tarisland best dps warrior build tarisland best dps warrior build

Best Warrior DPS Class Builds in Tarisland (Talent Tree, Inscription Stones, Gear, Emblems)

Class builds in Tarisland can be quite complex so we made it our mission to have the important ones here to shed some light on their core talents, inscription stones, gear stats to priritize and of course alse the skill cycle that make or break a class build in Tarisland. In this guide we cover the Warrior – DPS Build – This build is as versatile as possible with your warrior and lets you deal a ton of damage in pretty much all situations.

warrior - dps
Warrior - DPS
Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Warrior - DPS for the different game modes. Please refer to the full guide of all the classes and builds in Tarisland below..

Skill Cycle

Here is the skill cycle you would normally use:

Infinite Rage
Infinite Rage - Skill 6 then you will either charge or run up to your target
Crippling Strike
Crippling Strike - Skill 1 amazing since you will apply heal reduction which makes your life so much easier in almost all situations
Stun - Skill 4 this will not only deal damage but also to increase your combo rate for the next seconds which loads it up even more
Armor Penetration
Armor Penetration - Skill 4 with this you now have 40% increases damage for the sweetness that happens next
Fury Blade
Fury Blade - Skill 3 use 2 times for the big boom. You loaded up for this so this will make a huge impact on your target
Cross Slash
Cross Slash - Skill 2 this helps resetting the next Fury Blade and gaining rage
Fury Blade
Fury Blade - Skill 3 use it again for more damage an
Blade Cyclone
Blade Cyclone - Skill 1 is a good way since everything now is very likely on cooldown and then you can ccle into Fury Blade again

Best Warrior – DPS Build Talents

Let’s have a look at the talent tree first and how you should spend your points here:

Warrior - DPS talent tree


We continously test different talent tree builds to make sure they will give you the biggest bang and work with the skill cycle and inscribed stones. Please support our effort by joining on Patreon and unlock all AllClash PRO content and remove all ads from the website. Thanks for your support!.

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Warrior – DPS Inscription Stone

There is a couple of things in play here when building your Inscription Stones. In a perfect world you want all unlocked but making a path for that now will leave players behind so I want to make this as general as possible and as helpful as possible at the same time.

In general you want to make your way to unlock the core nodes and unlock the emblem slots first, this makes the biggest impact. Over time you then will fill out the gaps there and this is depending on the pace and how much you spend. But every player has this primary task.

Also only inevst 1 or 2 points into each node since they will always give diminishing returns. Below is an example where you can see that the first point will get you +52 and the next point unly adds +24. This helps you unlock cores and enmlem slots that have a bigger impact as quickly as possible and then you can work on investing more points.

inscription stones invesstment tip

Now you can use your emblems and here’s which ones work well:


Please mind these will be refined at a later point but for the current state this will help you enough to make this class build work well.

Enhanced Attributes

For your gear you want to look out for gear items that have these enhanced attributes:

ComboCombo is the most important stat you should aim to have on every gear piece you use, pretty much without exception.
OmniCombo is also very important and should be on as many of your gear pieces you equip, at least on 2-3 of them.
StaminaStamina is also a good enhancement but not as important as the above ones, still try to have it on at least 1-2 gear pieces.

This is everything you need to know to build the Warrior – DPS Class to the best performance in Tarisland. If you’re looking for complete builds for other classes, please find them all linked the the frequently updated tier list here that ranks all the class builds.

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