AFK Arena Beasts Guide + Tier List (Ranking) – with Talismane

afk arena beasts guide and ranked tier list

Beasts are the latest addition to AFK Arena and in this guide I want to give you an overview how the mechanics work and also give you a ranking of all the beasts in AFK Arena that should help you run the right ones.

I update this list frequently as new beasts are added to AFK Arena – plus also check my updated list of active gift codes here.

Beast Baiting (Summoning) – The Basics

You will find the new Beast Grounds in Ranhorn:

afk arena beast grounds

Bait is the new ‘currency’ that you will need to summon (or in the language of the game ‘Bait’) new beasts. You can get that from quests, AFK rewards and other parts in the game just like any other resource as well.

afk arena beast grounds summon

Upgrading Beast in AFK Arena

To upgrade the different skill levels of your beasts in AFK Arena, you will need additional copies – while this is quite easy to get for the rare ones, the beasts with the higher rarities are harder to obtain and therefore take a lot longer to upgrade.

afk arena beast upgrade

The ‘good’ news here is, you will not have to merge or cross-plan your beasts to max them out as you will need exactly that copy of a beast to upgrade them without exception.

How to run beasts in combat

You will notice the little icon on the top left side where you can place your beast and during combat, you see it running a cooldown bar as soon as you upgraded it to at least Level 6 to unlock the first skill. Once the cooldown bar is full, you can use the skill (or let the auto-battle feature do that):

afk arena beast in combat

Beast Ranking

Please mind! The ranking is about the skill as well, so if you haven’t unlocked a skill on a beast the ones with the unlocked skill is better no matter what!

Please also mind that beasts should work well with the team you’re running.

S+ Tier

S+ Tier

Feline Vesperio is insane. It will deal damage to enemies and even steal their energy and also at max level scale on percentage damage that makes it also strong against bosses and other chunky enemies. Super universal and useful in pretty much all team, especially at beast energy loads when enemy heroes use any skill than normal attacks.

S Tier

afk arena winged lion icon
S Tier

The Winged Lion is extremely strong and useful, not only buffing the whole team well but also buffing the ally with the highest attack rating and, when maxed, adding pierece buff as well. Probably the beast that has the highest impact right now.

afk arena rock crown lizard icon
S Tier

The Rock Crown Lizard not only adds a shield, it will also add crowd control effects once Level 12 that come in very handy. The shield itself is not a game-changer and limited to your own side but useful and once you have the cc effects available this beast will contribute well to your team.

S Tier

The Flutterplume Owl prolongs buffs, and that even with just one copy. First thoughts might think this is not much, but it actually is looking at the amount of buffs going on (also reduces the duration of enemy buffs!), so a great beast to pick up early and run with one copy and that also scales and gradually adds more buffs and benefits to your team (tenacity, free for enemies, etc.)

S Tier

The Polar Beast is right now still a strong beast to run in AFK Arena, not just dealing damage to multiple enemies but also using it to reduce haste and defense of the enemies. There’s no weird targeting limitations like the other beasts have and probably the one you want to run from the beasts available so far.

S Tier

With Bellbellow you will gain loads of healing and damage reduction and that’s outstanding and helpful, no doubt. The big question here is how much that can scale, especially when the level deficits get higher and higher it might just now provide too much of an impact, but for a lower tier this beast also is too strong so at the bottom of the tier here.

A Tier

A Tier

Tufty Ears is actually better than the rarity might make it seem. Away from the additional base stats it heals all allies and overhead is converted into a shield. When maxed, even removes debuffs. Easy to max out, easy to obtain and helpful pretty much in all situations.

A Tier

Talismane is pretty great especially early-game and if you run a agility carry hero (which happens for most players to be true) and even later he’s quite solid with his overall set what he provides for your team with his control and blinding effect.

B Tier

afk arena dreary ball icon
B Tier

Dreary Ball will basically do the same as Polar Beast but less effectively when it comes to the raw numbers. Still, with a debuff, damage to all enemies and the way how easy it is to obtain and level up a great beast in AFK Arena right now.

afk arena blade ridge icon
B Tier

Blade Ridge will deal additional beast damage to a target and, at higher levels, increase the damage done by your hero with the highest ATK with his/her ultimate. Quite basic and not game-changing but you’ll have additional damage and some buffs that are nice.

afk arena grassy orb icon
B Tier

Grassy Orb will flat buff all allies’ attack and critical strikes for all allies. Not too exciting and fancy, but really helpful and useful for pretty much everything.

C Tier

afk arena fire breather icon
C Tier

Fire Breather will give your hero that deal the highest damage so far a lava ring that will deal additional damage to close enemies. On higher levels has some shielding as well for the damage dealt but overall not too much and you need to run with a melee hero that deals a lot of damage as the lava ring on backline won’t be much effective after all.


D Tier

Plaaceholder tier for later…


I hope this guide gave you some insights and a direction where to start with beasts in AFK Arena. Of course, I will frequently update this guide here with every new additions and strategies that will come up in the next weeks.

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