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Mobile games are released every day – from AAA titles to indie games, from amazing games to mediocre cash-grabs and like you and every other player enjoying mobile games out there, we struggle hard to find real recommendations and games to enjoy. And for that very reason and because we’re getting asked a ton what our favorite games are, we wanted to give you a frequently-updated list of the games we’re obsessed with right now.

So, if you’re bored or want to explore other mobile games or genres without wasting time (and maybe money) on games that are simply not worth it, check out our favorite picks below and give them a shot.

AFK Journey

From the makers of AFK Arena and other popular games, the latest game is the successor of AFK Arena, called AFK Journey which brings several new gameplay elements to gacha gaming, like an open world and a lot more simplified evolving system of heroes compared to many other similar games. The season also (although having a rough start with Season 2), bring a great fresh wind into the genre are are worth checking out for fans and newbies alike.


Sea of Conquest

While the pirate theme was quite exhausting a couple years ago, this fresh real-time action game brings a lot of fresh wind into the genre with an incredible open world to explore and seasons that will ship you to exotic waters so your pirate life will not settle in the Carribean exclusively (e.g eastern oceans or with Waka Waters into african-themed areas). You build different ships and load them with different heroes to form synergies and build strong crews, hunting treasures and all other features you can expect from a game in the real-time strategy genre.


Call of Dragons

Released in spring 2023 from the developers of the all-time smash hit Rise of Kingdoms, players weren’t sure if Call of Dragons is here to send Rise of Kingdoms to the end-of-life but both games co-exist very well and with the season mechanics there is also chances for newer players to actually enjoy the game without starting so far behind that they are a hopeless cause.


Hero Wars

I am sure you have seen some of their (often enough questionable) ads on any possible platform… but truth to be told, even after so many years the game is still fascinating with an incredible balancing where almost al heroes can work well in the right team setups and without throwing tons of new heroes at you month after month, the heroes that get introduces new to the game enrich the balancing without throwing it off. This game needs a little warming up and getting past the ads the devs seem to have success with but at the end of the road you will find an evergreen game with very nice long-term balancing and fun.


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