Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Night Witches

Night Witches are the only attacking strategy that is able to get you 3-Star victories at Builder Hall 6 and also often times you will have high percentage 2-Star attacks – in return you can also fail big time with Night Witches. In this guide I’d like to show you some tactics that will get you more victories and minimize the amount of attacks that fail.

Night Witches in Versus Battles

Night Witches summon Bats that will swarm up and deal damage ahead of the Night Witches, so keeping the Night Witches alive as long as you can is your priority.

In general, you shouldn’t do Night Witch attacks when your Night Witches are not at least at Level 10, because the amount of Bats they summon is vital for this attacking strategy.

I’ve been writing about other Versus Battle attacking strategies lately, like Archer, Barbarians, Minions or Baby Dragons and the key for these strategies was always the deployment timing and using them surgically.

night witches attacking with battle machine as tank

Night Witches are indeed the only serious attacking strategy that you will use by spamming the Night Witches, but that doesn’t mean it’s a strategy of deploy-and-pray style – you will have to plan your attack very accurately in terms of when and how you use your Battle Machine that makes it the opposite of a no-brainer.

Attention! Night Witches are yet very powerful but also inconsitently – several attacks can simply turn out with 30% or less for bad luck in timing. However, you can also get 3-Star victories where all other attacking straegies fail.

So the simple attacking protocol is always the same:

  • Deploy your Night Witches from a distance (to get the Bats in as early as possible)
  • Deploy your Battle Machine to tank the Multi Mortar & Roaster

Now I will show you some practical tips that I gathered from my past like 200 Night Witch attack.

How to win with Night Witches

First of all let’s talk about the composition. I know some people like to use 1 Army Camp with Boxer Giants along the Night Witches for tanking.

In my opinion, the results are better with using only Night Witches because the 3 Giants will go down so fast:

  • Walk ahead of the Battle Machine because they target defenses
  • Get caught by Spring Traps early
  • With all point defenses on the Giant, it will die before the Night Witches even reach the base

Night Witches Deployment

Ok, I think everybody using Night Witches know that they should get deployed in the very corner of the map so their Bats can clear off some buildings before they even reach the area of the base.

In addition, you should always deploy one of your Night Witches like 2 seconds in advance to the others for two reasons.

If there’s a Mega Mine in the corner you won’t lose your whole army (that happens sometimes)

night witch get killed by mega mine

The next reason is that many people have set their Mines to air mode in the corners so the first few Bats will trigger them and the majority of Bats in the first wave will survive:

night witch attacking strategy

Planning The Path

Planning the path is extremely important and you always want to mind this:

  1. The Multi Mortar has to be destroyed before your Battle Machine gets destroyed
  2. The Roaster should not be able to target the Night Witches directly in their path
  3. When you see locations where Mega Mines or Spring Traps are obvious, you will need your Battle Machine to walk through that area first

So, when selecting the corner where you deploy your Night Witches and the location where you deploy your Battle Machine are all about that.

Here are some example where I show you why I deployed them at the given points:

First Base

night witch attack plan 1

As you can I was deploying the Battle Machine at a spot that will let it walk towards the Roaster and be the target of the Multi Mortar and the Roaster all the time as long as alive – in the meantime, the Bats should eat their way through to the Multi Mortar and then support the Battle Machine.

night witch attacking results

I also waited with the Electric Hammer until the wall was destroyed because I didn’t want my Battle Machine to walk in there too early to not get down too fast, all I needed it, in the beginning, was to be the target of the Multi Mortar.

Because of the open spot in the wall from the Battle Machine the Night Witches will walk there as well where the Battle Machine already cleaned. The Multi Mortar is not directly in range of the Air Bombs or the Roaster, so the Bats will destroy it quite fast.

Second Base

another night witch attack

This second base was a little more tricky because the Roaster can destroy all Bats that target the Multi Mortar and when the Battle Machine gets too close to the Multi Mortar it will start to shoot at the Night Witches. In addition, I need to be careful that the Guard Post troops don’t drag my Battle Machine directly into the Crusher.

That’s why decided to get the Battle Machine in from this position so it will also tank the Roaster for the Bats so they can get the Multi Mortar down fast. On the right side there’s also no danger that the Multi Mortar will lose aggro on the Battle Machine and with all Cannons on bottom of the base the Battle machine will last long enough until the Night Witches get the Builder Hall down.

battle machine timing

As you can see, my plan turned out good and I think I even made the 3-Star on this attack 🙂

Third Base

night witch attacking strategy

This base was a little bit more tricky, the Air Bombs are directly next to the Multi Mortar and there’s a lot of hitpoints in front of it. I decided to make my Night Witches walk the longest path possible to gain time while the Battle Machine should also be delayed and take time with the Guard Post troops.

All I was focusing on is giving the Bats as much time as possible to go for the Multi Mortar because I knew that it would take like 5-6 waves of them to clear off the Multi Mortar.

battle 3 results

My plan worked out, although 2 Witches decided to break the wall instead of walking around it 😀


I hope you learned that the most important part of this attack, even thought it’s a “spam” attack, is that you plan the path of your Battle Machine right. If you don’t do this, Night Witch attacks will be nothing else than lottery games!

In my opinion there are not more than 10 different layouts out there (in terms of the general structure), so you have plenty of time to work on different positions of your army and see what returns the best results. For example the layout of the second base, the Diamond Base, is something that comes in every thrid battle and I know how I need to deploy my troops now to get either a high 2-Star of also a 3-Star victory 🙂

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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