Becoming VIP in CSR2 – How & Why?

People here and there look to become VIP and there’s a lot of speculation about it around, that’s why I decided to put together everything you need to now about the VIP status in CSR2.

What’s The VIP Status?

There are VIP players among us and there’s a good chance that there are also one or more in your crew.

csr2 vip

The VIP status requires you to enter your email address and also your phone number and will reward with 500 Gold right away.

Well, that might be more or less tempting for you, depending on how much you evaluate your privacy but the real benefit is more than that:

  • You’ll get emails with special events, like 300 Silver Keys for racing once per day
  • You’ll get sneak peeks of the upcoming cars for the next season (if you asked yourself where people know about future cars before the new season starts… that’s where they get the info from)
  • Occasional other goodies like Gold

So, with the benefits on one side, we can look at what you have to do to become VIP in CSR2 and if that’s worth it 🙂

How To Become VIP In CSR2?

This is the toughest question to answer and there’s no official answer, but there’s many things other people are sharing so we can get a clue.

Anyway, here’s the official answer:

Now the “if you qualify” part is the one that is not really satisfying… there are numerous rumors that you need to spend $200 or even $500 to qualify but don’t fall for that!

There dozens of users I talked to that also say their mini accounts they never spend any money on got the VIP invitation while their main accounts never got or other users that never spend money got the VIP status.

Also ranking is not a point, some Top 1000 players never got VIP while some players that haven’t even gotten the Elite Licence got it, that’s the info I can share after talking to many other players…

In my opinion, it’s simply random and you shouldn’t think spending money will get you any step closer to the VIP status in CSR2 and sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re not.

After all the benefits aren’t that big that it is worth any money to be honest… yes, the extra streak events are nice but 300 Silver Keys aren’t that much and the news for upcoming season or event cars are all over the internet and Gold is also quite easy to get when you play frequently every day 🙂

That’s my opinion.

  1. I became a VIP about a month ago and I haven’t received any emails from them nothing about any upcoming cars or special goodies I haven’t received anything. The only thing I got was the 500 gold when I first signed up for VIP and nothing else

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