clash of clans 2018

What’s Coming 2018 in Clash of Clans

Like every year, I’d like to put some words here about the past year and what’s coming next year. This time, I’d like to cover Clash of Clans and AllClash a little separately and I hope you will put your comments below with your feedback, thoughts and whatever comes to your mind 🙂

Clash of Clans 2018

This has been a very busy year, although many spread their toxicity about how lame this year 2017 for Clash of Clans was – looking at it at a recap and comparing it to the same time last year, I think there’s not that much to complain about.

We got the Builder Base, Clan Games, tons of smaller and bigger events. Bottom line this is a lot and when looking back at the same time last year, we have been looking back to a year that brought us nothing else fresh than the Bowler, Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars.

To be fair, Supercell has been pulling out a lot of fresh stuff this year and I have a lot of fun with the game lately compared to the state at the end of 2016 when every single attack was just mass Bowler or mass Miners.

This, however, is my personal opinion and you don’t need to agree and I also understand every single person being disappointed that matchmaking, clouding and fresh content in the Home Village is still lacking.

And this leads me to what’s coming 2018 in Clash of Clans (well, in my very own opinion & also a little bit of fantasy)…

I really hope Supercell takes the first steps at finally fixing the clouding, that will get a lot more annoying from day to day and needs some fix! Clan Games re fun but not when watching clouds for hours and that’s a fact.

Secondly, I also hope they will address the matchmaking in Clan War (I will not say in which direction and I also don’t want to start an engineering conversation in this article, but you can discuss this topic here).

Town Hall 12 is also something that is been whispered around the community for quite some time, since Darian said back in October they are looking at the future and dropped TH12 as a POSSIBLE option. I personally don’t think this is something we need now or in the next 12 months with so many people not even being TH11 and the gap will get too big for most players.

I’d rather see some more stuff to personalize my village, heroes or anything else instead of making the big new Town Hall grind again. Also, the TH11 exclusive troop and spell is still missing so I don’t hope for TH12 that soon.

I also hope that seasonal events and Clan Games will get some additional features like one-time obstacles or other special items that will help us customize our village. Don’t forget about the new Clan Badges we’ve been getting in October, It’s very likely that we will see something happening in this direction in 2018 as well 🙂

For the Builder Base, it’s quite sure that we will see BH8 sometime in the first months in 2018, as it’s already in the game and only needs to get activated. I haven’t spent any Gems on the Builder Base when I was BH6 maxed (without walls) when BH7 was released and I’m almost finished in maxing all buildings and the Battle Machine out so I think it will get released sooner than later.

Hard to tell how Supercell will proceed in the Builder Base. I like the Versus Battles a lot and enjoy playing it, but I always have a feeling it’s a Clash of Clans Light and would hope for a little more strategic part there than simply making 3 wins a day and then wait until the Builder is done.

Bottom line I’m looking optimistic into the future with a game that managed to stay a lot of fun after 5 years of playing for me.

clash of clans birthday cake

AllClash 2018

I know that I have been lacking fresh content in the past months due to a load of personal stuff going on – I simply needed to cut time but always tried to keep you up to date with the most important stuff.

In 2018, I will go back to writing more frequently and also be bringing the latest tactics and more guides to you than you might have been used to in the past months – I promise! 🙂

There’s also a ton of older guides that I will need to refactor and bring to the state of 2018.

If you have any suggestions of articles you’d like to read here, please just write it in the comments.

Now, enjoy the last moments of the year 2017 and I wish you a Happy New Year 2018!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂



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  2. It would be good if we get a special camp called the donation camp… and a provision could be made as co leaders of the clan could take donations from the camp any time. This helps a clan even to rise internationally as i find only i m active sometimes in a clan of 43 and that too in a clan of a particular locality… so i do not get donations at that time…

    • I completely understand and as much I would like something like that, I have a huge doubt that Supercell will work on that because it will take out a lot of direct clan interaction 🙁

  3. It’s definitely the year for th12. You should be pushing for that because there are around 150,000 to 200,000 th11 in legend league alone (look at ranking stats to see). Plus who knows how many more below legend. They deserve a new th. Yes, new people will have “a larger gap” between where they are and the top th, but so what? They have 11 th levels to enjoy. Why push th11 players away with another year of no new th to benefit players who already have plenty of content available? Why punish the longtime players? Use your voice here to advocate for th12.

    • I think it’s more like 500k people in Legend in December, but that’s not the point. There are 2 digit millions of players and 500K is just a very small amount when looking at the big picture.
      Darian said 80% of their decisions are based on data, so I think you can see where this is going.
      I think, yes TH12 for those who are maxed (and I’m not that far away from that point) would be nice, but on the other frustration for those being far away from that as they now will have “another big new step to take & yet again not getting anything new” (you know the comments…)
      My point is I would love to see a way to have something to do without always having to wait a couple months, upgrade a few levels of whatever and repeat.
      Why not getting some way bigger thing to do or to build? That’s the reason why I’m not the biggest fan of TH12 yet but only if there’s another thing to do for those who are maxed already for some time 🙂

  4. One of the things I feel the game most needs right now is a forfeit button in the builder base. You’ve taken your attack and gotten an 80% 1 star. You hop in to watch his attack and hes just take your TH and got the 2nd star. Hit a forfeit button that allows you to move on to your next attack. Especially when you have your clock tower activated. SOOOO frustrating to have to sit there and wait and waste that boost.

  5. Id like to see a bigger variety of magic items, do you think they would release more. Maybe something that can give you like a 1-day shield guard or maybe an extra builder (1-time use) so that people can occasionally get 6 things upgrading at once. how about a magic item which refunds trophies when you’re attacked and gives bonus trophies when you attack within its time it’s activated. We get these seasonal troops and spells like the ice wiz or skeleton bomb; maybe some magic which is literally called that troop, and lets you use that troop again for a few days?

    what you think and happy new year <3

    • Yes I really hope there will be more magical items in the future, I like your ideas a lot.
      I would be very surprised if Supercell won’t add a lot more different rewards to clan games, but the first step in December was releasing it and getting it to work and now they can add more… When Clan War was introduced we also did get a different war layout and more enhancements afterward 🙂

  6. Hello Tim, cheers for all the info over the years, always look forward to your news and views. The thing I’d like super cell to do is find away to stop people dropping off trophies without making a “proper “ attack. I had approx 800 trophies dropped off in about 9 hours! I don’t mind a town hall 12 it would keep The gemming boys happy and attacking each other. I got attacked by someone with level 50 king and queen… must have cost a good few £s.

  7. New stuff in COC is really interesting but don’t you think it makes the game too complex and time-consuming over the years. What are your thoughts ?

    • Interesting point. When looking back a couple year it was just loggin in, doing one attack and then waiting/going offline for 1 hour or more until you could do another attack. I like that I now can play for a little longer with the Builder Base attacks and also planning my future actions in Clan Games. I think Supercell shouldn’t do another thing that is time-consuming in terms of having to open the game more frequently during the day, more like having to do a little bit more when your army is training.

  8. I really hope th12 won’t come until at least December. I was 3 days away from just finishing up th11 and they added camps, and hero lvls. I powered through th10 and 11, haven’t had an idle builder in a long time. I could really use an extended break lol. I also agree that it will further the gap between lower players and discourage them from playing when they see the end goal is so so far away. Keep improving the experience of playing the game and don’t just fill it with endless grinding for upgrades. Keep up the good work in 2018 Tim. Happy New Year

    • Thanks for your kind feedback, happy new year to you too 🙂
      Let’s see where this whole TH12 thing is going anyway, I barely can believe they have started working on it yet EVEN if they decided to do TH12 in the next like 6 months (again, NO confirmation that there will be TH12 anytime soon)

  9. All this information were good but we also want some new troops in th9 and above so we can make our gameplay more interesting..but thanks a lot from my clan “CLASH ACADEMY” .

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