All Codes in Random Dice

random dice coupon enter

Looking for fresh codes that will give you some extra rewards? You’re in the right place!

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Also, make sure to check out my regularly updated tier list of the best dices in Random Dice here.

All Codes in Random Dice

Here’s the frequently updated list of codes:

  • Code: HAPPY100 (is maybe not expiring, please try it out) – rewards 100x Diamonds
  • Code: RDWBEST10000 (expires: July 31st, 2022)- rewards 300x Diamonds and 5000x Gold
  • Code: RDWHAPPY5000 (expires: July 31st, 2022)- rewards 200x Diamonds and 2000x Gold
  • Code: RDWFUN3000 (expires: July 31st, 2022)- rewards 100x Diamonds and 1000x Gold
  • Code: RDW1000 (expires: July 31st, 2022)- rewards 100x Diamonds

How to redeem codes in Random Dice?

To redeem your rewards, simply go to your profile (gear icon in the top right corner) and then select ‘Coupon’:

random dice coupon menu

A modal will open with a input field where you can enter an active coupon code from above and you will get your rewards right away.

random dice coupon enter

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