best hero tier list in last war survival game 2024 best hero tier list in last war survival game 2024

Tier List of Best Heroes in Last War Survival Game (2024)

There are several heroes in Last War: Survival that you have to build to continuously process in the game – but some heroes are better than others. Some are used in earlier stages of the game and no matter what, building a hero requires a lot of time and effort and you don’t want to invest that into a hero that might become mediocre or, even worst, useless later in Last War: Survival, right?

For this reason I have a overview and ranking below of all the available heroes in the game, no matter if they are rare, epic or legendary, to show you how well they perform.

What Heroes Work Best in Last War: Survival?

Let’s get started…

Maybe important to mention is that this list changes with new heroes and modes added to the game so please make sure to check back here to make sure that the heroes are still as good as they were when you checked last time.

Update! I reworked the tier list and added optimal gear and skill upgrade priority. Use the ‘Show More’ button to access this along a brief description why the heroes are ranked the way they are. And please stop commenting that Mason is the best hero in the game, he is not.


  • DVAS+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    If you think you have seen it all, DVA shines with incredible damage. Her 1st skill deals signifcantly more damage than other legendaries and her 3rd skill simply hits all enemies with high damage once, making her the strongest damage dealer in my opinion in Last War Survival right now!Rarity: LegendaryClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MarshallS+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Actually a great support hero that deals okay damage due to fact that it's penetrating damage and his main part is to increase all other heroes damage which he does very well. Makes pretty much any team betterRarity: LegendaryClass: SupportBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MurphySBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Very durable and buffs up the front row against damage and physical damage, which almost always is the biggest sourceRarity: LegendaryClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • AdamS
    Incredible frontline tank but also the more damage he gets the more counterattack damage he deals which is just insanely strongRarity: LegendaryClass: Defense
  • TeslaSBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Outputs a ton of damage with his targeting as you are hitting so many other targets on the way and with his high base stats and high multipliers in his skills his damage output is easily the best in the game.Rarity: LegendaryClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MorrisonS
    Deals a ton of damage and on top of that reduce the defense of the targets he hit which scales up other damage against them as wellClass: Attack
  • WilliamsSBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Very durable and buffs defense and reduce damage taken very wellRarity: LegendaryClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • FionaSBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Very similar to DVA so if you have her built you might want to second guess if Fiona is neededClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • StetmannA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    More important for PvP to take out backline targetsClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • SwiftA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Direct blaster with nice targeting to get rid of the targets that have low HPRarity: LegendaryClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • LuciusA+
    Solid defender but not at the very top at this pointClass: Defense
  • SchuylerA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Great backrow targeting with her nuking 3rd skill and the chance to stun make her a big relief although the cooldown can really annoy sometimes with the timing going off wrongRarity: LegendaryClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • ScarlettA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Selfish but strong frontline tank. She can do some damage with her 1st skill as well and her other skills are about making her survive. She won't buff any other frontline unit but that also makes her really durable herself and she can run along legendary frontline heroes as well.Rarity: EpicClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • McGregorA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    The penetrating attack can deal quite some damage and his taunting can go both ways, either lifting pressure from other heroes but also sometimes you really don't want him to take extra damage and taunt and just be there and then he uses that skill and goes down. Still a good defense hero in Last War Survival Game!Rarity: LegendaryClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • RichardA+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Although quite small base stats for epic, his skills deal quite some great damage and for me one of the best epic damage heroes in Last War SurvivalRarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • KimberlyABest Gear + Skill Priority
    Deals devestating area damage with her 3rd skill espcially when upgraded. It's ridiculous how much damage potential she has and once you have her 4th skill unlocked, the cooldown and base stats increase and make her deal good damage but there are better legendary heroes in Last War Survival that deal a lot moreRarity: LegendaryClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • ElsaABest Gear + Skill Priority
    Slow and increases defense for the frontline and damage reductionRarity: EpicClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • CageABest Gear + Skill Priority
    Great frontrow epic defender, simply a meatshield and his skills do what they should doRarity: EpicClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MasonABest Gear + Skill Priority
    He is your early carry in terms of damage, even outshining legendaries in the beginning. But here is the important thing, once your heroes get to 3-4 Stars the legendaries simply have the higher base stats and multipliers and deal a lot more damage. Still, you will run him in your team for quite some time and investing in him is absolutely no mistake!Rarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • VenomB+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Good nuker with his his 3rd skill when the timing is right but his 1st skill is quite weak and this makes his overall damage output suffer quite a lotRarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • SarahB+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Sarah is interesting to evaluate as she will buff backrow hero damage, so you want her in the frontrow! She also reduce damage taken which sounds like a pretty sweet deal but she is just not the kind of frontline defense hero you might need. You will get away with her as an off-tank in earlier stages but later she will simply get wrecked and then your whole backline goes down as well (unbuffed)Rarity: EpicClass: SupportBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • VioletB+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Is designed to be a frontline defender that also deals damage and debuffs enemies - which I personally find very situational as the damage is not that high and her damage reduction and defense suffers as she has two skills that deal (mediocre, at best) damageRarity: EpicClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MaxwellB+Best Gear + Skill Priority
    Can nuke incredibly well with his 3rd skill but his 1st skill is really not dealing muchd amage or doing much and cooldown sometimes can be super annoying to deal with thereRarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • CarlieBBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Only works well against energy damage, otherwise her 2nd skill is completely useless and her 3rd skill only deals a little bit damageRarity: LegendaryClass: DefenseBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • MonicaBBest Gear + Skill Priority
    She is a rough spot here. Actually I don't know why she is technically a support class hero in Last War Survival, she is atually a pretty decent damage dealer but here's the thing: her 2nd skill gives you extra resources when you defeat World Map Zombies so this is wasted at one point as she has one skill that won't help her deal damageRarity: EpicClass: SupportBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • BlazBBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Looks a lot better on paper than he is, espcially his 3rd skill is quite underwhelming and gets outclassed in terms of damage by Mason easilyRarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • FarhadBBest Gear + Skill Priority
    Deals decent damage with his 3rd skill once you get him starred up but his primary attack is quite underwhelmingRarity: EpicClass: AttackBest Gear + Skill Priority
  • GumpD
    After the first blocks you realize that his damage is not there because he is a defender but also there's not too much in his to be a defender. Just don't invest anything hereRarity: RareClass: Defense
  • LokiD
    After the first blocks you realize that his damage is not there because he is a defender but also there's not too much in his to be a defender. Just don't invest anything hereRarity: RareClass: Defense
  • AmbertD
    There's nothing there that works, the damage output is so low and even after plaiyng Last War Survival for 2 hours you already have base epics that do better. Hands off, not worth itRarity: RareClass: Attack
  • KaneD
    There's nothing there that works, the damage output is so low and even after plaiyng Last War Survival for 2 hours you already have base epics that do better. Hands off, not worth itRarity: RareClass: Attack


Please write a comment below if you have any questions or maybe you’re in the opinion that I mis-ranked a hero and I will be happy to reply!

  1. You have DVA as S+…. Which server are you on because I have all these maxed except Adam and DVA is not better DPS that Stetmann / Kimberly / Tesla in PVP. How are you getting these numbers?

  2. When you rated these characters, did you rate them from a maxed out position? I’m in the early stages, but DVA has less attack power than Tesla. Does this change?

    1. Vehicle Type is in the icon corner and skills can be looked at in the game. Sorry this is not one of those sites that type down the in-game info and call it a guide. You can look at the skills in the game, even if you don’t have the hero unlocked.

      1. This totally defeat the purpose for the paying for Patreon as I am on the newer server and detail is not there, really regret subscribing.

        1. Sorry but where did I advertise this as a wiki? This is a strategy and invest order so why do you pay for a guide how to build gear and skills for a hero you don’t have and complain I do not put the skill descriptions here if you can’t access those heroes? I am sorry you regret subsribing for that reason but I also don’t really understand your thinking progress here to complain

          1. holy shit you are really unfriendly. that guy pointed out a valid reason why your “guide” is useless for ppl on new servers and you are too lazy to proivde the information.

            For others thinking about subscribing. He does not provide line ups either. This is not worth paying for.

          2. Actually, I do provide lineups and they can be found here.

            Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate the feedback and I am very sorry that this made you feel that I am an unfriendly person or gives the impression I am a lazy person – I spend a ton of hours and also money on providing these guides. I think if a player is super new and only has access to a handful of heroes the time invested to build them is longer than it takes for the server to unlock the newer heroes so I really don’t see the point in writing down the hero skills here as they are shown in the game. So frankly you can see that calling me lazy and the guides useless out of the blue could potentially trigger me to make a reply that is not toned extremely friendly.

            But opinions can differ and it’s always easy to type down a comment and expect someone else to spend hours to do something instead of asking the question if that is REALLY useful and needed (because it’s me spending that time and not the author of the comment).

  3. dont listen to people talking about future. mason is your greatest hero, by the time the other heros pass his power, your would have been retired. f2p player will not survive the game after you get to level 20. it will be totally stuck and by level 22 it is dead. sure retirement before level 23. enjoy the greatest mason while you are still playing the game.

    1. meh, so there is really not a real possibility to enjoy the game beyond that area of level? I mean, I thought so when seeing that (of course) the legendary heroes are at some point for sure far superior (would be sad if not) but I did not see an actual possibility (besides murphy of course) to get them without paying…

  4. What about scarlet vs Monica which is better? I am using Kim, Murphy, Mason, Violet, Scarlet currently trying see who would be a good unit to replace.

  5. Mason is consistently my top damage dealer and one of the last ones alive if I wipe. Definitely better than B tier

    1. I don’t want to be impolite but stated that many times before and above… Mason is good until you get the better ones and comparing a (naturally) built Mason with a freshly unlocked hero is not making much of a sample data. Please y’all understand this that Mason is no late game hero in Last War and you have to make a switch away from him and build other heroes

  6. The guide is grossly misleading. There are PvE & PvP heroes, and some that are better with AOE splash damage (good vs Zombie packs) while others are single target (better for PVP). One hero is for farming. There’s also synergistism in form of classes (tank, heli, artillery) and class-(and role-)specific buffs.
    So there isn’t a best team, because it’s depending on the opponents actually.

  7. I was also surprised, that mason is seen as pretty much mediocre, even though he is the strongest damage wise in my rooster! Elsa for ne is pretty much useless but i also lvled her up and i am now paying the price

  8. Same here, Mason is damage wise outperforming anyone else in my squad, sometimes even by factor 4-5. also using your top 3 hero’s + Monica & Mason.

  9. My Mason out does any of my other heroes when it comes to damage. Most of the time he is 2x-3x higher. And I have your top 3 heroes.

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