kings choice patrol map kings choice patrol map

Patrol Map & Finding Lovers Guide

A lot of different opinions revolve around the patrol in King’s Choice so I decided that writing a full guide on it (including a patrol map) will help a lot fo you, so here we go.

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Patrol Map

Alright, here’s the Patrol Map:

1 2 3 4 5
Arena Port Training Ground University Residential
Southern Gate Bridge Guard Post Outside Caste Fortress City
Country Road Forest Military Camp City Gate Snow Mountain
Royal Garden Outskirts Prison Tavern House of Rose
Market Alliance Village Town Square Palace

So, you can basically look at the map and move vertical or horizontal, that means you can walk from Prison to Military Camp, Village or Tavern. If you reach the end of the map, it will restart on the other side again. For example you go from University -> Outside Caste -> City Gate -> Tavern – Town Square -> University (back to initial point).

This should help you to get to the hinted spots as fast as possible but also prevent re-visiting places you already visited on your current patrol to maximize your chances to find a lover.

Patrol Tips

Here are some general tips that I found to be really helpful…

Patrol is about chances, not guarantees

If you get a hint, it doesn’t mean you will find that lover at this position – it only means that chances are higher than normal, nothing else. And regular chances are pretty low so this means not too much. Still, go there (check out the map above) and try your luck and sooner or later you will find the lover there.

Raise your chances

Don’t do any short patrols, they normally don’t bring much and rather wait for the next day. Also, it’s really useful to have your luck +90 and above and also make sure that you always have enough wine with you.

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