random dice wars best dice tier list random dice wars best dice tier list

The Best Dices in Random Dice (Tier List)

With so many dices in Random Dice, you have a hard time building your deck, right? Also, now that some dices appear a lot stronger from their description as they really are and some dices that will really shine in the right setup, you will have a hard time deciding, right?

Well, for that reason I have made this tier list, with a focus on PvP but also keeping the other modes in mind to help you choose what dices are really worth your time and effort in Random Dice.

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The Tier List of the strongest Dices in Random Dice

So, without wasting more time, let’s get into it and jump right into the tier list:

S Tier

The dices in this tier are the strongest and most versatile dices in Random Dice and should be in your deck.

The Assassin will certainly be placed in the S-Tier. I heard people argue that they deserve a spot in the lower tier, but since Yin Yang is moving away from the PVP meta, fewer switches will result in the assassin being really dominant in Random Dice right now.

Blizzard is also undeniably an S-tier dice in Random Dice. Despite not fitting the meta at the moment, it’s a pretty good dice, since it stalls the entire map. It’s better suited for PVP than a claw and does enough damage to survive Round 1 and stalls the whole map, making it more appropriate for PVP games.

Growth can transform into a random dice so it will be able to give you some much multiple abilities that you canuse in the different situations. Sometimes a little rng heavy as it’s random transforming, but you can get so much out of it that it has to be here in the highest tier.

Joker is so powerful as you can merge it and transform it into a different dice, depending what dice you’re merging it with. Just so powerful and gives you so many versatile options to use it, it’s crazy.

Lunar is an S-tier straight away. The lunar dice increase all neighboring dice’s attack speed when they are adjacent and having a special effect, it buffs even more powerfully.

The Nuclear dice has the ability to trigger a Nuclear Explosion on the frontmost mob when combined with itself or a Mimic Dice. There is no doubt that it is an S-tier dice as this is incredibly strong when it happens.

A Switch dice will swap positions on a board when merged with another Dice containing the same amount of pips. That’s so strong and can be used to turn tides in a match immediately.

The Time dice reduce the opponents’ dice attack speed if their pip count is the same or lower than yours and in Co-Op it increases the attack speed of your partners’ dice which have the same or fewer pip counts as yours. It’s basically buffing and rebuffing whenever you need it and one of the strongest dices in Random Dice, for sure.

Typhonoon is one of the most powerful dices and when you use it in the form where it has 100% crit chance, you can pack a crazy punch. Sometimes a little tricky to time right, but overall a really strong dice in Random Dice.

A Tier

Let’s get to the strong dices. They are a little less powerful than the ones in the upper tier but still overall very good utility and dices you want to have in your deck.

The top of the A-Tier will, without a doubt, be the right spot for the Atomic dice. In PVP, it’s an excellent dice, but it doesn’t fit with the current meta, because you have slime bust to deal with and all kinds of random things happening to take care of. Your board’s edge is the best place to place the Atomic dice.

Bounty is usually used with fast pace sticks, which will end the game within the first two rounds. It got nerfed now but is still suitable in the A-Tier. Although Bounty is still a good dice because it makes merging stuff difficult for your opponents, it has been nerfed and does not fit well in PvP, it does perform really well in Co-Op now.

Cracked Growth is placed in A-tier because, in golden classes, everyone has cracked growth of class 14 or 15, so they barely die. This is where Cracked Growth comes in and helps massively solve that.

Flow might be a debatable dice to place here in this tier and I understand people having problems with that, but it just has excellent win conditions that you can use and, at least for me, it’s a dice that is useful and strong enough to be ranked here.

Overheat provides really good DPS and you don’t need a lot of SP for Overheat to deal damage, making it an excellent choice for a deck.

Death is an A-tier dice because it performs really well when it comes to lane clearing. It creates a win condition for your deck and makes your board more likely to survive, so I don’t see any reason to not rank it here amongst the other A Tier dices in Random Dice.

Most people would say that Guardian is an excellent dice and very cool. And that’s true. Guardian is good because it is a long-term DPS dice, but it may be useless if you don’t have Lunar dice or you don’t have a fitting deck so take it with a grain of salt.

Hell got a massive buff and I’m going to rank it in the A Tier now. It’s not overpowered now or one of the must-haves, but it’s now comparable with Death dice now and it’s also really useful in Co-Op.

Holy Sword is placed in A-Tier because it’s very similar to the Atomic dice; despite being a DPS dice. It’s not that crazy broken or anything, but still sufficient in what it does and useful enough that I see him on the same level as the other dices here in this tier in Random Dice.

Sacrifice performs really well in the PVP, and it is definitely one of the best dices for doing PvP in Random Dice, but not too useful outside of that.

The Scope gives nearby dices a buff that makes it extremely useful and versatile in so many setups and you can combine it basically with every other dice in Random Dice.

Solar is an extremely good dice at it scales whenever you need it when attacking the same enemy over and over again. If not, the enemy is gone, so really versatile.

A Summoner Dice will summon a new dice onto your board when it is merged with another Summoner Dice or a Mimic Dice (hence the name summoner). This gives you so many options, although it’s a little depending in RNG to really get it rollin’ (no pun intended)

The Teleport dice offers some decent win condition in the right circumstances and I had a hard time to decide to either place it bottom of A Tier or top of B Tier, but I had some great runs with it so I feel more comfortable having it here. Comment below if you disagree.

YinYang is falling off the meta more and more but is still a versatile dice. Wouldn’t go for it as a fresh player but as you probably still have it a good option to run, but not as crazy overpowered anymore.

B Tier

Dices in this tier are useful for specific things but not that versatile overall.

Beserker is in the B Tier for the simply reason that it’s so situational. In some cases, it is very useful as it can protect you from monsters, but it isn’t always something to use if you’re in the golden class. However, if you are low up, like class 1 to class 12, then you should consider using Berserker in PvP as it is going to be a real help.

Flame is placed in the B-tier because it doesn’t perform very well after Wave 2. If you have Pantheon, you may survive another wave with flame, but after that, you won’t be able to do anything with it. So, very situational.

Gamble is an excellent DPS dice, but only if you have high crit, making it also a perfect candidate for the B Tier.

Infect is not very good for high class, but it performs really well in the low class.

Metastasis is really good against bosses and, although I have to admit the win condition is really fun, not too useful otherwise.

Mighty Wind can be a good DPS dice but also one that needs either certain conditions to be met or can be squishy.

Modified Electric is pretty much the same as the mighty wind; therefore, it is placed in the same tier.

Random Growth is a great dice if you use it in Co-Op mode in Random Dice, although it is not very good for PVP compared to that. Still too good for a lower tier to me.

Royal provides you with good win conditions, but it is not that very good anymore but also not completely out of the meta in some situations. I still tend to rank it here at the bottom of this tier.

Supplement is also a tough spot to rank. It’s not that great, but in a few decks you can use the supplement so I tend to have it at the bottom of the C Tier.

C Tier

It’s nice to have a dice like Absorb but you will need a stall dice to use it in PvP, but you didn’t get a buff for it.

Arrow is a DPS dice that secures a position in the C-Tier. Deep styles perform well and are usually good. Arrow Dice attacks mobs in the front-most position on the board. An extra 500% damage is dealt to a random mob with each fifth attack.

Combo… now you might be thinking about why the combo is placed in tier-c. The reason is pretty simple if the combo is a very high class, like level 10, the dice deserves a spot in S class because it is very powerful, but if the class is low, it may fall in the category of don’t even try. That’s why it is placed in the C-tier because its usage really depends upon your combo class.

Iron is C-tier. Bosses, including mini bosses, are damaged twice as much. So why this tier when I ranked others higher, that sounds useful, right? Well, twice of not that great is still not very good, if you know what I mean…

Poison works the same as a Laser dice, but it is a bit better when compared side by side; therefore, it is placed oner tier above the laser.

Rock performs well for the lower class and it is definitely a great option there but then it falls off heavily.

Sand Swamp is another good dice for the low class and can be useful in higher class SOMETIMES, really SOMETIMES.

The Shield dice is basically the same as the sand swamp. Their functionalities are so similar that I ranked them next to each other.

Speed Gun performs poorly, and it needs to be used in conjunction with other dice like a Blizzard to be useful. These dice are bad if used alone and there are simply too many better options that can stand on their own to rank it higher, tbh.

Star… as a Star alone cannot sustain you for a single moment, it is also placed in the C-tier.

Rather than attacking monsters directly, the Thorn dice lays thorn traps indirectly. There is a direct correlation between the number of pips on the dice and the number of thorn traps it sets but overall it doesn’t pack the punch you might look for and there are simply so much better options and the only reason I’d look over the mechanics of it would be if the damage would be so much higher.

D Tier

Crack can be a solid dice, yes, but it’s right now really no dice meant of PvP overall and you can run better options.

Critical is also placed in D-tier because it doesn’t perform well on Lunar. It only increases the critical chance of neighboring dices, which is not a very big deal.

In spite of its DPS size, Electric is placed in the D-tier since no one prefers to use it.

Ix10 has poor performance, and with the small exception of some rare uses it’s just not worth it.

Ice finds only rare cases where it is useful and I mean very rare. And even then, you can also use other stronger dices as well and it’s so out of the meta for PvP as well.

Lock function exactly the same as Ice.

Laser is a decent dice but you have Poison that is basically the same but is better in a direct comparison.

Slingshot has really bad DPS and it’s meant to be a DPS dice.

Wind has the best base attack speed of all dices in Random Dice but the speed increases gradually as you level it up.

F Tier

I was easy on Slingshot actually, but Fire is an even worst DPS dice.

Gun is not useful at all, I mean I can’t really think of one use-case in Random Dice where I’d appreciate having it in my deck

Healing has basically no win condition at all.

Due to the fact that landmines aren’t that great, I rank the Landmine dice here.

Mimic only works well with Assassin, Metastasis, and Summoner and apart from that, it’s a terrible dice plus you can run so much better dices a lot more effectively with them. I just don’t see a great use in using it.

You can do wonders with Silence when you are extremely skilled, but you may not even want to try if you aren’t. I don’t want to insult, but if you’re not about to proof yourself that you can run it well, I don’t see any point in using it in your deck.

Wave isn’t strong. No wait, it’s actually weak and I can’t see any real use for it.

Broken used to be broken a long time ago, but with all the newer dices added and how the meta developed it just has become pretty useless.

Bubble doesn’t do much. It only increases your crit by a few points when you won’t even feel it.

Clone is a clump dice, that’s all I can say, honestly.

Energy‘s only purpose is to increase SP percentage by leveling up dicees during the game, which isn’t very helpful.

Light is nothing more than a disappointment.

Mine is so bad, I could make a tier list on its own about the things I hate about this dice.


So, this was a long list, right? Congratulations if you’ve gotten through all of it and if you have questions or think I mis-ranked one of the dices horribly, just drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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