Rush Royale Best Cards (Tier List)

More than 50 differenc cards are available for you to build your deck, giving you plenty of options. Although there are many decks that you can use I think it is useful to give you a general ranking of the cards individually to get an idea what cards are really worth working on in the long-run (as strong cards will always find their way into the meta decks).

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Best Cards Tier List in Rush Royale

S Tier

Blade Dancer just deals obscene amounts of damage. If you combine it even with a statue you will not trust your eyes how much damage happens there. Basically an even better version of the Engineer (below) that is already a crazy card.

The Occultist works similar to the Engineer but doesn’t deal as much damage (without talents). Still, the Occultis is able to deal area damage and that can make a huge difference and makes it one of the strongest cards in Rush Royale. In the right setup it will just wreck with fast area damage.

The Engineer also belongs in the tier of the strongest cards in Rush Royale. First of all, you can unlock him really early in the game and once you get multiple Engineers together, it gets really good. With 6 of them on the board you will wreck and with talents it will get one of the best single-target damage dealers you can have. If you build the board right with enough, it’s simply insane damage.

The Harlequin can transform into any card on the board, giving you a ton of options to use her in Rush Royale. Can basically get rid of stuff you don’t want and give you more of the stuff you want.

The Mime can merge with any other card, making it super versatile and giving you so many options on the board. Unlike the harlequin, though, doesn’t do anything on its own unless merged.

Bruiser is a very reliable damage dealer and a good fit in many decks where he fits in well, serving damage. When entering rage mode the damage simply skyrockets and deals massive area damage. Also great in a deck that takes time to get set up on the board correctly, so Bruiser will handle the enemies until your win condition setup will take over.

Scrapper helps making so many cards, like Inquisitor, Occultis and much more better as you can flexibly merge tiers around.

A Tier

The Inquisitor is pretty strong and the only downside is that you have very specific numbers on the board to make all his buffs work. If you can do that (and in the right deck you can), it will deal massive damage. That condition is the only reason I don’t rank him in S Tier.

Robot can be murderous but there’s a big downside and that’s the amount of margin you need to do. You even have to merge it once to even deal damage at all. And that makes him not a S Tier for me as there are stronger cards in Rush Royale.

Boreas is a better version of the Wind Archer, but although not much special about this card, it’s working well and reliable and has a good damage output.

rush royale bombardier

The Bombardier is a strong card and it changes the way you play it based on the trophy range you’re in. It’s stun makes it also versatile in the late-game trophy range as you can interrupt and stop enemies, including bosses. This includes the nasty bosses like Bedlam, Puppeteer and Tribunal and prevent them to do their horrible things to your group. The only reason I don’t rank it higher is that it won’t do anything else than stunning (which is already great on its own).

Shaman is super nasty to deal with and probably the most-hated card in Rush Royale and can mess with your (or you can mess with your enemies) board setup and interrupt any win condition easily. Doesn#t do much than lowering the merge of enemy units. Not more, so I’m not the biggest fan of it and see better cards being used, but I admit it can be really effective.

The Sentry is dealing a lot of damage. The damage is definite and it gradually increases as it attaches so it can snowballs somehow. It’s slightly slower than the Rogue but you can’t get “unlucky” with your damage. Just a great card I love in Rush Royale and one that I believe you can not go wrong with.

The Rogue deals high amounts of damage, has a good fire rate and also targets first enemies. All things that make it a useful and valuable card and it’s also more reliable than the Hunter. The higher the crits, the crazier the damage gets.

The Chemist serves very well as debuffer for the enemy. It’s a huge help, but with the negative things about it that you need to get it to Level 10 to really be effective and makes everything you do deal so much more damage.

Crystalmancer is overall great at dealing damage and the more it hits, the more damage it deals. Synchronizes well with speed-increasing buffs like the Banner provides or many other cards. That viability makes me rank it here in the A Tier.

The Knight Statue is a combination of the Banner and the Grindstone, but only at even numbers but then in proportion. Sounds complicated but is a very good buff and not that complicated to apply.

The Executioner can help a lot in late-game decks by killing so much that has only some health left so your other cards don’t need to deal much with it. It’s really helpful and helps everything you have on the board unless you’re dealing with a boss, which makes it A Tier for me.

The Portal Keeper provides a lot of versatility with his mechanics of swapping positions and dispelling negative effects (e.g. a great hard counter to Shaman or also helps remove Harlequin’s self-debuff). There’s a reason you find him in so many meta late-game decks in Rush Royale.

Wind Archer is a faster-shooting version of the regular Archer and you can read below why I see the regular Archer as a good card, so I ranked this one here in a higher tier. Good damage, fast, does always what it should.

Lvy is not only fun to watch, she’s also really effective once her effect triggers. Especially in lower stages she simply wrecks, there’s no other way to say this. But also versatile and nasty to deal with later. The main reason I have her here in the A Tier is that she has the potential to deal so much damage and, very importantly, her poison effect CAN stack, unlike the other cards’ poison effect. The only reason she’s not in S Tier is that this targets the max health enemies and not the first ones.

The Summoner is basically creating new units out of nowhere and that gives you some much utility and versatility that it has the be A Tier.

Dryad offers great versatility but it can also give you multiple Dryads that you than can only rank up with each other. That will leave you in the unfortunate situation that Dryad will deal almost no damage and you can’t just use it with any other card that pops up. Still super good but that keeps me from ranking Dryad in a higher position.

The Demonologist will summon a monster at your enemies’ side (good), and when that get killed you will get a ton of mana (even better). Essentially, this is a more effective version of the priestess as it will put extra pressure on your enemy.

B Tier

Frost can be effective but not too much and it has the pitfall that it can leave you cloaking up the minions and get you in trouble for the boss.

Catapult is, first of all, amazing in early-game of Rush Royale. Just one is enough to wreck the minions and you can focus on building your setup for later stages. The problem is that it falls off late-game a lot because of the slow attack speed and also the damage output not that impressive that it won’t insta-kill anymore. Still a card you will use at some point.

As soon as the Trapper gets on the field it spawns the net that slows down that even stacks with freeze, which can be effective. Plus armor destruction. The downside is that it traps randomly and this can be sometimes really frustrating.

Hex does buff your minions plus the extra chance to directly kill. This is amazing, but it won’t help at all with bosses or mini bosses, just minions. That’s why it’s ranked B Tier (hey, still solid).

rush royale archer

The Archer is a well-rounded card and although it’s quite basic, it scales quite well and increases damage and fire rate when you upgrade. It can shoot fast, which makes it versatile. I didn’t rank it higher because you will get better substitutes later in the game, but overall versatile enough to enhance pretty much all decks.

Cold Mage has one job, and that’s freezing. Yes, upgrading makes it more versatile and it can synergize well with certain decks, but on its own it is there to freeze and help you take out the enemies without much more to it, and that makes it a solid card in Rush Royale.

Pyrotechnic is also one of the cards with that weird even/odd number mechanics that simply makes your gameplay so much more complicated. Yes, the area damage is quite high and makes up for the lack in speed but not my most favorite card in Rush Royale…

The Thunderer is fast and deals a ton of damage… once merged enough. And that’s the problem, you need it at least at Tier 4 and that makes this card a little less effective for me and cards like the Bruiser are simply better options if you can run it.

Zealot can deal a lot of damage, comparable to the Rogue. So why is it ranked in a lower tier here? Well, the downside is that you should not use mana for Zealot to increase damage. I mean there are solid decks in Rush Royale that use Zealot successfully, but needs to be built in very well and things have to fall in places or it will simply not work well.

The Priestess is great at producing mana but that’s about it. Your strategy should be to get some of them on the board early game to get the benefit and you will do fine and merge them. If that doesn’t happen (for whatever reason), this card will not help too much.

The Banner is a card that can have mixed results by speeding up your troops. Can be really effective with a deck that has slow and heavy-hitting units as win conditions. I hard a hard time ranking this as it will improve other cards without doing anything on its own, but depending on the meta decks always a card you should know and have.

The Plague Doctor is actually a better version of the Alchemist (see below). It struggles with the general problem that poison won’t stack and also that the enemy has to die to actually trigger the effect.

The Vampire is hard to rank as it deals poor damage but is fast. If you manage to get two on the board early and you will start gaining mana frequently, Vampire is not bad to use. But, and that’s the big downside, that’s not always happening. So, bottom line, can make a lot of mana but you need to be able to be a little lucky and also sacrifice that position for any other card with damage.

The Hunter targets randomly which makes it having, by far, the worst targeting system in Rush Royale. Overall, I have zero problems with this card, but it simply switches in between targets just to get DPS in. Although, I have to mention, the first hit deals more damage and by switching targets a lot the Hunter is able to get some proper DPS in and for that reason I have him ranked in the B Tier. Also mind, it’s more viable early game with the massive damage but falls off later.

The Gargoyle is a little hard to rank. The mechanics with the even and odd merge ranks makes it either go insane or do basically nothing and is one of the weirdest of all cards in Rush Royale. I personally think, with all means how good it can be when carefully tailored on the board, it’s just so much overhead added to your gameplay that I don’t wan’t to rank it higher.

The Sharpshooter serves a similar purpose as the Hunter but more often fails and do worse. So, what it does is focus on the enemy that is closest to its max health, which is good as you continuously bring those down that will be hard to be brought down, but also sometimes turn into dealing damage to an enemy while others will kill you. Also, mind, it’s about percentage of health and not the raw HP in numbers.

The Grindstone will do basically the same as the Banner but it buffs crit rate instead of attack speed. Not, it can be debatable which stat is better and it depends on your deck you’re using more than in general in Rush Royale. If you already use cards with good crit hits and attack rate, the crit rate buff will be better. But keep in mind, the Grindstone CAN give you a bigger damage output but it rely on percentage chances, so RNG can come into play and sometimes let you fall behind just out of “bad” crit luck. The Banner seems more consistent to me.

The Mana Cauldron can add a lot of buffs if you invested the talents. Without, it’s not a very good card. It can snowball mana generation if you have a lot on the field, especially early – but if you get them later it just hurts and won’t help as much. Kind of a double-bladed sword.

Corsair is able to deal amazing area damage for the first two bosses, after that simply not good enough. It sounds like the nasty bomb deals percentage damage, but it’s only 3% so not that impressive.

C Tier

Reaper isn’t easy to rank. At absolute max he’s fast and has a decent chance to instantly kill and if that falls in place he’s a strong card. But that’s a ton of incest for a normal player plus RNG can be unfortunate and he won’t do anything significant. For that reason I see C Tier for Reaper.

rush royale lightning mage

The Lightning Mage does good what he does and also better than the Fire mage, but has diminishing returns on what he does. You have the full damage on the first target, then 70% on the next and tickling the third target with only 30%. It’s useful and there are some decks that make it useful, but overall not the best splash/multi-target cards you can use in Rush Royale.

The Thrower, for me, is a bad version of the Hunter. Attacks a random target but doesn’t deliver as much DPS and also doesn’t bring anything else to the table to make me rank it any higher.

The Alchemist is a better version of the Poisoner but has such slow fire rate and there has to come much together for the poison effect (that doesn’t stack) will do any significant damage. I mean, it’s not really “bad”, it’s just that so many other cards deliver so much better that made me rank it here.

Portal Mage is not very useful in grinding ranks but in Co-op, it can deliver quite well with the setback that works on every enemy. For the reason that Co-op isn’t the most important aspect of Rush Royale and regular PvP and tournaments are more, I rank him here in the C Tier.

Clock of Power is another card that is really effective in Co-op but a real double-bladed sword that you have to use very carefully or it will work against you mercilessly when reverting the enemy debuff to a buff.

Stasis is for me a very inconsistent Ice Mage and I don’t find it very useful.

Meteor deals instant damage, not contact damage, and this is the problem as he’s just no reliable card to have in your deck. Even the older meta decks lose these days so much with him that I can’t recommend running it at all.

D Tier

rush royale fire mage

The Fire Mage is, just on its own, not a bad card. But the only thing it provides to your deck is some splash damage. The real problem I have with this card is that you will find so much more better cards at Arena 4 and after, that there’s no real use for the Fire Mage anymore and most of them do their splash-damage job even better than him.

The Poisoner is also in the lowest tier, although dealing decent damage but paired with a poor attack rate. Also, the venom damage is pretty underwhelming as it doesn’t stack. Just not really worth going into much more.

The Demon Hunter simply doesn’t provide enough damage to be ranked in any tier that implies he’s useful in Rush Royale right now. Sorry.


If you feel I made a horrible mistake or you have questions, please drop a comment below.

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