Top 10 Famous Video Game Swords Rich with Lore and Mystique Top 10 Famous Video Game Swords Rich with Lore and Mystique

Top 10 Famous Video Game Swords Rich with Lore and Mystique

In video games, swords are some of the most important things. They’re not just weapons for beating a bunch of enemies. Instead, they come with their own deep stories and interesting backgrounds, sometimes even becoming more important than the characters using them.

Though a lot of games focus on swords for their powerful attacks and cool effects, we especially like the ones that truly matter to the game’s story. They affect not just the person using them but also have an impact on other characters in the game.

10. Splitleaf GreatSword – Dark Souls

splitleaf greatsword
The iconic Splitleaf longsword or greatsword that makes the strongest sweeping slashes in the industry – [Image Credit – SethNemo]
Dark Souls is famous for its unique swords. These swords vary from small European shortswords to large Chinese polearm swords. They are both incredibly strong and highly detailed and some are decorated with ancient symbols of Chinese heroes like Mulan.

One legendary sword is the Splitleaf Greatsword. It’s a two-handed sword known for its powerful seeping attacks which are iconic in the RPG world of games. This sword gets stronger by absorbing the power of defeated enemies, as shown in its leaf-like designs.

9. Lightsaber – Star Wars

The new Jedi Survivor allows you to craft and customize your dream lightsaber – [Image Credit – PC Gamer]
The lightsaber is the iconic weapon from the Star Wars universe. It appears in all the movies, shows, and video game titles. It is powered by a kyber crystal and by the user’s strength and intentions, whether good or evil depicted in its color.

It’s a very cool weapon because it can cut through almost anything, except another lightsaber, while making the most satisfying sounds after hitting its target well known throughout the video game community. You can see it in action in games like the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws and the recently released Jedi Survivor.

8. Devil Sword – Devil May Cry

devil sword
The massive Devil Sword that shakes Xbox and Playstation controllers after each strike – [Image Credit – Fandom]
The Devil Sword is the signature weapon of the biggest devil and demon figther himself – Dante. It is made by combining Rebellion, Sparda, other iconic swords of the series. It comes in its real form when using the power of the Sin Devil Trigger that makes truly Dante terrifying.

It is one of the most interesting and badass weapons to use in a video game that represents Dante’s strength and his connection to his family’s legacy. Especially satisfying when dealing with multiple enemies at once, the core gameplay of Devil May Cry titles.

7. Frostmourne – World of Warcraft

The Lich King, or Arthas, wielding the most famous sword in the video game industry – [Image Credit – World of Warcraft]
Frostmourne is a powerful sword in the World of Warcraft universe, used by the Lich King. It could trap souls and turn living beings into undead. The Lich King, Ner’zhul, sent it from the Frozen Throne, and Arthas Menethil found it in Northrend. Arthas used it as a death knight and as the Lich King, causing a lot of destruction even to his own family.

It was eventually broken by Tirion Fordring. Later, a hero reforged its pieces into new weapons, the Blades of the Fallen Prince. Frostmourne is known for its huge impact on the game’s world influencing many other fantasy swords.

6. Aerodnight – The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia wielding a sword that has the same lore as the Excalibur – [Image Credit – Tastyham1]
Aerondight is a special silver sword that appears in “The Witcher” game, given by the Lady of the Lake. It’s great for fighting monsters but not humans. It can be obtained in the first and second game, as well as the third through a DLC expansion. It’s unique because it grows stronger with use rather than being upgraded by resources.

The sword cannot be bought nor sold and it becomes better the more you use it, making it very unique. It is upgraded by defeating special enemies to increase its damage, making it one of the best swords in the game.

5. Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda

master sword legend of zelda
The Master Sword can be obtained in almost every game of the series – [Image Credit – The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom]
The Master Sword is a famous sword in the video game world, especially in The Legend of Zelda series. It picks the person with the purest heart, who happens to be our favorite protagonist Link. He uses it to fight off all sorts of dark forces.

The sword has the iconic winged-shaped guard for protection. It’s used purely for fighting however, it has many powers. It can make enemies turn into friends, brings light to a dark world, helps in climbing, and can even control different elements of the world.

4. Blade of Olympus – God of War

blade of olympus god of war
The Blade of Olympus which is stronger than the popular Blades of Chaos of the series – [Image Credit – Eurogamer]
The Blade of Olympus, featured in the God of War series, was created by Zeus to end the Great War by banishing the Titans. Kratos used it to fight gods and monsters, including Zeus himself. It’s a symbol of power, capable of unleashing devastating attacks.

In God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla, Kratos summons the Blade from his memories to defeat enemies. This legendary weapon is key in Kratos’s battles, showing its significance in the game’s mythology and his journey.

3. Energy Sword – HALO

energy sword halo
The Energy Sword that were remastered in the remake of older HALO games looking more badass than usual – [Image Credit – Game Rant]
The world of HALO brings the Energy Swords, double-bladed plasma weapons made by the Sangheili. They became most popular in Halo 2 and are linked with the brave Master Chief of the series slowly becoming HALO’s defining trademark.

These swords are the most popular when it comes to cosplay and are the perfect melee weapons to use in the multiplayer game option that allows gamers to kill their enemies with style. These swords are frequently used in cosplay contests.

2. Soul Edge – Soul Calibur

soul calibur soul edge
A close up view of the terrifying living sword known as Soul Edge – [Image Credit – Soul Calibur]
The winner for the most gruesome-looking video game swords goes to Soul Edge, sometimes known as Inferno from the Soul Calibur game series. It is a living blade that turned evil after being soaked with blood and has a mind of its own.

The sword feeds off other people’s souls and it makes it stronger as it takes away the enemy’s lives. This concept of a soul-absorbing weapon is a popular theme in video games, but nothing comes close to the design of the Soul Edge inspiring many other swords especially seen in anime.

1. Buster Sword – Final Fantasy

final fantasy buster sword
The Buster Sword against the legendary Sephiroth Japanese katana-like blade in combat – [Image Credit – Games Radar]
The most popular and exceptional sword in the video game world is the Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy series. It made its wielder Cloud Strife famous, or perhaps the other way around, especially seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Beloved for its huge size and massive proportions, it is unlike anything else. Its powerful attacks are iconic with signature moves like Braver and Omnislash able to take down many enemies at once. It has been seen in many real-life cosplay events, as well as other game titles such as Kingdom Hearts, or Mario Karts Racing.

Worthy Mention: Keyblade – Kingdom Hearts

keyblade kingdom hearts
The Keyblade in action battling against the forces of darkness – [Image Credit – Willing Decision 3777]
Although not really a sword but functions like one, is Sora’s key-shaped sword encountered in the Kingdom Hearts world. It is an iconic weapon seen in many cosplay events. It has the power to unlock or lock different worlds and shows the battle between light and darkness. It represents the power of people’s hearts and is seen in many of the best games as an easter egg.

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