How To Join A Top 100 Crew (3 Steps)

In this guide I will show you how you can become a member of one of the best crews in CSR2 without much hussle – simply follow my plan and you will find yourself in one of the TOP 100 crews 😀

Step 1 – Understand Why Crew Matters

Having an active crew isn’t only important for social reasons or for becoming a better player in CSR2, they also offer some real benefits:

1) Milestone Rewards

This is probably the most important and requires you to have a really good crew… but it will give you a great car at the end of every season that is really rare and can otherwise only be pulled with a lot of luck from Gold Crates – also, there are also other nice rewards along the milestones in each season.

csr2 crew milestones

2) Crew Perks

You will get passive boosts when your crew is good and active and has unlocked them – like additional cash from races, boosted RP earnings and other things.

crew perks csr2

3) Crew Wildcards

The more active your crew is (and well-organized), the more often you can enjoy the twildcards that will double your cash rewards or RP earned for a limited time.

csr2 crew wildcard

In total, we can agree that those are nice enough to want to be in a good crew, right? 🙂

Step 2 – Earn Respect (Points)

Well, now that we talked about the benefits of being in a top crew in CSR2, it’s about time to get into one.

The thing that differs a top crew from a regular crew is simply the activity ratio of the crew members. Top crews are only as good as all the members together so they require you to get a certain amount of RP within each season.

The higher the crew, the higher that RP requirements – so first things first you need to personally get some high RP in one season, no matter in what crew you are. This is important because this is your entry ticket for a better crew!

From my experience, a Top 500 crew will require you to get something around 500,000 RP and the Top 100 crews want 1 million RP.

So, the “only” thing to do is getting those RP and you’re in 🙂

Now those numbers might sound like a lot, but after all it’s a lot easier than you think to get 500k to 1M RP – and that’s what I want to outline you here… basically your main routine for each season 🙂

Let’s have a look:

Token Cups (3x every season) where getting 25 wins accross your whole crew will give you 90,000 RP.

Supply Cup (4x every season) will require you to have the current Prestige Cup car or a car from the same manufacturer – so normally also no problem because the cars for the Prestige Cup are in 90% of all cases cars from a brand that have multiple cars, often even available for cash in the shop. The difficulty adapts to your ride so you won’t even upgrade your car that much to get it done – that’s almost 50,000 RP in total.

Crew Cups (2x every season) will give you and your crew a good RP boost of all and give in total 170,000 RP! The only problem, you will need the previous season Prestige Cup car and the current season Prestige Cup car. Still with some key management, you won’t have struggles to get them. I never needed to pull enough Silver Crates to get the Prestige Car and normally get it within the first 2-5 pulls.

Prestige Cup (1x each season) is the biggest RP machine for you and your crew, rewarding you with 300,000 RP when you complete it. And let’s be honest, if you pulled the Prestige Car it’s no rocket science to get the car upgraded well enough to finish the Prestige Cup.

That’s around 600,000 RP within a season without even doing one single Live Race ????

But also every single race you do within these events will give you RP (100-200 each race) and add up easily, so when you do all of them, you should already get the 1,000,000 points by that time and still no Live Races involved.

Now you can add up Live Races, that will give you up to 3,000+ RP each race so you can easily get the 1.5M+ total RP that will open you the doors to the top crews.

One important tip here, always winning will get you in a lobby with such strong opponents that it’s not worth it so many people repeat racing against you and you can trade win/lose with them. Look out for players that have a “w/l” or a ????icon in their name, then lose your first match and they will lose their second match and so on…

live races win lose trading

Now you’re ready for the last step 🙂

Step 3 – Find The Crew

Actually you can find most top crews on Facebook, Reddit or Discord where you can apply. For the Top 50 crews is mandatory to use things like Discord along CSR2 to qualify.

If you don’t want that, you can also do Live Races and sooner or later you will see a crew invitation popping up that want you to join because they saw you actively doing Live Races and having a high RP count 🙂

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