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That’s Coming 2018 in Clash of Clans

Where we always didn’t know what a new year will bring in terms of updates, this year Supercell released a lot of info right at the beginning what they plan in this year.

Of course, they did not say exactly every little detail, but still it’s the rough roadmap that we can expect in 2018 and I have been putting it all together for you so you know what’s coming to your village.

Clash of Clans Update Roadmap 2018

Most of this info came from the AMA on Reddit with Supercell’s community manager Darian and this year we will primarily see updated for our Home Village, expect the Builder Hall 8 release in March 2018.

many updates 2018

First of all, plenty of updates are planned and we also have a rough timeline for it:

  1. Content Update in March 2018 with Builder Hall 8, new levels, new magical items, new challenges, war tools & a traveling character we don’t know much about yet
  2. Smaller content updates until summer
  3. Complete rework of war matchmaking to put an end to the advantage of engineering by summer
  4. Huge new content for Home Village (end game) – either in direction of TH12 that will offer more than just new grinding of troops & upgrades, but can also be something not being TH12
  5. Clouding issue in Legend League will be the big priority after the big summer content update

These are the big bullet points, but there are also other thiings that are worth mentioning and will also very likely come in 2018:
  • A new troop is heavily considered
  • Clan name change is considered
  • 2nd name change for gems
  • No changes to global chat planned (sadly)
  • Goblin Map stuff
  • More challenges, including Clan War related challenge
  • More achievements (esepecially Clan Games related ones)
  • More Clan Perks in the huge Town Hall update in summer

Of course, this is by far not everything and I’m sure there will be a lot of other small feature finding their way to us πŸ™‚

It’s a lot of info and you can read more about it here.

Looks like we have a very interesting year in front of us, the only thing that I don’t like on this list is that clouding in legend will get worked on after the big Town Hall content update in summer but maybe they find a way to make it at least work somehow by adding more dead bases or stretching the trophy range parameters so we above 5k trophies can at least do several attacks a day (especially during Clan Games)

If you like to know more about the next update in Clash of Clans, please check out my update section here where you always find an update ticker to the upcoming coc update πŸ™‚

Looking forward to discuss with you in the comment section below!


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  1. Thanks for informing that ads help help you run this sitee, but please make that bloody banner go away. Clicking Continue to Site doe not do it. Even writing this reply is a pain.

  2. “end the advantage of engineering” sounds promising also scary. It would be nice to know for sure whether my mini is an engineer just because its a th10 with level 1 drags and golems. I don’t want to disadvantage my team just because i don’t use some troop types for example.

  3. What is the dark keeper??? Is that defence our village like barbarian king and archer queen or something else I hope it will be interesting and come soon.

  4. Is will supercell come gets a new update for summer a one of clan is must gets one time rune of dark elixir. That all clasher are come in summer?love u supercell and when is supercell id come in cr? In INDIA.
    Especially the new loading screen come in coc.

  5. i really want super cell to bring the musketeer from clash royal to COC as a new troop for TH12 if super cell decides to have a TH12

  6. Comment*this is my comment of a new update for coc.Coc should let there be like changes in wether on your home base

  7. Ability to (friendly) attack any clan mate’s home village (as opposed to them having to challenge) for practice. This way, you could practice attacks as much as you want to any TH clan mate without having to wait for them to challenge. The 24 hr rule can still be intact and ability to attack clan mate’ village if it wasn’t updated within the last 24 hours.

  8. Where’s update? I have been waiting for it since morning and still not getting any updates. today is monday dude!

  9. supercell making this game too way easy but that add ups will make players more active and thats all supercell needs! πŸ™‚ well i m at th9 it will make my path so much easy for th10 …i m excited

    • Impossible to tell right now, I think the current BH7 meta will still be viable as the only new defense is the Mega Tesla that is very low and only busts big troops and ist that effective against many units – hard to tell how the balancing of the mega Pekka will be, probably good at the beginning but when people will evolve the new tesla, she probably will be on a downward trend.
      But that’s just my opinion πŸ™‚

  10. Why do they want to change the name of the In-game currency(gems)? What is their reason to do it?
    Tim, do you know why they are doing this?

  11. Timmy are you 5? Because you have the psyche of a 5 year old. β€œHe got something new, where’s my new thing”. Seriously, how about using the new end game content to motivate the TH9 for lifers to stop slacking and update their crap. Sounds good for the people who have actually invested their time to move thru the game and good for business if they can motivate upgrades. End Game experience currently: War (dumb matchups both ways); Trophy Push (Cant find an opponent)(do 10 attacks to get the trophies a one star attacker gets from you); Resources (worthless); Magical items (very nice, but can’t use them on anything); Builer Hall (why).

  12. How about

    more ranks,

    a personal message system to give members certain instructions

    co leader chat,

    Clan village

    A market, where you can exchange resources with a percentage?

      • Or when using the quick train put the largest housing space troop first instead of the smallest. So I don’t wind up with 18 wall breakers in my army if I donate too soon after attacking. At least if my golum was first it won’t go into my new army unless I donate over 30 housing space of troops.

        Or let the player organize how the troops from quick train que.

  13. How about a banned player option – leader only? Or a block option on friends so the same guy can’t friend request me 472 times.

  14. We have asking many times for our country flag pakistan but COC official not working better for us we playing this game atleast 3 uears ago…

  15. I would like to see where u can upgrade your builders to master builders and with every upgrade on the builder gives a percentage of faster building times

  16. Thing’s I think should be added::::
    1. Refreshed trophy system.
    2. Improved league symbols (animated)
    3. Improved loot bonuses.
    4. Maybe a new league between titan and legend league.
    5. A new achievement for reaching titan and legend league.
    6. Some more magical item’s.
    7. If a player leave’s clan during clan games ,he will be not able to get rewards in another clan ( like clan war )

    Sorry for bad grammar….☺☺☺☺

    • I pretty much agree πŸ™‚
      1. Of course, the trophy system right now is not working well
      2. Nice addition, but I also think they look nice already and, well, they are animated already (at least a little bit Chmpaions+) πŸ˜‰
      3. Comes hand in hand with a reworked trophy system IMO
      4. With the current trophy system, additional leagues at 4k+ don’t make that much sense to me
      5. Signed. Especially as I would get them right away πŸ˜€
      6. I’m sure there will be, like extending shield, let us use heroes in war, etc… there are tons of good suggestions I’ve seen on reddit and here in the comments πŸ™‚
      7. That’s already implemented, once you finished one challenge you will not be able to join clan games in another clan πŸ™‚

  17. It would be good if we get a special camp called the donation camp… and a provision could be made as co leaders of the clan could take donations from the camp any time. This helps a clan even to rise internationally as i find only i m active sometimes in a clan of 43 and that too in a clan of a particular locality… so i do not get donations at that time…

    • I completely understand and as much I would like something like that, I have a huge doubt that Supercell will work on that because it will take out a lot of direct clan interaction πŸ™

  18. It’s definitely the year for th12. You should be pushing for that because there are around 150,000 to 200,000 th11 in legend league alone (look at ranking stats to see). Plus who knows how many more below legend. They deserve a new th. Yes, new people will have “a larger gap” between where they are and the top th, but so what? They have 11 th levels to enjoy. Why push th11 players away with another year of no new th to benefit players who already have plenty of content available? Why punish the longtime players? Use your voice here to advocate for th12.

    • I think it’s more like 500k people in Legend in December, but that’s not the point. There are 2 digit millions of players and 500K is just a very small amount when looking at the big picture.
      Darian said 80% of their decisions are based on data, so I think you can see where this is going.
      I think, yes TH12 for those who are maxed (and I’m not that far away from that point) would be nice, but on the other frustration for those being far away from that as they now will have “another big new step to take & yet again not getting anything new” (you know the comments…)
      My point is I would love to see a way to have something to do without always having to wait a couple months, upgrade a few levels of whatever and repeat.
      Why not getting some way bigger thing to do or to build? That’s the reason why I’m not the biggest fan of TH12 yet but only if there’s another thing to do for those who are maxed already for some time πŸ™‚

      • If you are TH11 you went through Th1 – 10 with the troops and spells we have now or most likely less then we have now and still enjoyed the game. I don’t understand why the lower th players want so much new stuff. It is the same stuff everyone else had when they were at those town halls levels. As they go to a new TH level all the new troops or heroes or spells are new to them.

      • I think the psychology behind this is that they already “know” the troops & defenses in higher Town Halls, even when not having them. Really “new” stuff that gets introduced always has a higher level of attraction.
        Also, when there’s update hype everyone is looking forward to get new stuff and seing that you don’t have anything new after hype is a stunner.
        Based on pure logic, I completely agree with you but I would also be disappointed when being TH8 and seing new stuff coming for TH10+ people all the time

  19. One of the things I feel the game most needs right now is a forfeit button in the builder base. You’ve taken your attack and gotten an 80% 1 star. You hop in to watch his attack and hes just take your TH and got the 2nd star. Hit a forfeit button that allows you to move on to your next attack. Especially when you have your clock tower activated. SOOOO frustrating to have to sit there and wait and waste that boost.

  20. Id like to see a bigger variety of magic items, do you think they would release more. Maybe something that can give you like a 1-day shield guard or maybe an extra builder (1-time use) so that people can occasionally get 6 things upgrading at once. how about a magic item which refunds trophies when you’re attacked and gives bonus trophies when you attack within its time it’s activated. We get these seasonal troops and spells like the ice wiz or skeleton bomb; maybe some magic which is literally called that troop, and lets you use that troop again for a few days?

    what you think and happy new year <3

    • Yes I really hope there will be more magical items in the future, I like your ideas a lot.
      I would be very surprised if Supercell won’t add a lot more different rewards to clan games, but the first step in December was releasing it and getting it to work and now they can add more… When Clan War was introduced we also did get a different war layout and more enhancements afterward πŸ™‚

  21. Hello Tim, cheers for all the info over the years, always look forward to your news and views. The thing I’d like super cell to do is find away to stop people dropping off trophies without making a β€œproper β€œ attack. I had approx 800 trophies dropped off in about 9 hours! I don’t mind a town hall 12 it would keep The gemming boys happy and attacking each other. I got attacked by someone with level 50 king and queen… must have cost a good few Β£s.

  22. New stuff in COC is really interesting but don’t you think it makes the game too complex and time-consuming over the years. What are your thoughts ?

    • Interesting point. When looking back a couple year it was just loggin in, doing one attack and then waiting/going offline for 1 hour or more until you could do another attack. I like that I now can play for a little longer with the Builder Base attacks and also planning my future actions in Clan Games. I think Supercell shouldn’t do another thing that is time-consuming in terms of having to open the game more frequently during the day, more like having to do a little bit more when your army is training.

  23. I really hope th12 won’t come until at least December. I was 3 days away from just finishing up th11 and they added camps, and hero lvls. I powered through th10 and 11, haven’t had an idle builder in a long time. I could really use an extended break lol. I also agree that it will further the gap between lower players and discourage them from playing when they see the end goal is so so far away. Keep improving the experience of playing the game and don’t just fill it with endless grinding for upgrades. Keep up the good work in 2018 Tim. Happy New Year

    • Thanks for your kind feedback, happy new year to you too πŸ™‚
      Let’s see where this whole TH12 thing is going anyway, I barely can believe they have started working on it yet EVEN if they decided to do TH12 in the next like 6 months (again, NO confirmation that there will be TH12 anytime soon)

  24. All this information were good but we also want some new troops in th9 and above so we can make our gameplay more interesting..but thanks a lot from my clan “CLASH ACADEMY” .

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