warriors champions league

Warriors Championship League (WCL) Season 2

Warriors Championship league (WCL) is an international Clan War League for skilled Warriors interested in competing at a higher level in Clash of Clans.

WCL is a league of arranged wars. Clans accepted into the league will be assigned a schedule of opponents, one per week. At the end of the regular season, the highest ranked clans participate in a playoff to determine the season Warriors!

WCL is strictly focused fair play clans! No exceptions and players, teams, and/or clans found in violation are subject to expulsion from the league.

WCL was established on the principle that elite, fair play war clans needed a way to challenge each other in an organized and standardized environment. WCL vision is to make the most adaptable, aggressive, steady, intelligent, amiable war league that obliges a wide range of war players. Looking for a family of fair play clans that can fabricate a solid obligation of sportsmanship that cultivates a positive domain for each one of those that take part in the Warriors Championship League

Many of the clans participating in the league are among the best names in the Fair Play War Community, and the level of play all through the alliances is savagely focused, both as far as individual war aptitudes and as far as clan organization and strategy.


WCL accept clans from all over the globe. Our war times are flexible to accommodate all timezone

WCL Divisions

WCL has 2 divisions: Heavy weight and Light weight. These suit clans with a core of th9s, th10s or th11s respectively.

Join Us: https://discord.gg/NfZVUfc
Visit – www.wclcoc.com


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