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CSR2 Lobby Times & How To Reset Lobby

When it comes to Live Races, Lobby Times are one of the most important things to handle well if you want to have long-term success.

In this guide I will show you all you need to know about the lobby times, what they are, what beating the dyno means and how you can prevent getting stuck in a lobby that’s too hard for you.

Ready for that? Let’s go 🙂

What Are Lobby Times In CSR2?

When you do Live Races you will need to get matched with rivals that have cars that have a similar time than you, otherwise the whole system wouldn’t work unless you have one of th fastest cars in CSR2, right?

That’s why there are 15 different lobbies in Live Races that will match you depending on the dyno time your car can get.

sub dyno tuning lobby

So, when setting up a car for Live Races make sure that you will get a time that is on top of a lobby time – so let’s say your car will get 8.5 seconds on the half mile you will be matched with opponents in one lobby that will get times of 9.0 seconds and 8.499 seconds. This is great because many of them will be slower than that. If your car gets 8.9 seconds you might think about removing one upgrade part or adapt tuning to get an easier lobby.

Current Lobby Setup

Lobby From (in s) To (in s)
7.1 Lobby any faster 7.599
7.6 Lobby 7.600 7.999
8.0 Lobby 8.000 8.199
8.2 Lobby 8.200 8.599
8.6 Lobby 8.600 8.999
9.0 Lobby 9.000 9.299
9.3 Lobby 9.300 9.499
9.5 Lobby 9.500 9.699
9.7 Lobby 9.700 9.899
9.9 Lobby 9.900 10.099
10.1 Lobby 10.100 10.299
10.3 Lobby 10.300 10.599
10.6 Lobby 10.600 10.799
10.8 Lobby 10.800 11.199
11.2 Lobby 11.200 11.399
11.4 Lobby 11.400 11.699
11.7 Lobby 11.700 11.999
12.0 Lobby 12.000 and slower

So, does this mean that running a certain time will let you win every race?

No. If you will run below your dyno time and have a winning streak of 5 races or more, you will get moved to a harder lobby no matter what dyno time you have!

In this case you want to reset the lobby you’re in to get easier opponents again.

How To Reset Your Lobby

If you have won too many races you will be placed in a harder lobby and this lobby can be too hard for you so you want to get back into an easier lobby.

In this case you should remove several upgrade parts (removing all Stage 6 upgrades is often the best strategy) and run the dyno in the tuning setup. After that do one or two Live Races with the car and you will reset your lobby and can use your old setting again.

Running Below Dyno Time

Pro player in CSR2 have a setup that is will give them a slower dyno time than they actually get – this is called sub-dyno setup.

So, if you run a sub-dyno setup and got a good winning streak you will end up in a really tough lobby in Live Races and just removing several upgrades will not do the deal now.

Be aware that in this case you will need to run several races slower than your dyno time and lose them to get back to your initial lobby – don’t run sub-dyno if you want to get placed back in a easier lobby!!

Swapping “Rules”

Well, they are not rules in general but more like an etiquette that evolved in the past years when doing live races. Swapping allows players to run for RP and splitting the victory, but let’s explain how it works.

If you see a player that has one of the following in the name:

  • W/L” somewhere in the name
  • the word swap in the name
  • the symbol 🔄 or similar in the name

those are the players that are willing to swap. Please don’t do this yourself and then don’t follow the etiquette or you will find your name on a blacklist in the community quite fast. Popular crews will block you and so on, it’s not worth the couple victories, believe me.

So, if you are willing to race a driver who’s swapping, you always do one victory and then one loss. You can either do full speed on the first race and then accept the rematch and lose on purpose or you do slow on the first race and then rematch and your opponent will give you the victory.

  1. All that is wonderful but you forget or unaware of one more lobby “bot lobbies”. Yes! Robot lobbies they do exist and it’s the only lobbies I run in. I’ve a few cars set up for bot lobbies, mainly just to collect the keys live races provide. With these bot lobbies I can win every race and collect all keys with ease and yes they are bots as I can use different cars in different bot time lobbies, the bots will have the same profile pics but with different names and cars.

  2. Hey … By saying “remove stage 6 parts” do you actually mean removing them completely from the car for gold, or just downgrade to a previous level?

    Thanks for all your help!

  3. Does the same exact time brackets apply to 1/4 mile lobbies ?
    (especially wondering about the ladder ends since it’s no more 0,2sec spread)

    1. Yes they should also be in 0.2 second differences. But please mind that as soon as you start a win streak you will get automatically placed in a tougher lobby, no matter what time your dyno tells.

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