afk 2 journey hero tier list afk 2 journey hero tier list

Best Heroes Tier List in AFK 2: Journey (Closed Beta)

AFK Journey has quite some interesting new approaches and will offer a ton of heroes as well so this list here should help you decide which heroes to focus on as they work in every team and which ones work only for particular setups (and the ones that never really work well).

About AFK 2: Journey

AFK 2: Journey, or shortly referred to as AFK Journey, is the next game in the AFK Arena universe where you discover a 3D world with new battle mechanics. I feel it’s a great hybrid between AFK Arena and SOULS where you can place your heroes a lot more freely and use different strategies.

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When is the release of AFK Journey?

Right now there are somewhat monthyl closed beta tests, which means a limited amount of players are able to play and test the game and as I have access to it I also provide you with a first version of a hero ranking that will either help you if you’re playing the closed beta as well or if you are just interested what’s coming in AFK Journey.

The global release is not fixed yet and I really hope it will happen in 2024 although there is no information I can share about this.

What Are The Best Heroes in AFK Journey (Tier List)

Alright let’s dive into it. Please mind that there are huge changes between the different closed beta iterations so this list changes as well a lot! Please check back here when a new beta starts to be sure that you go the right direction.


  • ValaS
    Works so far the best in my opinion witht he way her global ultimate ability synergizes well with pretty much all heores in AFK Journey
  • RowanS
    Not just a classic hero in AFK Arena, also in AFK 2: Journey an amazing hero to use in the earlier stages as he enables pretty much all heroes in teams in the game so well.
  • BrutusS
    Similar to AFK Arena he has a similar kit in AFK Journey which makes Brutus super strong in the earlier stages. Again, evaluations are for the beta modes so far and things will probably change for the global release but for now he is a save bet to use in most teams and game modes AFK Journey has to offer
  • Smokey And MeerkS
    New face in the AFK universe and an incredible support hero at this point that has so much to offer. I think you can compare this hero in AFK Jounrey a bit to the twins in AFK Arena
  • EironnS
    His damage is alright but the main reason I have him so high on the tier list here is the fact that he can paralyze enemies which is a very important aspect in AFK Jounrey and which makes him ranked so high in this current tier list.
  • Granny DahnieS
    She is a great crowd control tank hero that you will find very useful in many situations
  • CeciaA+
    Works really strong as a summoner in many different team setups and is a hero that is quite interesting but not as crazy universal as the other heroes above in the tier list.
  • IgorA+
    Has interesting mechanics with the Tombstone he fight from but I feel you need to know how and when to use him to really get his full kit to work so I didn't rank him in the S Tier.
  • EllaA
    A mage with crowd control sounds super strong but the reason I don't have her in the top tier is that it sometimes can get a little annoying and her strength depending what heroes she knockbacks and use her cc on.
  • ValenA
    Goes immune with his ultimate ability and deals a ton of damage. The reason he is not top tier? Well, in AFK Journey his close combat kit is simply not working and you need a ranged damage dealer but that doesn't make him bad, just not as universal in all teams like the S-Tier heroes
  • LycaA
    She is the ranged counterpart to Valen so whenever you need ranged damage she is your choice.
  • ShakirA
    Shakir is interesting as you can use him as carry in your fomation and he has some crowd control immunity as well as he can reduce healing agianst certain formations.
  • CarolinaA
    Simply her crowd control and freezing makes her so difficult to deal with and so useful in your formation so often that she has to be in the A-Tier in my opinion.
  • LumontB+
    I had quite a hard time to decide where to rank him as he is a good wilder faction tank, but his charging and running around sometimes makes things more messy for your team than it needs to be, so I ranked him just below the A Tier.
  • EddieB+
    Great for single-target damage and against bosses, but that is not all in AFK Journey. So, if you find a tier list where he is in the top tier I recommend you to highly question the credibility of that list.
  • SilvinaB
    She is a backline assassin but also quite on a suicidal mission in most cases so I find her best use-case is dealing with a difficult backline setup that really gives your team a tough time and use her as the sacrifice to deal with that.
  • HewynnB
    She is a pure healer and not a bad hero in AFK 2 Journey - but with other support heroes like Smokey being so strong in often enough healing plus the support she is not that neccessary at this point.
  • ArdenB
    Great for crowd control if you need it, but there are many other heroes that have crowd control but also do tank, deal damage or do other support which Arden doesn't so this is why he is only in the B Tier.
  • ThoranB
    He is not the force with his kit as you night expect and if you face him a couple times you really don't see much of problems dealing with him. He is alright, not bad, but also not a hero you will go super crazy about at this point in AFK 2 Journey
  • MiraelB
    Straight caster without much special. Works but is not like she is a swiss army knife in the game like other heroes are. She doesn't have aparticular niche or is crazy allround.
  • SatranaB
    Nice healing reduction if you need it and there are plenty of situations where this comes handy, but survivability is an issue as she is close-range so she needs a team that also protects her and keeps her alive.
  • LuciusC
    He is a tank, but that's it and other heroes in the game simply provide more. I could rank him in the B Tier I guess but that won't change anything dramatically
  • SethC
    I loved his character design but was quite disappointed with him in the end. In a full Mauler faction team he can work with the synergies but overall he is not a hero you will spend too much time with.
  • SalazarC
    Has a good kit but he struggles with survivability right now and with not too many GRaveborn faction heroes available at this point in AFK Journey I think he is not good. This might change with more faction heroes here but as this tier list is a snapshot of the current situation in AFK Journey, this is where he is.
  • AtalantaC
    Has good damage and comparable to Lyca but her range is smaller which makes her move more into enemy range which causes often so much trouble as she needs more support and struggles with survivability.
  • DamianC
    I think his kit right now is not that much needed but once the game is at a point where we will progress, his haste might become more important so keep him on your list without rely on him now.
  • FayC
    Healer with short range, which makes her a lot less usable compared to other healing heroes in AFK Journey at this point in my opinion.
  • KrugerC
    Has armor reduction and reminds me a lot of Warek in AFK Arena which makes him pretty useless in campaign but I can see him find a niche in boss battles in the future.
  • MerrinC
    I simply don't find a spot where Merrin was that useful. Not bad but with Lyca or even Atalanta is better in my opinion.
  • ChippyD
    Only used very early in the game and then surpassed by better heroes
  • HammieD
    Only used very early in the game and then surpassed by better heroes
  • HoganD
    Can be kind of secondary tank very early if you stretch it but he is simply not holding up and you get better options quite soon enough.
  • KafraD
    Not really that useful
  • ParisaD
    Not really that useful
  • KorinD
    Not really that useful
  • NiruD
    Not really that useful


I am so excited for the global release of AFK 2 Journey as the beta was so much fun already with having the original AFK Arena feeling back but with new elements that gives you the feeling it’s also a new game at the same point as well. I participate in the beta stages so please understand that changes here are quite drastic between the beta stages but I hope this gives you a good idea what’s happening so you can enjoy the beta stages to the fullest or just keep an eye on what’s happening until AFK Journey is released globally.

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