beta minions attacking strategy

Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Beta Minions

Winning Versus Battles at Builder Hall 5 and above requires a certain amount of skill and also a good tactic, even when playing an army that only uses one kind of troops. Mass Beta Minions have always been a thing in Versus Battles and they work across all Builder Hall Level very effectively when done right and that’s what I want to show you now.

Almost half of all attacks I see with my Builder Hall 6 account at roughly 4,000 Trophies are mass Beta Minion attacks and this strategy can get 2-Stars most of the times when the attackers knows how to use the Minions correctly in terms of deployment timing.

Beta Minions in Versus Battles

Beta Minions have an ability that allows them to get their first couple shots off from a far distance that allows them to target buildings before they are in range of a defense – this is the key to success because you will need to time and deploy them right.

When maxed out, you can use up to 40 Beta Minions and the attacks all follow a very simple plan:

  1. Use as few Minions as possible to clear off surrounding buildings
  2. Use the other Minions to clear the path to the Builder Hall & get one of the Crushers down
  3. Send in your Battle Machine to get the Builder Hall down

Unless you are very unlucky and your Minions run into a trap this strategy will get you your 2-Stars and this means often times the victory in the battle.

Common Mistake with Battle Minions

Using one type of troops in Versus Battles doesn’t mean you spam them! When spamming your Beta Minions, you’re doomed to fail because they will either fly into a trap or get victims of the air splash damage of the Air Bomb Factory or the Roaster.

minions attack fail in versus battles

You will need some patience and skill to make this attack work!

How To Win With Beta Minions

The crucial part of your whole attack is the part where you clear off the path to the Builder Hall! Do not focus on getting as much percentage with your Minions, focus on clearing the path for your Battle Machine!

When you’re done, your opponents base should look something like this:

save 2 star with minions attack in clash of clans

So first of all, you will need to scout how you will set this path for your Battle Machine up and here’s what will help you with this.

  1. You will need to find a point where your Battle Machine will go through the walls into the base (and not go shopping around it)
  2. Clear off the Crusher in this direction to the Builder Hall, the Crusher along with some Cannon fire can take your Battle Machine down in seconds!
  3. Try to get the Guard Post troops down, they often times distract your Battle Machine and make it go somewhere else!

Wall Entry Point

My own rough rule of thumb is that I have to make sure that outside structures are all cleared on the side of the base where I want the Battle Machine to enter – this makes sure that it will hit the walls and not the outside structures on the other side of the base.

Also, as you cleared off all defenses on this side, do not use your Electric Hammer before the wall piece is destroyed! Why I’m saying this? Well, when you use it directly in front of the wall, it will use all 3 hits to destroy the wall and will not be reloaded fast enough and high damage could take your Battle Machine down.

beta minions attacking guide for 2 star versus battles

When using it directly when the wall is destroyed, you make sure that all hits with extra damage go straight for the Builder Hall and destroy it without any doubt.

Crusher & Double Cannons

You have to get one Crusher down or your Battle Machine will be in big trouble! This is your first priority in cleaning and when you have some Minions left, try to get Cannons and Double Cannons in this area down as well!

Guard Post

The Guard Post can be so annoying! In the very second, they will aggro your Battle Machine, the Battle Machine will stop and retarget to them. In some situations, the Battle Machine will walk straight into another section of the base and get shot down too fast before destroying the Builder Hall

guard post minion attacks

Deployment With Beta Minions

I already mentioned that you shouldn’t deploy them in a group, so always use only one single Beta Minion on the outside when there’s no defense that could target it to save up Minions.

When there’s a defense targeting the Minions, send in 3 of them at the same time. If you send them in one by one, the defenses can make full damage on that one Minion – if there are 3 of them, the defenses will target one of them and the other ones will be able to get in one or two extra shots.

beta minion deployment coc

You will need to do several attacks with them to get a feeling how many Minions you need to deploy in a given situation but you will get that feeling fast.

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  1. I ThinK Tht My Max Baby Dragon AttackinG strategy is more gud than the beta minion attacking strategy because as you told the beta binions can be easily taken up with the air bomb as well as roaster in a group…baby dragons would be hard to them and they will be saved also after sending one by one they will take the crushers.air well as the roaster and the battle machine will easily destroy the town hall.

  2. Hi. Is it too late to start CoC (as a f2p)?
    Second, which one (BB or Orginal)?
    Becouse it’s a 5 years old game and who knows when they would shout it down

  3. hey what about the archer towers? where can i deploy Beta Minions so that they can attack the towers?If i use it they are oftenly taken down by archer towers…so can you suggest something useful way to destroy it.

    • There are two situations with Archer Towers: either you can attack the Archer Tower directly or there are other buildings in front of it. I always use groups of 3 Minions to work through step by step. The Archer Tower can only target one Minion and needs at least 3 shots to take it down (fast mode) so the other Minions will deal damage. When the 3 Minions are down, send in another group of 3 Minions. With up to 40 Minions in total you can do this a couple of times and get a lot of buildings out of your way 🙂

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