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Patriot Surfer Deck Guide – MARVEL SNAP

Although not as powerful as other Silver Surfer decks, it’s still a very good one to play that can snowball through Patriot and many cards without abilities, ideally with Ultron filling up the board in the end for nice power spread and solid win condition.

Card Strategy

Wasp doesn’t cost anything and will get the power buff from Patriot and can be played all the time as she is for free.
Ant-Man himself won’t get the bonus from Patriot or Silver Surfer, but gains himself a nice bonus on a filled location and with Ultron and Brood in your hand, you will get that very frequently turning this little guy into some nice value.
marvel snap misty knight card
Misty Knight is cheap and can be buffed through Patriot, that’s all about her.
marvel snap shocker card
Shocker is basically the 2-cost version of Misty Knight, a cheap recipient of Patriot’s buff turning him into 5 power.
marvel snap mystique card
Mystique can be great when played after Patriot to gain the buff so you will suddenly buff every card without ability by +4 power. Maybe also useful after Blue Marvel without having Ultron for more power spread.
marvel snap silver surfer card
Silver Surfer is a great mix in this deck as many opponents will know what you’re up to (Patriot) once they see the cards without abilities you drop. Having a Silver Surfer does not only shake up things a little here, he will also give you a backup on Turn 6 if your opponent blocked your Patriot or you failed to draw into your Ultron.
marvel snap patriot card
Patriot is the heart of this deck, buffing almost every card you have (Wasp, Misty Knight, Shocker, Broodlings, Cyclops and Ultron’s Bots) and can multiply through Mystique.
marvel snap brood card
Brood works amazing in this deck, getting the Silver Surfer buff (+9 power in total with his Broodlings) and the Broodlings can get Patriot#s buff as well as they don’t have abilities and give you some reach in terms you need it for some locations.
marvel snap cyclops card
Cyclops is the 3-cost version of Misty Knight or Shocker but can also get the Silver Surfer buff, making him one of the best cards to play as you get Silver Surfer, Patriot and Blue marvel’s buff on him.
Blue Marvel buffs all cards and is an ideal card at the end if you don’t have Ultron or the board is not fortunate for Ultron. Buffs all cards no matter what and gives you nice value.
Sera is an incredible Turn 5 card, letting you play three 3-cost cards on Turn 6. There are so many different setups you can get done it would take forever to list them. Just take my word, she’s great and if you have her she’s always your Turn 5 play (or earlier if you can).
marvel snap ultron card
Ultron spams the board literally with his drones that all get Patriot’s buff and give you great reach. If you even got mystique down you get each of the drones to 5 power and they will fill up all open spots on all locations for a great push and normally good to find you the win condition.

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