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Magic Charms in AFK Journey – Real Full Ranking For All Heroes

Magic Charms is the first way to really customize a hero in AFK Journey by enhancing certain stats and let me get two things out of the way really quick before we start – this is not a generic bs guide as you see them everywhere and the recommended Magic Charms is not the best ones for each hero! And now that we’re on the same page we can take the Magic Charms piece by piece and shed some light in what you can actually do here without over-complicating it or recommending spending thousands of dollars to follow recommendations that are not worth it 🙂

How Magic Charms Work

I will not make a 1,824-word section here with screenshots of it like other resources out there, so here is the short and important wrap-up… Magic Charms can be gained in Dura’s Trial and the higher your AFK Stage progress is, the higher rarity Magic Charms you can collect each day – you have limited amount of attempts every day so this will make Magic Charms overall quite a bit of a grind, because:

  • daily attempts on magic Charms are class-related
  • Magic Charms get her-branded on collection, so you can only use them on the hero they are branded on
  • Magic Charms have three different slots and can only be used on the slot you want

Without nerding this completely out, but with 3 attempts per day for the class, like 10 heroes in the class, 3 different slots and 10 different charms available the chance to get the Magic Charm you need is (not mathematically correct but for a rough idea) about 1%. This means your goal in the first place is collect, collect, collect.

afk journey magic charms guide

What Magic Charms Should I Get?

In short, all of them. Collect them as much as you can until you have the ones you want and keep the others as well. The chance to get duplicates here is extremely low and you want to use the ones that give the correct stats.

Also, do NOT TRUST the Quick Socket Feature! It’s not totally wrong but many players out of being lazy use it and leave a lot of potential on the table! Also, you DO NOT have to use the same Magic Charms to get the skill, you can wildly mix them!

This is important, because you will end up with a setup like this all the time:

magic charms collection

You don’t have the “recommended” ones and you have to use one of the ones you have to get the charm skill activated, so what do you do? Cleary one will work better than the other, but without testing for hours yourself and then getting a new one the next day, this looks like a ton of time to invest…

This leads to our desired guides and please before going into each hero let me explain a bit what we did here – as you can use different Magic Charms, it doesn’t matter much which SINGLE one is the best, as you will spend literally months and months to hope for the right ones, it’s important to know which ones work well and which ones only for activating the Magic Charm skill. For that reason we have calculated, simulated and tested all different charms to give you a full overview of the Magic Charms for each hero so you an just check if the new ones you got are worth equipping or not:

sample magic charms ranking

You will find the individual rankings for Magic Charms for each hero below (along with other useful info about building the hero). I can also only recommend you to check out our hero tier list and our trending guide that shows the best order to invest in heroes here.

The heroes here are listed alphabetically to easier find them (also work in progress as we’re updating them in the next days)

See here how the different Magic Charms work on Eironn.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Hewynn.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Korin.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Odie.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Reinier.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Scarlita.
Smokey And Meerky
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Smokey And Meerky.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Temesia.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Thoran.
See here how the different Magic Charms work on Vala.

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