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All Codes in Kingdom Guard

Looking for gift codes for Kingdom Guard? Well, they are not easy to find but we got you covered and have posted below all active codes.

By the way, we also just updated our best heroes tier list for Kingdom Guard here, so make sure to have a look at it as well.

All Codes in Kingdom Guard

This code here has no expiry date and can be claimed by every player once:

  • Code: king888 – rewards with 10x Advanced Recruitments
  • Code: king123 – rewards with 10x Advanced Recruitments

Here’s the frequently updated list of codes:

  • Code: KINGLOVE (expire: February 28, 2022) - rewards 100x Gems
  • Code: KGTD2022 (expire: January 10, 2022) - rewards 200x Gems
  • Code: GUARD999 (expire: April 14, 2021) - rewards 100x Gems
  • Code: KING100M (expire: December 31, 2020) - rewards 300x Gems
  • Code: NEWKING77 (expire: October 13, 2020) - rewards 100x Gems
  • Code: KING666 (expire: July 31, 2020) - rewards 100x Gems
  • Code: KINGGUARD22 (expire: June 1, 2020) - rewards 300x Gems

How to redeem codes in Kingdom Guard?

You have to go to your player profile and settings, at the very bottom you will find a button called ‘Exchange Code’ that you need to select:

kingdom guard code menu

A popup will open where you can enter the active codes from above and you will get your rewards right away:

kingdom guard enter code

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