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The new War Tools arrived as a present for the 4 years anniversary of the release of Clan Wars and I wanted to make this guide to cover the functionalities for all of you out there enjoying Clan Wars.

War Tools Functionalities

The first thing I feel needs get covered is the question why Supercell took 4 years to implement the basic functionalities when other tools like ClashCaller, ClashTrack etc. have implemented much more powerful war tools.

Well, for those clans out there playing Clan Wars at a very professional level and using them frequently, there’s only a little use of War Tools – but nobody forces you to use War Tools instead of the tool you’re using right now. Instead, you will see that it can be a handy addition.

The big advantage will be for the casual clans out there doing Clan War more on a casual base than focus primarily on Clan War because it’s inside the game and not inside a third party tool or website.

Claim Target

The first feature is that you’re able to claim a target, this means you can leave a flag on the base you’d like to attack.

war tools claim target

This will give your clanmates the possibility to publicly tell which base they’d like to attack based on their troops & skills.

Especially in a casual clan, this will help to see which base is still “open”. I know a lot of casual clans that have the problem that they play the “first come first served” method and it can be frustrating when you trained your army for a base you’d like to take down and then another clanmate just attacked that base and you have to start over on another base.

Of course you can ignore that and still attack the base, but that is not the point 🙂


For me this is the real beneficial feature for every clan out there, pro or casual.

Often times there’s the situation when you need more than 2 attacks to 3-Star a base and you can only see the most successful attack in the replay.

war tools note

Let’s say some member did an earlier attack where some special trap location or anything else that is important for a later attacker is revealed, you can put a note down and tell something like “watch the first replay!”.

This is a lot handier to keep up with compared to always double check in a third party tool of any kind of recent annotations.

The Future of War Tools

I’m not really sure why Supercell waited that long to introduce this as it seems like a pretty easy development task. I can only hope they follow the same roadmap as for Clan Games with introducing it and then adding more features to it in the future.

However, I don’t expect something like war weight calculator to ever show up in War Tools to be honest.

War Tool Alternative Tools

If you’re looking for a more advanced tool, you should check out the professional tools out there – however, you have to be aware that you need to get your whole war participants to also use it in order to use the advantage – something that War Tools don’t require.

I personally recommend you to use ClashTrack if you look for an advanced 3rd party tool:

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  1. You can probably leave a note something like “fail=kick” or “I will buy gems for everyone in the clan if anyone can 3 star this base” hahaha that will be so fun. Anyways we all play the game for fun.

  2. Clash track it has lot of glitches and its cool IF you can get your clan on board. But you want any help from clash track with questions you have to donate $10 ,what’s up with that?

    • To be honest I know the developer since the release of the tool and he puts so much effort and development that it seems fair in terms of “live and let live”. He puts a real big effort into the tool and keeps it up to date so I can understand that he just wants some expenses covered 🙂
      (don’t know what your question was though, I admit…)

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