Diablo 4 Codex of Power Explained Diablo 4 Codex of Power Explained

Diablo 4 – Codex of Power Explained

In this guide, we will talk about the Codex of Power system and the Codex of Power Aspects in Diablo IV, why they are essential, how to obtain them, and how to use them. The Legendary aspects contained in the Codex of Power are a must-have if you are looking for powerful items.

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What is the Codex of Power?

The Codex of Power is a system that collects and stores Legendary aspects a player finds throughout the open world of Sanctuary or manages to extract out of legendary items. The Codex of Power’s interface lets you see what you have already collected, filter them by class or category, and see the provenience of the Aspect.

The Codex of Power can be accessed in two ways:

  • The first way to access it is by going to the Occultist and selecting the Imprint Aspect window
  • The second way is by going through the Collections interface, which gives you the option to choose the Codex of Power

Diablo 4 Codex of Power Explained ingame screenshot

Note: Not all legendary aspects will be available in the Codex of Power.

How to unlock the Codex of Power

The Codex of Power can be unlocked once the character reaches level 25, which grants access to the Occultist, and the “Extraction and Imprinting” quest is presented to the player. After completing the quest, the Occultist will always be available for your extracting and imprinting needs.

What are Legendary Aspects?

Legendary Aspects are very powerful affixes found on Legendary items. They can be obtained by either extracting them while also destroying the item or by clearing specific dungeons.

These Legendary Aspects can be used indefinitely after unlocking, being able to imprint them on any chosen item. Items that are lower than Legendary rarity will also be upgraded into Legendary items once the Aspect is imprinted.

Are the Legendary aspects bound to the character?

The Codex of Power aspects are bound to the account. So, even if you start a new character or a different class, any Legendary Aspect already obtained will be available once the Codex of Power is unlocked.

This unlocks new possibilities for new characters, giving them a strong head start. This will make leveling up another character faster than the first one, thus giving the chance to players to experiment with all the classes and builds available in the game.

Legendary Aspects categories

The Legendary Aspects are divided into categories based on two main factors:

Firstly, they can be categorized by class:

  • General Aspects
  • Barbarian Aspects
  • Sorcerer Aspects
  • Druid Aspects
  • Rogue Aspects
  • Necromancer Aspects

Secondly, the Aspects are categorized by their type:

  • Offensive Aspects
  • Defensive Aspects
  • Resource Aspects
  • Utility Aspects
  • Mobility Aspects

These categories make it easier for players to sort Legendary Aspects in the Codex of Power. The table below shows what Aspects can be imprinted on a specific type of item based on their type:

Defensive Offensive Resource Utility Mobility
1H Weapon +
2H Weapon +
Off-Hand + +
Helm + +
Chest + +
Pants +
Boots + +
Gloves + +
Amulet + + + +
Ring + +

Note: Two-Handed Weapons have the Aspect power increased by 100%, while the Amulet Aspect Power is increased by 50%.

How to acquire Legendary Aspects

how to acquire legendary aspects

Legendary Aspects can be acquired in three ways:

  • Quests: Class-specific quests and the Main Campaign
  • Dungeons: All of the 120 dungeons found scattered in the open world of Sanctuary contain one specific Aspect rewarded for the first clear
  • Legendary items: Aspects can be extracted from Legendary items at the Occultist and be added to the Codex of Power.

How to apply Legendary aspects to items

how to apply legendary aspects

Once you reach level 25 and unlock the Occultist and the Codex of Power, you can access the Imprint interface and add the chosen Legendary Aspect to any item desired, as long as the Aspect is unlocked and you have the required Gold and Materials.

Imprinting is not tied to Legendary items only, and the Imprint function will upgrade a lower rarity piece of gear into a Legendary item once the Aspect is applied. This gives the player new possibilities for gearing the character further.

Note: The value of the Legendary Aspect affix will always roll the lowest possible number.

The Occultist

The Occultist is the NPC that makes it possible to use the Codex of Power and Legendary Aspects and can be found in every town. The icon is an upside-down triangle with circles in the corners. This NPC can be unlocked by reaching level 25 or acquiring the Codex of Power.

The drawbacks of imprinting aspects in Diablo 4

The only drawbacks of imprinting aspects from the Codex of Power are that the value of any aspect used from the Codex of Power will be the lowest possible value of the roll and the high imprinting costs. Aside from that, there are no other drawbacks, only benefits.

Final thoughts

As we have approached the end of this guide, we hope you learned a lot of new information about this fantastic feature called Codex of Power found in Diablo 4.

Working with the Occultist will be a big part of the game, as will the Codex of Power Aspects, so having the information available is excellent. Now it’s time to take your character to the next level!

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