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ultimate tower defense best godly units tier list ultimate tower defense best godly units tier list

The Best Godly Units (Tier List) in Ultimate Tower Defense

Are you not sure which unit is really good in Ultiamte Tower Defense and which one is not? Well, I hope this tier list here helps you pick the best option.

The Best Units – Tier List

S Tier

Thanos is probably the best units, all in all, Thanos will not only lead you to the leaderboards but you’ll also get guaranteed wins. However, Thanos must be put in the right time to be worth it for most gamers out there.

Blue Shenron is amazing due to only fact. He can cut the speed of all the enemy units in half and that’s precisely what makes him so overpowered.

Crimson Doflamingo is awesome because he’s bleeding and slow at the same time. So he can utilize more than one property at a time, making him a really strong character in Ultimate Tower Defense.

Bulma is quite overrated in Ultimate Tower Defense. Now, even if she’s meta for the story mode, it’s not like she’s required for the Infinite mode. Nevertheless, she’s quite good and would perform great in the classic mode.

What makes Anyah so precious is the fact that she has a critical damage chance where she can potentially take out a whole unit by herself at once. She’s quite a useful unit and is considered as Meta for the Infinite Mode.

Gaara is one of the best meta units and you have him a lot of times on the map. Gaara is useful in the story mode and he must be experimented with due to his abilities and damage.

A Tier

Colossal Titan might not be the strongest one out there but he does have a great explosion ability which makes him fit for the A-tier. Other than that, Colossal Titan’s strength isn’t that crazy. But he still makes a great A-Tier unit.

Jotaro is almost-meta due to his offense and his overpowered nature. But he is highly recommended because if you want a balanced character, Jotaro will be your man.

B Tier

Madara is almost meta as well due to his overpowering damage in Ultimate Tower Defense. But since you can only use it in classic mode, we don’t recommend getting Madara if you’re going into the Infinity Tower mode.

Muzan is quite similar to Madara and since there’s nothing special going on, we don’t recommend using Muzan since there are just way better options than him.

What makes normal Shenron so important is that, if you want to get on the leaderboards, you will need Normal Shenron. And it has 75 percent more damage which makes it such a strong unit to own.

Fluffy is one of the best starters in Ultimate Tower Defense thanks to his easy availability and great endurance along with respectable damage. The best part about using Luffy as your main unit is that he is affordable and later on, whenever you have to switch to other characters, you won’t bear a huge cost.

Tanjiro is another great starter who is quite similar to Luffy. Overall, if you want decent damage and someone who can do all things that Luffy can, Tanjiro should be your best pick.

Beast Titan is a single-thrower and that’s why he’s in the B-Tier. Even though his offense is not the strongest, the damage is pretty good and sometimes, he can even throw multiple rocks which can change the tide of the battle. Beast Titan excels at having an excellent range since no one can hide from him.

Freeza is a great starter unit thanks to the small price you have to pay to get such a good unit. Due to the small price tag, Freeza is not only easily found but also easy to play which makes it an ideal starter for newbie players.

C Tier

Polnareff is a great unit for the price that you have to pay and it also has decent damage. But if you’re looking for a similar magnitude of character, you should go with Luffy instead.

Kira-Yoshikage is an upper C-Tier because there’s nothing special going on here. He’s just normal and there are a lot of options that seem like better options for you.

Armored Titan is quite expensive but he can be good in certain situations. But if you compare it to the Colossal titan, it’s not even a competition. For the price, Armored Titan isn’t the best offense master but it is still a really good choice if you ignore the huge cost that comes with it.

Goku Rose… most starters are A-Tier or B-Tier due to them being quite “worth it!” They have all the shenanigans you need to dominate the game while still being super-cheap, meaning that everything from the playing experience to switching them would be a breeze.

Diavolo from JoJo was quite overpowered in the anime and it’s almost the same in Ultimate Tower Defenseas well. However, it has not done a lot of damage and is still priced at an absurd rate. For that reason, it is in the C-tier.

Nagato is in the C-tier because his SP is just way too high for the story mode. So unless you’re a huge fan of his, we’d recommend you to not buy it.

Naruto is not necessarily a bad unit but there is just a way better option than him in the game which makes him not worth it.

Renji does a lot of damage but he’s just not meta. And for the price that you have to pay, he’s certainly someone that you shouldn’t care a lot about.

D Tier

Gojo is honestly too overrated in Ultimate Tower Defense. His damage isn’t a lot and he just cannot compete with the opponents. He’s just not highly recommended.

Gus is quite overpowered in the anime but in the game, his bleed damage is not as good. I would even go as far as to say that it’s quite bad. So unless you can deal with a bad bleed damage rate.

Sasuke is another starting unit but he’s nowhere as good as Freeza, Super Sayian Rose Goku, or Luffy. So unless you like Sasuke, there’s no reason to pick him.

S Tier

CAR-4 is probably the most hated character from Car-4 because of her mediocre fire rate and normal damage. Her rarity is only 0.1% godly and she can be found easily. However, Car-4 is surely not recommended because she’s one of the worst units in the game.

On one end, Rage Drago seems like the best option for you. However, it is the only unit that’s going to hurt you. So you know how it will go. Not recommended for the damage that you have to hold.


I hope this list helps you pick your units in Ultimate Tower Defense better and if you have more questions or annotations or want to share anything else related to Ultimate Tower Defense, just post a comment below.

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