DC Dual Force best leader tier list june 2023 DC Dual Force best leader tier list june 2023

DC Dual Force – Best Leader Tier List

You can choose two leader for your deck and they will have a huge impact on the success of your matches in DC Dual Force with their charge abilities and the way they synergize with your Recruits and other cards. Below I have a ranked tier list based in their performance to help you choose which leaders you want to take to battle.

The Best Leaders in DC Dual Force

Importan! As DC Dual Force is currently still in beta, access is limited + they change a lot between phases so make sure to check back here as I will constantly update this guide


So far Batman is the most complete leader in DC Dual Force and he can activate his ability already on Turn 2, clearing a Bronze recruit early and getting two of his gadgets that can heal, debuff, damage or reutnr a recruit to your hand. The value right now is primarily in clearing early recruits to gain a upperhand at the start so he is already powerful even without the higher synergy cards you can run with him. Probably the most accessible leader in CD Dual Force right now..
Ability:Batman gets +3 Attack this turn, Seek one of two Gadgets.
Aquaman onnly needs 3 charges to deal his damage and then summons and scale up Sea Creatures so you get early and constant pressure on the board, espcially when you pair him withThrone of Atlantis that gives more Sea Creatures. Whenever he charges you scale the Sea Creatures up so your opponent needs to constantly get rid of them or they will snowball heavily. Not quite highest tier laterial now compared to Batman but overall the 2nd-strongest leader in DC Dual Force right now..
Ability:Aquaman gets +3 Attack this turn. Summon a Sea Creature, then give friendly Sea Creatures everywhere +1/+1.
wonder woman
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman has similar mechanics to Aquaman but she charges faster, deals more damage early (great to clear an early Bronze Recruit of your opponent) and then adds +1 Health to all of your Recruits. She takes some more time to build up and you need to get as many recruits on the board with her as possible so I personally see Aquaman stronger as he can summon and buffs the summons better..
Ability:Wonder Woman gets +4 Attack this turn. Give your Recruits +1 Health.
the flash
The Flash
The Flash charges in 2 and then you can deal 2 Damage to one target or different targets - a quick way to deal with early enemy recruits on the board - but his best strength is in combining him with cards like Iris West so you get an additional attack every turn and INVINSCIBLE. Needs more pairing and combo with less built-in snowballing effects but overall a nice leader in CD Dual Force to apply early and constnat pressure on your opponent without too many fuzz..
Ability:The Flash gets +2 Attack and FLURRY this turn.
Cyborgs ability and mechanics are very strong but can also be his downfall. The positive side is that you can charge directly into the enemy leader without having to mind blocks so you can scale him up with draws and then strike hard with every charge - but that alsomakes him a direct target right off the start as your opponent will do anything to stop him early and with a slow charge he takes some time to build up..
Ability:Deal 1 damage to an enemy character for each card you have drawn this game.
harley quinn
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn fills her hand as you empty your hand automatically so you can empty your hand independently fromr esources and take the upperhand. Her charge is quick and direct attack which can be useful as I already have stated in other leader descriptions. Overall doesn't pack quite the punch and you need to synergize well here for her to hold up with the stronger leader cards in DC Dual Force..
Ability:END-ADRENALINE: Draw a card. Charge: Harley Quinn gets +3 Attack this turn.
the joker
The Joker
The thing with The Joker is that he relies a lot on his ability which delivers great damage accross the board in total and can be even more if you support with firepower effects that will increase the damage. However, The Joker takes some cost to charge so you have to build the deck to make it really pop and with the right decks it can do a lot but is not as universally great as other leaders abilities..
Ability:The Joker gets +2 Attack this turn and fires four shots that 1 damage at random enemies. If you have an Arkham Inmate, charge The Joker.
Batgirl can work incredibly well as she can re-trigger Recruit DEPLOY abilities, but her attack is not as valuable with the charge and lower starting health can also make her vulnerable if your synergies don't get rolling as intended.
Ability:Batgirl gets +3 Attack this turn. Activate the DEPLOY ability of a friendly Recruit.
lex luthor
Lex Luthor
There are many things to Lex Luthor and his abiitity - the KO a recruit is alright but 4 charges is rough looking at other leaders that can do that already with 2 charges. You might doing great, though, as later in the game you might be able to remove a key target annd in the right control deck this leader can be a lot of fun - overall not the universally strongest leader in CD Dual Force, though..
Ability:KO a Recruit. If they were friendly, sacrifice them to draw two cards and charge Lex Luthor twice.
green arrow
Green Arrow
Green Arrow is similar to Batman as for getting special benefits from the arrows, but doesn't deal direct damage, costs resource and unless your're runnig a deck specifically designed for Trick Arrows, you will not have too much success with him in CD Duel Force....
Ability:Seek a Brinze, Silver or Gold Resource Trick Arrow.
poison ivy
Poison Ivy
The board presence you gain with her charge is nice but you're not directly in control. On paper there might mbe more combos with reduction and conmbo strategies that I couldn't test too much, but just the fact that it won't work well whenever I tested her tells you that she is not that great, although you might think direct enemy leader attack is great..
Ability:Summons a Savage Vine.
Although his charge sounds really powerful (and it is), it won't result in anything like Recruit, just linear damage to clear a Recruit or go into the enemy leader directly. You can ramp him up in health and attack to have a high pressure threat, but the other leaders above simply offer more value with their charge. Also the costs of his charge with 3 are quite high..
Ability:Superman gets +7 Attack and INVINCIBLE this turn.
Doomsday sounds like a great finisher but he has some flaws. His massive charge costs and damage can be a problem if you can't go directly at the enemy leader so you waste it on a recruit and the charge costs are also quite high, too..
Ability:After an enemy Leader is KO'd, charge Doomsday twice. Charge (4): Doomsday gets +10 Attack this turn.
Works similar to Green Arrow but just with magical Spells and with the big amount of them available, there's a ton of RNG going on. You can combine with Giovanni Zatara for damage to snawball a little but she feels more like forced to work here and there than a leader you can rely on constantly in DC Dual Force..
Ability:Charge (2): See a Magical Spell.
hal jordan
Hal Jordan
A lot in his ability but the leader that feels as one of the weakest in DC Dual Force right now. If the Green Lantern can't interact with other Green lanterns you're quite limited and the high charge costs for the damage requires very specific build-ups to make him work - for that reason I place him a little above the lowest-ranked leaders below..
Ability:At the start of your first turn, create a Green lantern in your hand. Charge (3): Hal Jordan gets +3 Attack this turn. Generate Bronze resource.
The additional Lightning Bolts mess up your draw chances even more and unless you build around cards that will specifically draw your Lightning Bolts to make effect, this is not going to end well for you. Feels not well-balanced right now..
Ability:Charge (3): SHAZAM! gets +5 Attack this turn. Create five Lightning Bolts in your deck.
black adam
Black Adam
The only way to make Black Adam work as a leader in DC Dual Force is by playing 5 Attack cards as early as possible to charge him up and deal his damage. The cheaper cards that enable that are normally low in health and fragile and you're pretty muchc ommitting to this one punch and if that's not a very good one you're out of business quickly..
Ability:After you deploy a Recruit with 5 Attack or more, charge Black Adam. Charge (10!): Black Adam gets +10 Attack.


I hope this list helps you pick your leader as they will heavily impact the win rate you have and how constantly and well you perform in your battles in DC Dual Force. If you have annotations or questions, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below.

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