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Mass Baby Dragons are a powerful army composition and probably one of the 3 most-used compositions in total. It got a little bad reputation lately as being the “Dirty Baby Dragon Spammer” tactic, but it’s still one of the most-effective ways to 3-Star at BH5 and get solid 2-Star attacks at BH6 if done right.

In this guide I will walk you through the details of this attacking strategy and show you how I get solid results with it that let me win many Versus Battles with it.

Baby Dragons in Versus Battles

Baby Dragons have a special ability called Frenzy, that will double their damage output to up to 120% when they are far enough from any other air troop and this is the key of the attack because you can make them double effective with the right deployment strategies.

Attacking with Baby Dragons follow a simple plan:

  1. Use the Baby Dragons in Frenzy mode to go through the layers of the base until the Crusher and the path to the Builder Hall is free
  2. Send in your Battle Machine to get the Builder Hall for a 60%+ 2-Star attack

Common Mistake with Baby Dragons

The most common mistake is spamming the Baby Dragons, which means that the attacker will send in all Baby Dragons in one area and then let the attack happen. The problem is, two Baby Dragons without Frenzy Mode will deal less damage than one Baby Dragon in Frenzy Mode so you’re losing a lot of effectivity plus the Air Bomb Factory will be able to hit more than one Baby Dragon at the same time.

baby dragon spam in coc

How to win with Baby Dragons

The important part of your whole attack is the part where you clear off the road to the Builder Hall! Do not focus on getting as much percentage with your Baby Dragons even when you can use one to get 3 outside buildings easily, focus on clearing the path for your Battle Machine! A 60% 2-Star is better than a 70% 1-Star attack 🙂

When you’re done, your opponents base should look something like this:

save 2 star with minions attack in clash of clans

So first of all, you will need to scout how you will set this path for your Battle Machine up and here’s what will help you with this.

  1. You will need to find a point where your Battle Machine will go through the walls into the base (and not go shopping around it)
  2. Clear off the Crusher in this direction to the Builder Hall, the Crusher along with some Cannon fire can take your Battle Machine down in seconds!
  3. Try to get the Guard Post troops down, they often times distract your Battle Machine and make it go somewhere else!

Wall Entry Point

My own rough rule of thumb is that I have to make sure that outside structures are all cleared on the side of the base where I want the Battle Machine to enter – this makes sure that it will hit the walls and not the outside structures on the other side of the base.

Also, as you cleared off all defenses on this side, do not use your Electric Hammer before the wall piece is destroyed! Why I’m saying this? Well, when you use it directly in front of the wall, it will use all 3 hits to destroy the wall and will not be reloaded fast enough and high damage could take your Battle Machine down.

beta minions attacking guide for 2 star versus battles

When using it directly when the wall is destroyed, you make sure that all hits with extra damage go straight for the Builder Hall and destroy it without any doubt.

Crusher & Double Cannons

You have to get one Crusher down or your Battle Machine will be in big trouble! This is your first priority in cleaning and when you have Baby Dragons left, try to get Cannons and Double Cannons in this area down as well!

Air Bob Factory & Baby Dragons

The Air Bombs are the most dangerous thing against Baby Dragons, because it will get them down within a few seconds and hits. Luckily, you can trick the Air Bomb Factory quite easily because the bombs are flying slow and can only target one target at once.

baby dragon attacking strategy

As you can see in the image above, wait until the Air Bombs target one of your Baby Dragons and then send in another one to go straight for the Air Bomb Factory. While the Air Bombs target the other Baby Dragon it can be taken down – with this strategy you only lose 2 Baby Dragons and have the most dangerous defense out of your way.

From my experience, it makes more sense to save the Battle Machine for the shot on the Builder Hall than wasting it to take down the Air Bombs in a suicide attack.

Guard Post

The Guard Post can be so annoying and ruining your attack easily! In the very second, they will aggro your Battle Machine, the Battle Machine will stop and retarget to them. In some situations, the Battle Machine will walk straight into another section of the base and get shot down too fast before destroying the Builder Hall

guard post minion attacks

Here you can see a situation occurring often when the Battle Machine hits the Guard Post troops and get destroyed by the Crusher in the meantime!

Deployment With Baby Dragons

Deployment with Baby Dragons requires some experience but you can get that fast. You will always want to try to have like 3-4 Baby Dragons deployed at the same time, attacking different defenses while making sure they don’t deactivate each other’s Frenzy Mode!

baby dragons frenzy mode

So make sure to know what defense your Baby Dragons should attack next.

The next important part is to time your deployment right. When the Firecrackers along with Archer Towers target a Baby Dragon, it will go down rather fast and you want to send in the following Baby Dragon soon enough that it takes the position directly after.

baby dragons deployment timing

The reason why you want to do this is, all defenses have a certain amount of firepower and if they target one Baby Dragon, the other ones can deal their damage without getting shot down fast. You’re basically saving the damage the Baby Dragon would receive while flying to his target.

baby dragon damage dealt

This will optimise your damage output and make your Baby Dragons last longer. When you look at the picture above, you see that the damage is divided by the 3 active Baby Dragons and they will survive longer (and deal more damage), when you only have one active, all defenses will target it and shoot it down so fast that it can barely deal any damage at all.

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  1. I am a 76 year-old coc’er. My grandson got me started several years ago, but I have never really PLAYED the game until several weeks after the Builder Hall was introduced. I am HOOKED on the Night Base, and thoroughly enjoy it because of the one-on-one aspect of the game. I had no trouble at all getting to 3000 trophies within a couple of months, got to 3200 without fairly easily, but have slowed down a great deal since I upgraded to BH7. I am a little slow on the trigger on placing attackers, and have really had to up my game to remain above 3000. Many thanks to you for all the tips I have gotten to help me keep up with all the young folks out there!

  2. Why is it that I can attack a base in vs and get 100% one time and attack the exact same base with same level everything using the same troop deployment as I did the first time yet I only get 65% or less.can someone please explain this.

    • because the timing is also important and even a fraction of a second difference can mean that your troops go somewhere else (target building got destroyed that wasn’t destroyed in the first time)

    • What Level are your Dragons? Normally you should be able to make 2-Star attacks against 90% of all bases when they are Level 10 or higher. If they are lvl10+, do you spam them?

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