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Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Super PEKKA, Barbarians & Cannon Carts

It’s been quite some time since my last Versus Battle Attacking Guide, but with the recent buff of the Super PEKKA, I’d like to present you a strategy that I personally find to be the best one for BH8.
In this guide I will show you the best composition and how to use it right against any base and you will be able to 3-Star quite frequently with it – at Builder Hall 8 a secure victory 🙂

Super PEKKA & Barbarians/Cannon Cart Strategy

This strategy uses – unlike other not-so-effective Super PEKKA strategies – only one additional Super PEKKA to tank the Multi Mortar while the Barbarians and Cannon Carts do their job.
This is working great as it will be a lot more efficient than using Giants that are slower, only target defenses and get killed a lot faster with dealing less damage.
The key elements of the attack is not spamming – spamming will get you in trouble. But with some easy-to-apply rules you’re set to go to not fail any attack:

  • Choose the right side to attack
  • Make the Multi Mortar target the Super PEKKA
  • Take down the Giant Cannon as fast as possible

These three things are something I want to show you now.

Who should use this strategy?

In my opinion, everyone at Builder Hall 8 who has upgraded the Super PEKKA and of course raged Barbarians & Cannon Carts to at least Level 14.
You can also try it out when you have some Power Potions available to get a feeling for it 🙂
There are no certain bases that can defend against this, especially at Builder Hall 8 and I have never failed an attack with no stars so far using it.

How to win with Super PEKKA & Barbarians/Cannon Carts

There are two variations of this strategy and the only difference is using Bombers or not, which totally depends on the base you’re attacking.

  • 1 Army Camp with Super PEKKA
  • 2 Army Camps with Cannon Carts
  • 3 Army Camps with Raged Barbarians or
    • 2 Army Camps with Raged Barbarians &
    • 1 Army Camp with Bombers

The easy rule to decide is:
Can you break through the walls to the inside using 10-12 Barbarians or not? If the answer is “no”, then you should use one camp with Bombers for sure:
super pekka bh8 attacking strategy
Here you see how some Barbarians can easily open the walls and half of the camp is left that means you have additional 10 Barbarians for the attack and no use to use Bomber.

Base Scouting & Attack Point Selection

There are 2 things you will do before you start your attack and that’s selecting the side you want to attack from and spotting defenseless outside trash buildings for extra percentage.
You always want to attack with your Barbarians & Cannon Carts into the Builder Hall through the Giant Cannon as you need to take it down fast.
Never attack from a corner as this will split up your troops and leading it to the sides! Always attack from the flat side!

The Super PEKKA should always meet a own path to fully tank the Multi Mortar and hopefully explode in an area where the explosion will deal massive damage.

Building the funnel

If there are some outside structures that you can take down with single Barbarians, take the extra percentage or also take down buildings that could mess with your funnel.
As you’re using only ground troops, the funnel is not such a big thing especially when youÄre attacking from the flat side of the base and not from the corner.

Execute the attack

Time to shine 🙂 Now the attack itself is nothing very special.
In the first stage you will break through the walls – either by using 10-12 Raged Barbarians or by using Bombers.
When this is done, you will need to wait until they are dead so the Multi Mortar completely resets! If you now send in troops you canÄt be sure the Multi Mortar will target the Super PEKKA, so wait until your first troops died!
Now you will place your Super PEKKA and wait until the Multi Mortar locks onto her. Now you’re good to go with the rest of your attack.
super pekka deployment
Send in some Raged Barbarians to tank and then the Cannon Carts plus your Battle Machine.
Now your only job is sending in more Raged Barbarians row after row in packs of like 6-8 Barbarians at a time to keep the defenses off your Cannon Carts while not risking that splash damage will take down too much Barbarians.
super pekka attacking strategy
So, you’re done and should either get a 3-Star or a very high-percentage 2-Star victory 🙂


This attacking strategy is not spamming, but after a few attacks you will get a routine that will let you do these attacks effortless and with great results.

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I Used just Max Witch and Level 12BM, Since Last 5,6 Month And Riched Till 3600 Trophies According to Me Witch Strategy is best ever .


perhaps not