raid shadow legends psylar build raid shadow legends psylar build

Psylar Build (Masteries, Skill Priority & Gearing) in RAID Shadow Legends

Psylar is a super interesting hero in RAID Shadow Legends for the reason that she can completely shut off an enemy team or boss the whole time so they will never use their skills – this gives you many opportunities to use her.

She is viable in all game modes, except Clan Boss and Dragon as they are immune to her skill so she won’t provide any value there. If you want to know more about how she performs in the different game modes in RAID Shadow Legens, take a look at our very detailed tier list here.

In this guide here I will walk you through her most optimal masteries build, the best order to level up her skills and use your books wisely as well as what stats her artifacts should have.


Here’s the most optimal masteries build for Psylar:

raid shadow legends psylar masteries

Going down the Support Tree is for Evil Eye that lets Psylar steal from enemies turn meter with her primary skill and it fits perfectly into her role that is about silencing enemy teams effectively and preventing them to fill their turn meter.

In the Defense Tree you want to go to Fearsome Presence to improve the debuffing effects from her skills and artifacts as well (more about the gear below). This is also really useful if you haven’t maxed out Toxic Cloud to increase the chance for Psylar to actually place her debuff.

Skill Priority

raid shadow legends psylar leaden legsWhen using your books to skill her up, you want to take it to prioritize Leaden Legs to max level first. This will reduce the turns it takes until she can reduce enemies turn meter. This is the bread-and-butter skill that makes her really powerful so go to Level 3 here.

raid shadow legends psylar toxic cloudToxic Cloud at Level 6 is also really helpful as you will get the 100% chance for the debuff with Level 5 and Level 6 reduces the turn cooldown. I’d recommend to take a look at what level you have it when you did max out Leaden Legs and if there’s only 1-2 levels left you might want to invest the extra books on Psylar to get this as well.

raid shadow legends psylar surgeSurge is just a plain attack on all enemies and not important here. You will gain some extra levels when using books anyway but there’s no need to max that out as Psylar is all about stealing turn meter from enemies and not dealing damage primarily.


Equipment Sets: 1 Stun Set, 1 Speed Set to benefit fully from having Fearsome presence in the Mastery Defense Tree

Equipment Stats:

  • Weapon: Attack
  • Helmet: HP
  • Shield: Defense
  • Gauntlets: HP or Defense
  • Chestplate: HP or Defense
  • Boots: Speed
  • Ring: Defense
  • Amulet: Defense
  • Banner: Accuracy

Psylar is not a good damage dealer in RAID Shadow Legends, she is the one soaking up damage and primarily prevent the enemy team to fill their turn meter so they can’t use their skills. For that reason try to make Psylar as defensive as she can be so she will stay alive long enough in the battle and give her speed so she can roll through her skills faster as well as accuracy to prevent missing and you will really enjoy using her.

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