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Waiting in the Clouds

For a couple of days now, there have been serious problems when searching for a multiplayer attack in Clash of Clans. This has resulted in both crazy long waiting times and ridiculous match ups.

While this started out as a minor problem, it has gotten worst every day since the 1 Gem Army Boost Week started. Is there any way this will get better anytime soon?

Well, this was Supercell’s statement a couple of days ago:


Now, where’s the part of “looking into it”? The situation escalated into all leagues and some players in Legendary League told me that they have to wait 2-4 hours for a matchup with an opponent a lot lower than they are and rewarding only a few trophies.

I also have seen crazy times in Titan League 3 with waiting times up to 5 minutes until a base shows up. I constantly get matched against bases in the 35XX region – even a Town Hall 9 was showing up.

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The 1 Gem Army Boost seems to have broken the whole system with people constantly raiding while being under a Village Guard.

Under regular circumstances, this doesn’t happen, but with the 1 gem Boost, I can spend 5 Gems and raid pretty much non-stop for one hour without making my base available for attack.

This lead to the situation we have right now and it will get better on January 5th, when the 1 Gem Boost ends and raiding activity goes back to normal.

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  1. i am new on 9 th my id name is innocent judge and my golem lvl is 2 and it took 10 mins whats this guys plz fix it…..

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