whiteout hero tier list january 2024 whiteout hero tier list january 2024

Best Heroes in Whiteout Survival – Tier List (January 2024)

Investing in your heroes in Whiteout Survival is crucial but there are some pitfalls that you have to know about or you can end up slowing your progress down by a lot – with every generation your server grows, new heroes will be added and investing in Exclusive Gear of a hero that becomes less useful might be a huge mistake.

For this reason, I have created a tier list below that helps you understand what heroes you’re aiming for to max out and which ones you will probably replace sooner or later in Whiteout Survival.

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The Best Heroes in Whiteout Survival

Before we get into the list, please undertand some fundamental things about heroes and servers in Whiteout Survival. The age of your server determines what heroes are available to you, so you will see the heroes in the tier list below ordered by generations.

A rough overview of the generations is:

  • 1st generation server are younger than 40 days
  • 2nd generation server are older than 40 days
  • 3rd generation server are older than 120 days
  • 4th generation server are older than 200 days
  • 5th generation server are older than 280 days
  • 6th generation server are older than 360 days

This means, new heroes become available to your server after about 5-6 Lucky Wheels (every 80 days) and that means that the newer heroes normally will change the roaster of heroes. To read the tier list below correctly, you have to check what heroes are available on your server and what generation your server is and then look at the section to see the correct ranking of the heroes. Amazing heroes on 1st generation servers in Whiteout Survival aren’t that great on 5th generation servers anymore and so on…

Update! After testing a lot with the lists I figured that having a tier list ranking for each generation is not that great- So, the tier list now has all heroes but also keep in mind if you don’t have the newer ones available the ones you have are better right now for you. Also, important, I added the optimal skill upgrade order for each hero, you find it when using the ‘Show More’ button.


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  • GwenS+Skill Upgrade Order
    Amazing trageting in Exploration with a ton of damage make her one of the best heroes in Whiteout there. Also in Expedition actually.Rarity: LegendaryClass: MarksmanExploration: S+Expedition: S+Skill Upgrade Order
  • Wu MingS+Skill Upgrade Order
    Incredibly strong in Exploration as infantry hero that gains invincibility and his Expedition skills are crazy enablerRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: S+Expedition: S+Skill Upgrade Order
  • WayneS+Skill Upgrade Order
    Outputs a lot of damage in Exploration but also is somewhat proc depending. His damage dealing capabilities in Expedition are even betterRarity: LegendaryClass: MarksmanExploration: A+Expedition: S+Skill Upgrade Order
  • NorahS+Skill Upgrade Order
    Nice damage and stun in Exploration and has great ofense and defense buffs in ExpeditionRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: AExpedition: S+Skill Upgrade Order
  • ReneeSSkill Upgrade Order
    Wild damage and crowd control in Exporation and Expedition and helps focus targets down wellRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: SExpedition: SSkill Upgrade Order
  • AhmoseA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Good tank in Exploration and a sturdy infantry hero in WHiteout that also sustain well in ExpeditionRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: AExpedition: SSkill Upgrade Order
  • HectorA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Great against control effects in Exploration but also needs more infantry to sustain. Shines more in ExpeditionRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: AExpedition: SSkill Upgrade Order
  • FlintA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Wild damage tank in Exploration and great damage enabler in ExpeditionRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: SExpedition: A+Skill Upgrade Order
  • JeronimoA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Rally starter in Whiteout Survival from the start throughout later generations so building him right from the start will be valuable. One of the most useful heroes to have in the game but not available to every player, espcially early onRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: SExpedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • MollyA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Very solid at start and as you get her through the 7-day login event a hero you will use a lot on 1. Generation server but she has a versatile kit with the stuns and the damage buffingRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: SExpedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • ReinaA+Skill Upgrade Order
    Great assassin kit for Exploration but unless maxed her dodging in Expedition can soometimes be quite annoyingRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: SExpedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • NataliaASkill Upgrade Order
    If you want to get her through the first purchase reward you will get a nice boost on the fresh server with her as she is good but keep in mind she will fall off in later generations so don't think get her, max her and be settled for good hereRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: A+Expedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • AlonsoASkill Upgrade Order
    Crazy AoE damage in Exporation and crowd control on top of that, in Expedition quite RNG with the proc chances to be honestRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: S+Expedition: B+Skill Upgrade Order
  • LoganASkill Upgrade Order
    In Exploration the archetype of a defender who is really sturdy and also in Expedition very good if you need a sutainable hero in Whiteout SurvivalRarity: LegendaryClass: InfantryExploration: AExpedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • LynnASkill Upgrade Order
    Nice debuff and control clearing for Exploration when you need it but not too much in Expeiditon actually as there re other heroes in Whiteout Survival that excel thereRarity: LegendaryClass: MarksmanExploration: AExpedition: ASkill Upgrade Order
  • GregB+Skill Upgrade Order
    Stun and AoE always works in Exploration and he does fine there. For Expedition I really only like his Health buff as there others are so relying on proc chanceRarity: LegendaryClass: MarksmanExploration: AExpedition: B+Skill Upgrade Order
  • MiaB+Skill Upgrade Order
    I love her kit in Expolration but the RNG will take it down so many times since her scalers range from 5-600% randomly. Also her Expedition skills are proc-heavyRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: B+Expedition: B+Skill Upgrade Order
  • PhillyB+Skill Upgrade Order
    A healer in Exploration which you not always but often enough later needs but in Expedition she can be quite RNG with her proc chancesRarity: LegendaryClass: LancerExploration: AExpedition: BSkill Upgrade Order
  • SergeyBSkill Upgrade Order
    For Exploration only useful as meatshield tank and in Expedition you can use him for his damage reductionRarity: EpicClass: InfantryExploration: BExpedition: BSkill Upgrade Order
  • BahitiBSkill Upgrade Order
    Great damage in Exploration but except very early Expedition on early server he is not too viableRarity: EpicClass: MarksmanExploration: AExpedition: C+Skill Upgrade Order
  • JessieC+Skill Upgrade Order
    Alright for Exploration early in the game and well-rounded for that, but obviously later her stats and skill simply aren't enough anymoreRarity: EpicClass: LancerExploration: C+Expedition: C+Skill Upgrade Order
  • ZinmanC+Skill Upgrade Order
    He is alright in Exploration but his main cause to Awaken and build him is for the long-term construction boosts of his Expedition skillsRarity: LegendaryClass: MarksmanExploration: B+Expedition: CSkill Upgrade Order
  • JasserC+Skill Upgrade Order
    Actually pretty alright as damage dealer in Exploration for what he is, for Expedition you ony want his passive research speed skillRarity: EpicClass: MarksmanExploration: B+Expedition: CSkill Upgrade Order
  • GinaC+Skill Upgrade Order
    Fast march speed in Expedition to get away and alright in Exploration until you unlock the better legendary heroes in Whiteout Survival. But Awaken her to get her Stamina Cost reduction from her passive skillRarity: EpicClass: MarksmanExploration: BExpedition: CSkill Upgrade Order
  • Seo-yoonD+Skill Upgrade Order
    Buffs in Exploration alright but for Expedition not really useful and is more there for the passive healing speed increase of the InfirmaryRarity: EpicClass: MarksmanExploration: BExpedition: DSkill Upgrade Order
  • Walis BokanD+Skill Upgrade Order
    Not really great in Exploration as his kit won't scale well and also not really in Expedition. Super early maybe, but that's itRarity: EpicClass: MarksmanExploration: D+Expedition: D+Skill Upgrade Order
  • SmithD+Skill Upgrade Order
    More like the rare version of Sergey in Exploration and in Expedition only for the passive Iron Mine income buffRarity: RareClass: InfantryExploration: CExpedition: DSkill Upgrade Order
  • ClorisD+Skill Upgrade Order
    Can deal some damage early in Expolration but has only 2 skills and for Expedition only usefull for her Hunting Income buff that works passivelyRarity: RareClass: MarksmanExploration: CExpedition: DSkill Upgrade Order
  • PatrickDSkill Upgrade Order
    Healing Lancer but when you would use him in Exploration as rare hero in Whiteout Survival, you don't need his kit and when you actually need it he is simply not strong enough anymoreRarity: EpicClass: LancerExploration: D+Expedition: DSkill Upgrade Order
  • CharlieDSkill Upgrade Order
    Not really useful in Exploration as you have better heroes unlocked but you can fill and his stun and area damage are not early on in the first days. At the end of the day only interesting for the Coal Mine income passive skillRarity: RareClass: LancerExploration: D+Expedition: DSkill Upgrade Order
  • EugeneDSkill Upgrade Order
    In Expedition even early you get randomly better heroes and his only interesting part is his Logging Income passive skill overallRarity: RareClass: InfantryExploration: DExpedition: DSkill Upgrade Order


I hope this overview helped you and I will try to add more info to it, please comment below what you think would be helpful. If you have any further questions, please also post a comment and someone from our team will be happy to reply.

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