best heroes in doomsday last survivors tier list best heroes in doomsday last survivors tier list

Doomsday: Last Survivors Best Hero Tier List

Building heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors is a long-term project in terms of time, resources and in several cases also money and you really don’t want to build heroes for weeks and months just to find out that they will become useless or they don’t turn out to be as good as you believed they were, right?

For that reason I have a frequently updated tier list below that will show you the strength of all heroes compared to each other including short descriptions why the heroes are in the ranks they are in so you can see how useful a hero will be later in Doomsday: Last Survivors.

What are the best heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors?

So the tier list below is divided into two sections, the forst for legendary heroes that focus a lot on the later game and end game and are basically your long-term project (how short-term decides your credi card…) and the second part is the epic heroes below them as they are evaluated more by how useful they are in the early stages of Doomsday: Last Survivors or how well you can use them when you get your first legendary heroes and you can still pair them up with them.

I hope this makes sense and you find some answers and guidline here that will help you avoid crucial mistakes in the game.


  • Legendary Heroes

    Here are all legendary heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors listed. If you're looking for the epic heroes please scroll down, they have their own ranking as it makes little sense to compare epic and legendary heroes in one single list.

  • Thunder PetersonS
    Whenever you need a hero to defend, no matter of tower, wall or whatever you want to garrison - he is your man and the strongest in this role. And even in the open field he is not food walking around and can do stuff.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,Garrison,Defense
  • AdutS
    Really a strong hero still and worth it. Just great kit and works perfectly for her role.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,General,Skills
  • Victor BlackwoodS
    With a good support hero that prevents him from melting too fast he becomes really good and one of the best heroes in Doomsday in my optinion.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Garrison,Defense
  • Bianca DrakeS
    Once you awaken her she boosts and snowballs pretty wild - the downside is you need to awaken her but that is nothing you will regret if you#re thinking about doing that.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,General,Support
  • LouisA+
    Has this incredible anti-swarm technique but at the same time there are ways to use it against him to prevent him to deal damage by swarming with useless other squads which reduces the damage deals by each squad. I am really torn between ranks here as his kit and mechanics are good and many alliances use him in war for a reason but on the other side there is this one weak point where you can easily nerf his damage through that as well. Still, I believe the meta will evolve around that and he will remain a important hero in Doomsday Last Survivor.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,Garrison,Skills
  • BellaA+
    Still a great rider hero although we saw so many new rider heroes being released. I know we can start such a huge debate here but to cut it short for those of you who seek plain info. Bella has been longer in Doomsday Last Survivor and if you have fully invested her there is not much need to go all in with the new rider heroes as they might be marginally better but at the end of the day Bella can still do the work almost the same. For that reason I remain her here in this rank. If you haven't, however, invested in her and you're deciding, I would go with Elena instead. Hope this clarify this ranking here a little bit before the comment section explodes.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,General,Skills
  • ElenaA+
    Please also read the description for Bella here to understand the ranking. If you have incested in Bella already and a good other rider hero to pair with, you probably won't get much benefit from Elena. If you haven't I think Elena is a better pick over Bella. Same rankings here in the tier list but that doesn't mean both are equal to invest in in terms of priority.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,General,Skills
  • EddieA+
    Really strong infantry seige hero that can also do a lot in the open field. You also see people use him as garrison captain which I find weird since his skill will reduce attack as soon as there is anything other than infantry in there which happens like 99.99% of the times. But maybe that is just me...Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,Siege,Defense
  • JuliaA+
    Really strong range hero and the only reason she is not higher on this tier list is the plain reason that she is kind-of a glass cannon that deals so much damage on the field but you need to pair her with a hero that can also provide survivability or she will be a short and fun supernova.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,General,Skills
  • Catherine CalamityA
    She is very useful earlier in the game and that is the reason I have her here, later in the game not that crazy as in the beginning but the devs advertise her and building her is somethig that boosts much and she is still solid and versatile later justify this rank.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,Zombie Hunter,Skills
  • Lee Seung-wonA
    Not too bad and has some useful stuff but also some that requires her to be the rally leader.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Zombie Hunter,Support
  • Sven SchaeferA
    Good pairing with Bella or other rider heroes and at the end of the day the riders in this tier are all pretty much equally strong so pick whatever looks better in your account.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,Siege,Support
  • RaigoroB+
    Hard to put in a rank here. He is not a bad hero in Doomsday Last Survivor, but what he does and what other heroes can do that better makes him often not more than a backup you have sitting around so I really doubt that I want to recommend you to invest in him.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,Garrison,Defense
  • TomB+
    He is still a solid hero in Doomsday but newer heroes have taken over his role and he is more like a hero that you use to fill as support or in garrison if you're a hero short and you have already invested in him. If you haven't I wouldn't recommend doing so at this point anymore.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,Garrison,Defense
  • ChunB+
    Actually not bad but the reason that she has such a high rage requirement means she will normally swallow the active skills of the enemies before she can fire her active skill and that is often mitigating so much of the potential. If you get her with a rage engine hero that helps her get that rage quicker she works well but there is simply too much that can go wrong to make it really worth it.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,General,Skills
  • RobertB+
    Good in rallies where his debuff can shine. I am tempted to rank him in the A Tier but I guess I feel better having him here.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Infantry,General,Skills
  • JadenB
    He is not bad and although it takes forever to awaken him, you will get there and don't have to invest much additional resources for that which makes him a solid hero for what he is.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Zombie Hunter,Attack
  • MartinB
    Is not a bad hero and can fit here and there but has been replaced by the newer heroes that are simply more good in their specific role and he as a generalist is falling off more and more compared to them.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Overall,Zombie Hunter,Support
  • Hank JannowitzB
    Solid siege hero in Doomsday which makes also a very niche hero so if you're looking for that, yes, Hank is great but only doing siege.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Siege,Skills
  • Nakano MaayaB
    Fine but not great is probably all you need to know about her and she shouldn't be too high on your investment priority listRarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,General,Skills
  • JacobB
    Similar to Louis but his AoE effect of his active skill only works in a fan shape and not a circular shape which makes a big difference.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,Garrison,Defense
  • Master JinC+
    Can be used as gap filler support in the open field but you rarely see him when playing Doomsday and that is for a reason - there is no real need for him in the current meta!Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Siege,Support
  • Johnny KerryC+
    The only thing that this hero can do in Doomsday right now is nerfing Petersons heal skill when sieging something where Peterson is the garrison leader. That is super end-game stuff and I assume that 95% of the players reading this are not anywhere that this will be a smart investment overall.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Ranged,Siege,Attack
  • Cynthia CalamityC
    Okay so she is not bad and for the early investment she gives some progress early on in Doomsday but after that she is simply not useful for anything anymore so if you think about it as a new player, go with Catheriine instead and safe the money for better investments and ignore the cool trailer.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,Zombie Hunter,Field Battle
  • Maxine WincottC
    She is a gatherer, and can be a gap-filler support if you're short but at the end of the day you will not get too far in the open field with her and only use her for gathering and investing heavily into her is just a waste of resources. Pump whatever flies in your way and invest your universals somewhere else.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Overall,Gather,Support
  • Peter KarelinC
    Just pretty nothing really good. Has a little bit over everything and can go kind-of with everything but at the same time doesn't do anything good enough to serve a real pupose in Doomsday Last Survivor...Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Leader,Siege,Attack
  • JonathanC
    The only rider that really is not worth it and even epic heroes are sometimes better pairs in Doomsday Last Survivor than Jonathan.Rarity: LegendaryTalents: Rider,General,Support
  • Epic Heroes

    Here are all epic heroes in Doomsday: Last Survivors listed. This ranking also puts more focus on the earlier stages of the game to make a ranking that makes sense.

  • CharlieS
    Actually a great epic hero in Doomsday Last Survivor and the one first epic that you also will use for garrison and open field combat in the very early stages.Rarity: EpicTalents: Infantry,Garrison,Skills
  • Alexander SokolovS
    Although a gatherer and that's what you ultimatively will use him, he is a great backup filler for pretty much any hero with great buffsRarity: EpicTalents: Overall,Gather,Support
  • PeggyA+
    Great once you got her epic version to farm zombies in the early stagesRarity: EpicTalents: Overall,Zombie Hunter,Support
  • Freya HermanA
    I like her not just because of the AoE damage but also she reduces speed which helps hunting down enemies in the open field when you only have epic heroes at your command.Rarity: EpicTalents: Rider,General,Skills
  • AkemiA
    Can help lock targets in also when you run her along a legendary ranger hero in the transition to legendary heroes. You will have some fun with her and building her is not too crazy.Rarity: EpicTalents: Ranged,Zombie Hunter,Attack
  • Liam McFaddenB
    He is the starter hero and one that you will build practically automatically while progressing through the storyline. Nothing too bad but for anything open field you will not use him much outside of that so don't invest any universal fragments Rarity: EpicTalents: Leader,Garrison,Skills
  • Park Dong-wookB
    Can be a fun hero to hunt down players in the early days of a new server and later as filler for an legendary rider hero. Not bad, but has his limits as a epic hero for sure.Rarity: EpicTalents: Rider,Zombie Hunter,Field Battle
  • Seo Ji-naC
    Not really a banger as she will buff the mediocre stats of epic heroes and the way her kit is designed for a role you would never to with an epic hero unless in the first days on a new serverRarity: EpicTalents: Ranged,Siege,Attack
  • Capt RussellC
    Just not damage or healing and the other skills are not really useful for anything else than zombie huntingRarity: EpicTalents: Overall,Zombie Hunter,Support
  • EdwardC
    Not really useful at allRarity: EpicTalents: Infantry,Garrison,Defense
  • XiaD+
    Actually her active skill is nice with healing and damage and she can increase HP, which is a important stat, as well. But the rest is purely about gathering so unless you want a universal secondary hero and you're short in squad pairings, she is only a gather hero which you should not invest universal fragments in.Rarity: EpicTalents: Overall,Gather,Support
  • JeremyD+
    Pure gather hero without any use outside of that.Rarity: EpicTalents: Overall,Gather,Support
  • John SunderlandD
    Just awful and for me the weakest hero in Doomsday Last Survivor! His kit, mechanics, everything is so uselessRarity: EpicTalents: Leader,Siege,Attack


I hope you enjoyed the tier list and it helps you planning your future hero investments in Doomsday: Last Survivors and if you believe a hero is misranked here or you have further questions, please post a comment below and I will be happy to reply.

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