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There are many questions I get about the AllClash Patreon so I will answer the most frequent ones here.

What is AllClash Patreon?

Patreon allows content creators to publish exclusive content or early access to content while being able to get financial support from patrons. In terms of AllClash this means you will get either access to the newly designed bases 2 weeks before they will become public on the website or you can also get a custom base designed for your base that nobody else will get.

Why did I create a Patreon account?

Well, as much as I want to help all players and the community with my bases, they become broadly used quickly so they will also become less efficient quickly as more and more players recognize them and develop strategies how to beat them.

With the Early Access Tier, you only share new bases among a few hundred players for the first 14 days instead of tens of thousands of players.

Also, the financial compensation helps me to invest more time into what I love – building good bases for Clash of Clans.

Why should you join the Patreon?

There are three main reasons

  1. You will get a strong base that is only used by a few people (Early Access Tier) or just by you (Custom Base Tier). This will make the base perform significantly better than other public bases you find on the internet.
  2. In terms of the Custom Base Tier, I will look at what buildings you have and where you are in the game to design a base that perfectly fits your needs
  3. You will support me so I can invest not only more time designing bases, also to invest time and improving myself by being able to invest time to try out new defensive things that I can implement in bases

Why are AllClash bases “better”?

Well, first of all, I don’t call my bases the best in the world for the simple reason that there are many amazing base builders. I personally play Clash of Clans pretty much since its release and started with AllClash in 2014 and design bases frequently ever since.

Bases I post are not only designed by me, I also take them to real wars or trophy pushes in my real accounts instead of testing them in the sandbox. Every base you see is at least tested in 1-2 real wars (depends on the level of finetuning I have to do) or 30 high trophy Legend League defenses.

Why do I charge for the Early Access/Custom Base Tier?

Important and fair question. Mainly to generate an extra value for those of you that help me inest more time. It’s a win-win as you will get a base that will outperform any other base you find on the internet and I can take more time to build those well-performing bases.

In terms of the custom tier it’s simply a limit as I can’t design a custom base for every player.

Do I have to join Patron to get a good base?

Technically, no. You will get access to the bases after 14 days and they are public including base copy link and my defensive cc troop recommendation. But you’re then using this base among thousands of other players so it will get burnt quickly.

Joining Patreon allows you to make sure that new bases are not getting burnt for at least 14 days until new bases are released.

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