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Team Building Guide for Ace Defender

I wanted to write this short guide on team building in Ace Defender as I constantly see players, not just the ones just starting out to play Ace Defender, doing the same mistakes over and over again and might even get stuck in their progress and think that they need to invest money to get a more viable team. That’s not correct.

Important! Don’t miss out on free rewards in Ace Defender as the developers post new gift codes frequently. Refer to our frequently updated list of active codes in Ace Defender here.

Light? Moon? Nature? What Faction works best?

Well, the simple answer is all of them and none. Great, right?

Okay, but honestly, if you’re starting out playing Ace Defender or in the mid-game stages, use the heroes you have and build your team around the strong ones without minding factions too much. If you start, let’s say, building a Holy Light hero team from scratch in the beginning, you either will progress so much slower or you will have to invest so much money to keep up.

Later, it’s absolutely right to invest specifically into the heroes from one faction that you want to build your team around. In the late game, we have to get demons in our team for the flat bonus that doesn’t depend on faction. It seems Fengling and Mageria are better to be together with demons than other normal faction heroes, but this is really end-game meta in Ace Defender.

For most players reading this guide (I assume you’re probably not an end-game player in Ace Defender), use the ones you have and rather mind carefully the faction countering that I describe in the next section.

Faction Matters

Here comes a really important thing that many players in Ace Defender just don’t pay much attention to, the faction bonus. I frequently see players running their A-Team of the strongest hero according to the tier list (by the way, I have just updated my tier list of the best heroes here) and don’t pay any attention to the faction benefits they could get.

ace defender faction countering

So there’s two things that matter a lot, first is the faction benefits that apply, most importantly the 15% countering buff. 15% is a lot! Imagine you will not just have a hero that deals 15% more damage, worst case your hero also suffers 15% more damage, then it won’t matter that much that the hero is a strong one, this hero might have to deal 30% more in total to make up for just the faction countering. I know it can be annoying to re-arrange your team all the time, but it’s worth it after all.

ace defender faction countering exceptions

Now, also useful to keep in mind is to group up heroes from the same faction in Ace Defender, especially when running Deity heroes that are like joker and can give your whole team an extra 5% or 10% buff. Again, this is for ALL of your heroes and that is a lot more than you might expect just from thinking ‘oh 5% is not that much…’.


I hope this helps and I know this might sound basic to some of you, but as I constantly see players in Ace Defender completely ignoring the faction benefits or counter effects they are running into, I feel this is something I wanted to point out here.

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