best heroes in heroes vs hordes tier list best heroes in heroes vs hordes tier list

The Best Heroes in Heroes vs. Hordes (Tier List) with Oracle

When picking heroes in Heroes vs. Hordes, there are two many things to keep in mind – one is the passive traits they apply when you level them up for all heroes and the other one is how well do they actually perform in combat?

Below you find a list how well the heroes perform – and some are strong in the earlier stages of Heroes vs. Hordes while other will become stronger later. Also, I have some recommendations for players that don’t spend money on the game which hero they should pick and focus on as well.

Sounds good? Let’s start.

What are the best heroes to use in Heroes vs. Hordes?

Important before we start with the list! Just because a hero is low on the list doesn’t mean you should ignore it! Every hero has bonuses when leveling up that apply to all other heroes as well so it’s important to level each hero you unlocked up to get those bonuses.

The list below will show you the ones you should be running. Also, use the ‘Show More’ button to see a short description that justify the ranking + also my recommended build(s) for that hero what gear you should equip on them and what weapons/tomes you should pick in battle with them to get the best out of them.



I hope this list gives you a good overview of the heroes that are worth running and building well in Heroes vs. Hordes and if you have any further questions or think I should add something, plese comment below and I will be happy to reply.

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