lord of the rings heroes of middle earth characters tier list june 2023 lord of the rings heroes of middle earth characters tier list june 2023

Best Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth Characters Tier List

There are a ton of characters in Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth so you don’t just have a difficult time choosing your team, but also what characters in general you should invest in and build – and some characters do really well while others will fall off towards later game heavily!

In my tier list here I have them all listed and ranked to give you a idea if you should invest in this character or not + show what characters in LotR Heroes they synergize well, too.

Best Characters Tier List in LotR: Heroes

Alright, enough introduction let’s start with the tier list of the best characters (Tier S) to the worst (Tier D). Also, please keep in mind this tier list is created to show the viability towards end-game, so just because a character does good early in the game doesn’t mean he will be ranked high here when he/she is falling off later.


  • BolgSSee Tordok
    Easily one of the best heroes with a ton of damage output and ability to disrupt enemies and disable. He can basically do all at once with control effects, has decent damage and can also take some beatings as he is tanky as well. On top of that buffs orcs, trolls and misty mountain characters as wellRace: OrcSynergizes with: Tordok,NurrazSee TordokSee Nurraz
  • ElladanSSee Elrohir
    A really good tank if you combine him with elves and rangers and can also deliver solid damage output as wellRace: ElfSynergizes with: Elrohir,ArwenSee ElrohirSee Arwen
  • Ghazh IronhideSSee Shagat
    He is all about damage and with his area-damaging abilities he can wreck enemies. For me the best damage dealer in the game right now.Race: TrollSynergizes with: Shagat,RokmaSee ShagatSee Rokma
  • Gruhur the BruteSSee Nurraz
    First of all, yes, he is slow - but effective. He can reduce enemy armor for two turns and buffs Might to your team and Daze on the enemies. Combine him with the right setup and he can break you through rough setups.Race: TrollSynergizes with: Nurraz,BolgSee NurrazSee Bolg
  • HalbaradSSee Strider
    Absolutely crazy if you use him in a ranger team. He is tanky, he has damage and also enables rangers really well with his kit.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Strider,MirieSee StriderSee Mirie
  • Lord ElrondSSee Elrohir
    Best healer in Lord of the Rings Heroes and can resurrect. Almost all elf teams need him and get so much stronger through himRace: ElfSynergizes with: Elrohir,LomionSee ElrohirSee Lomion
  • ArwenA+See Elrohir
    Great healer and outstanding support and works in pretty much all team setups. Also her passive is really great as well if things get messy so you gain Nimble.Race: ElfSynergizes with: Elrohir,LelielSee ElrohirSee Leliel
  • ElrohirA+See Naremiri
    One of my favorite damage dealers right now and the way his provoking works when enemies attack make him a great addition in so many team setups.Race: ElfSynergizes with: Naremiri,ElladanSee NaremiriSee Elladan
  • EomerASee Lady Eowyn
    When I read his kit I thought this is one of the strongest heroes in the game - but his summon goes down quite quickly and requires quite some team-tailoring around him to work that well.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Lady Eowyn,EothainSee Lady EowynSee Eothain
  • EothainASee Eomer
    A great tank and if you don't spend much, this is your go-to-tank option in LotR Heroes! Has great counters and turn meter benefits in his kit as well.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Eomer,Lady EowynSee EomerSee Lady Eowyn
  • Lady EowinASee Eomer
    She can clear banes, which already makes her a really useful hero in LotR Heroes but also her assist and damage-enabling abilities make her a very broad-matching fit for many teams.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Eomer,EothainSee EomerSee Eothain
  • ShagatASee Ghazh Ironhide
    A little bit of a disclaimer here, you need to run him in a Mordor team or he won#t work well at all. If you do, he will pump your turn meter and his debuffs are crazy - his self-buffing after killing one of your teammates is questionalble but works really well to my surprise.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Ghazh Ironhide,GrimlurzSee Ghazh IronhideSee Grimlurz
  • StriderASee Frodo Baggins
    You will get Strider quite early in Lord of the Rings Heroes and he will remain viable for a long time. Good damage, armor and his burns work well and if you can make his crits work in a solid team he is rolling.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Frodo Baggins,HalbaradSee Frodo BagginsSee Halbarad
  • UglukASee Mauhur
    Is tanky and has a large HP pool to sustain and with his disabling and blinding effects he is a hero that you will enjoy using.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Mauhur,AzhakSee MauhurSee Azhak
  • AzhakB+See Mauhur
    Very nice damage on single-targets and his primary role is dealing with taunting enemies so disrupt synergies. Not universal and also not available early in the game but one to have in your expanded roaster, for sure - espcially later in the game.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Mauhur,UglukSee MauhurSee Ugluk
  • DunharB+See Ugluk
    Okay damage and solid healing. Overall not too crazy but the best shadow healer in LotR Heroes so I ramked him hereRace: OrcSynergizes with: Ugluk,MauhurSee UglukSee Mauhur
  • FiliBSee Kili
    Good healer but that's pretty much it - there are no ways you can make him work extremely strong so it feels like he's falling off later in the game, although his debuffs are also pretty nice.Race: DwarfSynergizes with: Kili,FroSee KiliSee Fro
  • HerendilBSee Sergeant Ara
    Is quite situational as you need to get a kill to really make his damage-engine rolling. For me more a hero to run against summoner to bag the kill easily and go from there.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Sergeant AraSee Sergeant Ara
  • KiliBSee Fili
    Very solid damage output and nice critical damage if you need some burst (can be RNG, though). His disable can also sometimes be a blessing to have.Race: DwarfSynergizes with: Fili,FroSee FiliSee Fro
  • LomionBSee Leliel
    Decent single-target damage but falls off towards the late-game of Lord of the RIngs Heroes of Middle Earth.Race: ElfSynergizes with: Leliel,ElrohirSee LelielSee Elrohir
  • MauhurBSee Ugluk
    The reason I rank him here is that he, first of all, really needs a lot of investment to work well and you also need to run him along Uluk or his kit will not have any real impact.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Ugluk,DunharSee UglukSee Dunhar
  • MirieBSee Strider
    Works well in a ranger team and there she will deliver quite good damage output and has some synergies with Halbarad but that's about it.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Strider,HalbaradSee StriderSee Halbarad
  • NaremiriBSee Lomion
    Decent healing with elves and can provide value in those teams, other than that not impressive at all.Race: ElfSynergizes with: Lomion,LelielSee LomionSee Leliel
  • NurrazBSee Gruhur the Brute
    Pretty fragile and squishy to play in many situations and it really takes until he can finally summon - if he doesn't die and starts his summons he is really great but as this is a big IF I only rank him here.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Gruhur the Brute,BolgSee Gruhur the BruteSee Bolg
  • RokmaBSee Uzhan
    Value in Mordor squads with a ton of great debuffs but not the fastest and I personally don't like that you can't use him outside of Mordor teams well.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Uzhan,GrimlurzSee UzhanSee Grimlurz
  • The Great GoblinBSee Grimpa
    Requires goblins and is not that strong overall compared to other large units.Race: GoblinSynergizes with: Grimpa,Chef KrazhkaSee GrimpaSee Chef Krazhka
  • TordokBSee Bolg
    Extremely fragile and squishy and the bad news is, he is a tank - and that's probably the least useful thing to say about a tank. Can work okay-ish with Bolg but overall there are a lot better options available in Lord of the Rings Heroes...Race: OrcSynergizes with: Bolg,NurrazSee BolgSee Nurraz
  • Alreda the ChieftainC+See Wexxe
    Messes with enemy turn meter but that's about it and she really requires the team to be on point to work well enough to consider her in most situations.Race: HumanSynergizes with: WexxeSee Wexxe
  • Chef KrazhkaC+See The Great Goblin
    Has some okay healing but also forces a lot of goblins on your team to work. For that reason I rank him here.Race: GoblinSynergizes with: The Great Goblin,GolburzSee The Great GoblinSee Golburz
  • EddricC
    Okay tank and okay damage dealer but without Blood Frenzies useless and just overall not a character that stands out in anything he does.Race: HumanSynergizes with:
  • FroCSee Kili
    On paper nice as a tank with stunning ability but there are simply not enough dwarves available to build his synergy up enough.Race: DwarfSynergizes with: Kili,FiliSee KiliSee Fili
  • Frodo BagginsCSee Strider
    Yes, signature character but not that viable. Don't deal significant damage and the single-target burst is not enough, either.Race: HobbitSynergizes with: Strider,Pippin TookSee StriderSee Pippin Took
  • GolburzCSee Chef Krazhka
    Is designed as a support character but applies a lot of bleed and needs goblins - just a weird kit.Race: GoblinSynergizes with: Chef Krazhka,The Great GoblinSee Chef KrazhkaSee The Great Goblin
  • GrimlurzCSee Shagat
    Deals single-target damage but by far not enough to make him stand out against the main area-damage dealersRace: OrcSynergizes with: Shagat,UzhanSee ShagatSee Uzhan
  • GrimpaCSee The Great Goblin
    Needs goblins around him but can be a fast tank - but not one you want to invest too much towards end-game.Race: GoblinSynergizes with: The Great Goblin,Chef KrazhkaSee The Great GoblinSee Chef Krazhka
  • Merry BrandybuckCSee Pippin Took
    Has a ton of buffs in his kit but normally will go down too quickly to make use of it so I don#t want to rank him any higher...Race: HobbitSynergizes with: Pippin Took,Frodo BagginsSee Pippin TookSee Frodo Baggins
  • OrfurzCSee The Great Goblin
    Needs a lot of goblins around him to work okay-ishRace: GoblinSynergizes with: The Great Goblin,GolburzSee The Great GoblinSee Golburz
  • Pippin TookCSee Merry Brandybuck
    A quick character if you need it and has support and healing - but a big problem is keeping him alive.Race: HobbitSynergizes with: Merry Brandybuck,Frodo BagginsSee Merry BrandybuckSee Frodo Baggins
  • RobelCSee Yeftu
    The whole kit is not working well right now - turn meter rewind sounds great but is not in reality and the passive ability nearly never delivers any significant results.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Yeftu,WubeteSee YeftuSee Wubete
  • Sam GamgeeCSee Frodo Baggins
    Not a solid tank, not a support that helps much, no significant damage... well, not useless but not good either.Race: HobbitSynergizes with: Frodo Baggins,Merry BrandybuckSee Frodo BagginsSee Merry Brandybuck
  • UzhanCSee Ghazh Ironhide
    Needs Mordor and if you can apply Concentration on them you can see solid results - other than that nothing to consider.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Ghazh Ironhide,RokmaSee Ghazh IronhideSee Rokma
  • WexxeCSee Alreda the Chieftain
    Needs a lot of Blood Frenzy to work and deal solid single-target damage.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Alreda the ChieftainSee Alreda the Chieftain
  • WilfwynCSee Eomer
    On her solid damage output but missing any synergy to make her do an impactRace: HumanSynergizes with: Eomer,Lady EowynSee EomerSee Lady Eowyn
  • WubeteCSee Robel;yeftu
    Can apply slow to an enemy and although a tank is working better for slow and damage dealing (but, of course, this will not scale well enough to viable later in the game).Race: HumanSynergizes with: Robel;yeftuSee Robel;yeftu
  • YeftuCSee Robel
    Can Expose and Weaken and deal some damage but not that much synergy right now.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Robel,WubeteSee RobelSee Wubete
  • AeldredDSee Eothain
    Can heal but that's pretty much all he can and without any other support the other healers in Lord of the Rings Heroes are simply a lot strongerRace: HumanSynergizes with: Eothain,EomerSee EothainSee Eomer
  • LelielDSee Lomion
    Feel like a lot more needs to be done hereRace: ElfSynergizes with: Lomion,NaremiriSee LomionSee Naremiri
  • MorzhaDSee Mauhur
    His buffs/debuff is great but only affect a single target which doesn't make it worth to run him, tbh.Race: OrcSynergizes with: Mauhur,UglukSee MauhurSee Ugluk
  • Sergeant AraDSee Herendil
    Very fragile character, can't recommend her at all right now.Race: HumanSynergizes with: Herendil,See Herendil


I hope this list helps you in your investment order in Lord of the Rings_ heroes of Middle Earth and if you have more question/think a character is missing or ranked horribly wrong, please post a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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