Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Sneaky Archers

Sneaky Archer attacks are common, even at Builder Hall 6 and they bring in solid results when the attacker know what to do, solid 2-Star attacks are not a problem at all. In this guide I will show you all you need to know to succeed in Sneaky Archer attacks.

Sneaky Archers in Versus Battles

The biggest strength of Sneaky Archers is their ability, the Cloak, that will keep them hidden from all defenses (except traps) for up to 10 seconds letting them deal their damage silently without anything that will happen to them.

With up to 10 seconds, the damage they will deal is quite high:

  • Level 10: 371 damage before Cloak disappears
  • Level 11: 406 damage before Cloak disappears
  • Level 12: 580 damage before Cloak disappears

So, when using Sneaky Archers, you can use them without a tank because they can deal a lot of their damage without a tank needed and the damage can be, as you see above, a lot.

sneaky archer in versus battles

Usually, when using Sneaky Archers, your battle protocol is always the same:

  1. Use your Archers extremely surgically to clear the path into the base
  2. Try to remove the Crusher in front of the Builder Hall
  3. Send in your Battle Machine to go for the Builder Hall

Now I will give you some very helpful advice and also a nice infographic how you will do this in the most efficient way.

How to win with Sneaky Archers

There are actually only 2 things you will need to make sure and the victory will be yours:

  • Select your entry point properly
  • Don’t waste Archers by doing wrong deployments (I will show you in a couple of seconds what I mean)

One word of caution first, the AI is sometimes a little random and hard to foresee – read more about that in this article I wrote lately:

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Base Selection

Normally, you can attack almost any base you want with Sneaky Archers, but be careful when you stand in front of such a base:

bh6 base 5000 cups working

It’s simply hard to attack because Archers are limited to go into the base area and lose precious time of their Cloak ability and you might run out of time.

Sneaky Archer Deployment

Some might think back to the time when BARCH was used in the Home Village and deploy Archers like a Chinese Wall and pray for the best – in your Builder Base this won’t get you anywhere. Using Sneaky Archers is the most surgical attack strategy and you will send them in very smart and with a good timing to have success.

What I often see is people that send in one Archer and then wait and then send in the next one – this is inefficient and also will get you in trouble with the clock at the end of the attack. This also leads to the situation that sometimes there are more Archers send than needed and wasting Archers is something you want to prevent at any cost!

You always want to send in the EXACT amount of Archers needed to destroy the target building or defense to save time and also don’t waste your troops – a single Archer can destroy so much.

That’s why I created this cheat sheet here that will tell you exactly how much Sneaky Archer you will need to send in for any given building – remember, their Cloak leaves them protected so you can use these numbers to not waste a single Archer!

[tweet_dis_img inject=”Ultimate help for using Sneaky Archers!”]how many Sneaky Archers you need stats[/tweet_dis_img]


Why is this so important? Well, when not sending in all your Archers at the same time, you will get yourself into trouble. Here’s a classical situation I see often happening – the first Archer gets supported after a short time by more Archers. Her Cloak runs out sooner than the other ones and the Mortar will start shooting and the bullets will also hit the Archers that are behind a Cloak (as the Cloak only makes them invisible not invincible!)

right deployment with sneaky archers is important

Ranges of Sneaky Archers

Your Sneaky Archers have a range of 3.5 tiles, but this is always calculated from the central tile of their target. Let me show you this with this example here:

hit range of archers in builder base attacks

As you can see, The Archers are walking until they are 2.5 tiles away from the Army Camps. This is their maximum range here and they will not shoot at it when they are standing further away, they would walk closer.

When sniping outside structures and you want your Archer to be safe, you will need to know this to see if it’s safe or not for them.

It needs a little practice to get used to the ranges, but you can use these rules here:

  • 7 Tiles range of Double Cannon, Hidden Tesla & Archer Tower (Fast Attack): Needs 2 tiles between defense & target
  • 9 Tiles range of Cannon: needs 4 tiles between
  • 11 Tiles range of Archer Tower (Long Range): needs 6 tiles in between


I always hate watching a replay of Sneaky Archers hitting my base because I feel like my defenses can’t do anything while the Archers can work their way through every line. This attacking strategy is only using one kind of troops, but the way how it’s performed makes it so powerful and if you become a master at using Sneaky Archers, you can also use them far above 4,000 Trophies easily.

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  1. Love the chart, but are the archer levels backwards? The lvl 10 shows the least amount being used and the 12 using the most.

  2. This is my strategy from very beginning BH1 and now i’m BH4 almost max with 24 lv8 archer can consistently getting 50% 1 start every fight but it’s difficult to beyond 70% and never 2 star. I enjoy this as a puzzle solver, guessing bomb, tesla, sniping guard post and get as high percentage as I can. my win rate will be a lot lower if not because of the good base design I found on the web.

    • I agree. I won a LOT of trophies just sniping, then started learning how to clear a path for my Battle Machine. Lots to learn there, but today I got a 2* 81 and a 3* with just the archers and a level 3 battle machine. I think I will be able to do MUCH better when I level the BM to 5.

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