ants underground kingdom insects and insect habitat guide ants underground kingdom insects and insect habitat guide

More Golden Insects + Faster er Insect Habitat Progress Guide for Ants: Underground Kingdom

Hatching Insects and leveling them up can be a long and sometimes also frustrating journey in Ants: Underground Kingdom, right? Well, I know. But there are some strategies that will help you make the best out of it and speed up your progress as much as possible without investing any money.

In this guide here I will share my personal strategies with you and I’m sure that you will get something out of it.

Also, before we start, if you’re looking for the best special ants in Ants Underground Kingdom, please refer to my tier list here that I have just updated.

Important! Don’t miss out on any codes for Ants Underground Kingdom that the developers frequently post. We have an ongoing and frequently updated list of all active codes that you can find here.

Okay, but now let’s start with he guide and tips for hatching insects in the Insect Habitat…

Termite Farms!

Yes, it’s really annoying and doesn’t seem like giving much benefit, but always upgrade your Termite Farms as much as possible, they will lower your father costs by a lot in the long run and save you so much resources and time. The sooner you do that, the more profit you will get in the long run!

ants underground kingdom upgrade termite farms

Upgrading! ATTENTION!

So, I know that many players like to gamble when upgrading insect start to save up on upgrade costs, but this is a HUGE mistake in the long run and you can only lose at it.

ants underground kingdom upgrade insect stars

So, if you use the same level insect to upgrade, your chances are 100% success. But if you use a insect with one level lower, you will have 45% success rate. This seems like ‘alright I can do it twice and 90% is nice and maybe I will win some’. This is where many players cut themself short! If you do NOT success, the insect your trying to upgrade will also lose a star so this simply try that is not even a 50:50 will throw you back so much so you need the next upgrade to get back at where you were.

ants underground kingdom upgrade insect stars correctly

Instead, just upgrade the insect to always get the 100% success rate. This might feel like progressing slower, but I can promise and even prove to you that it will be better!

How to get Golden Insects

Alright, I think we can all agree that golden rarity insects are awesome and everyone wants them – but not only hatching them at a very small percentage chance is painful, also leveling them up even more.

ants underground kingdom orange insect hatch chance

So, here’s the best thing to do it…

First, you will try to hatch with the small percentage chance and most of the time you will get purple or blue rarity insecpts out of it.

But now you can use those hatched insects that you don’t need to butcher them for Insect Shells. This option is a little hidden, so go to the insect info and the story tab where you will find a small icon in the bottom left corner:

ants underground kingdom butcher insect

Now you can get the Insect Shels out of it:

ants underground kingdom insect shells

These Insect Shells can then later be redeemed for directly orange/gold rarity insects in the Insect Habtiat so it’s not that much of a pain if you will hatch ‘useless’ insects as you can butcher them for the ones you want:

ants underground kingdom insect shells redeem





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