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How To Donate Crew Token & Use Wildcards Wisely

Crew Wildcards and Crew Token are something that is not that obvious in CSR2 and from my experience many crews fail to really make a big benefit out of it – but if you know about it you can get hundreds of thousands of additional crew RP with it.

In this guide here I will show you everything you need to know about Crew Token, how to donate them and how to make the most out of the Wildcards available.

What Are Crew Token & How To Donate Them

Well, you obviously have see tokens here and there as they are rewards in several trials in every season.

Most people really get in touch with this when they see a daily goal telling them to donate a certain amount of crew token.

Crew Token are nothing else than token every crew member can collect during a season and donate to a pool and once you have enough of them, you can activate a wildcard that will boost all crew members RP for certain percentage and duration.

To donate your token, simply go to the crew submenu and there you will see the “Wildcard” tab where you can add them to a certain wildcard.

csr2 donate crew tokens

  • Wildcard 1 lasts for 3 hours and adds 30% additional RP for every crew members race
  • Wildcard 2 lasts for 2 hours and adds 70% additional RP for every crew members race
  • Wildcard 3 lasts for 1 hours and adds 150% additional RP for every crew members race

I think it’s obvious that you should aim getting the Wildcard 3 running because almost no player plays for 3 hours straight and you will get a lot more RP from that one hour compared to the 3 hours with a Wildcard 1 active.

With every use within one season the costs for a wildcard will also increase:

Wildcard 1st Use 2nd Use 3rd Use+
Wildcard 1 250 425 750
Wildcard 2 500 875 1300
Wildcard 3 750 1350 1950

Wildcard Strategy

Now let’s have a look at how to use the Wildcard – and that’s where the crew leader (or management) comes into play.

Don’t let your crew member simply donate their token to what they like to, or even worse, activate the wildcard when they want to!

Tell them very specifically to donate to Wildcard 1 or Wildcar 2 continiously – every crew member can earn around 400 Crew Token every season so it’s easy to get the Wildcard 3 activated a couple of times when your crew is active.

Now the big benefit is to activate it when as many crew members as possible are ready to race during that time so announce a day and time when the wildcard gets activated and make those times fixed so your crew members are prepared to race during that perion.

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