a strategy anymore with the game being progressed that much. Thanks for the feedback on the tier list 🙂

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