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Clouding Problems in Clash of Clans

Last year this time, we had some very big problems with people having to wait in clouds for a very long time – I think most of us expected this year to have something similar, but it looks like it has gotten a lot worse.

Last years’ clouding issue was primarily based on the 1 Gem Boost for troop building we got, but this year the new Clan Games have been boosting activity even more.

There was a silver lining in the beginning that it was just the first Clan Games that started on December 19th made it worst and it would get better – but the reality was the whole difference and it got worse day after day.

Clouding Problems – The Reason

Clouding has been an issue the whole year, but actually only those being in the highest Leagues faced that problem – but why is clouding even a problem?

Every time you attack, some of your shield time is deducted until your base gets available to get attacked by somebody else.

Normally, casual clashers make their few attacks and roundabout get attacked as often as they attack themselves so this whole system works from a global perspective.

searching clouds coc

When a player is very active, he can get in 2-3 attacks until the shield is gone and then get some extra attacks in during the active Guard – then he gets attacked one time. Doing the math here, you can see that making 4-5 attacks for one defense will lead to the problem that there are not enough bases open to get attacked and we have to wait in the clouds (the Clash of Clans’ version of the queue) until there’s a base open.

Supercell, however, can help making clouds less by adding extra bases (inactive bases) and also making the matching softer in terms of Town Hall matching and Trophy Range – easily spoken you will see more dead bases and also often times lower and higher Town Hall bases, sometimes with a trophy count that is also 500-900 different from yours.

Finding Dead (Abandoned) Bases

Now, this will cover it a little bit for lower leagues, but you can imagine yourself that dead bases in Titan League & Legend League are extremely rare and therefore this doesn’t work for the higher Leagues.

How To Deal With Cloud Problems?

Looking at the reason above (one defense versus 4-5 attacks & not many dead bases in high Leagues), you can see that this will, unlikely last year when the 1 Gem Boost for training ended, not get better because the reason is Clan Games and it’s not supposed to end.

For yourself, you can expect that clouding will remain in its current state for a couple more time (at least January), because there is no easy fix for it.

If it’s extremely bad for you – I know some people in Legend League wait hours without finding a match – you should consider dropping trophies to Champions League or maybe even lower. I’m in Titan II right now and have waiting times of 2-10 minutes.

In an official tweet, Supercell tells us that we should wait a little longer until hitting the Next-button:

This is a trick that works, I’ve been covering it a while ago in another post I wrote that you can check out here:

Fast Opponent Search (Less Time In The Clouds)

However, the real problem as described above will not be anything that will change overnight except Clan Games are not happening right now.

I think – and that’s a thing that will make a lot of people in Legend League happy in the long run – that Supercell will now address the clouding issue with high priority in January and might even bring some changes that will help. The easiest solution will be reducing Guard timer or adjusting the number of hours deducted from the Shield when attacking to balance attacks and defenses out a little bit more.

So, bottom line dropping trophies to Champions League is right now the only thing you can do to get cloud times that are “ok” to accept.


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  1. Can you explain how the trophies work? I attack and get 2 trophies on a base that is higher level, and higher league than I Am. then a legend player attacks me, higher trophy count and league and gets like 20 trophies for the same % attack. I three star and get 6 trophies lol

  2. Here is not a fix but what if they allowed you to edit your base or view other players bases etc. besides just chat while searching. If you find a base then it saves and closes what your doing and goes to the base you found. Better than staring at a rotating magnifying glass.

  3. My th 11 base was lost and coc can’t give to me because it my new device i forgot pass and recovey no. So, they not giving me back

    • even if you write them your XP level, name, clan name etc. they don’t?! I have heard they will do that if you can name enough details about your account… Hope you get it back buddy!

      • I was playing my th9 account on a kindle and the last update stopped coc from working on it. So I switched to a android tablet and contacted them and gave my th level, clan, my id#, when I started playing, and when I last played. Then they asked for what devices I played on and when I bought gems with receipts if possible. I always played on the kindle so I couldn’t buy gems. I told them that and they gave me a code to get it back right away.

  4. Nothing but searching what’s the point in playing it’s not fun this way how to we do clan games when we search for 15 minutes before finding a base can’t even gem my base because I’ll spend the whole time on 1/2 attacks. Uuugggg

    • When the Star Bonus & 1 Gem Army Boost will be over in 21 hours it will get a lot better again, but you’re right it is sometimes really frustrating when you have to wait to get matched

  5. It was damn tough dropping trophies from legend. I placed my th and resources outside walls for a week and cut attack short of a star.

    Finally down to titan 2 and getting a little easier to keep dropping.

    • I was in legend last clan games, did more builder base focused events. But the only reason that worked for me is I have the best builder base account in my clan. But I decided to drop after reaching 5200 trophies and getting timed out twice. It took about 12 hours, but after I got into Titan I was finding bases to drop on more frequently. I didn’t stop there though. I’m now in crystal with BK and AQ upgrading. First half of the stretch was dropping from legend to about Titan 2. After that I basically picked off collectors and mines with gob knife until I was at a point I could rip into cores and take DE storage. Master league would of been fine. But I took the plunge and almost back into masters despite constantly winning defences and havingguys drop trophies on me. Good luck to those still sitting in legend league. I’ll hang tight down low until something comes out to help the cloud issue or supercell offers incentive to be back up there.

      • I really hope they will do something soon or at least that it now gets a little better as clan games are not that fresh and not everybody is on holiday… I’m at Titan II now and today after the events ended it like 1 minute to find a match and hopefully I won’t regret staying there when the next clan games start.
        But still, I was also going for Builder Base challenges as they are a little bit easier to get, especially when you can attack every couple minutes there instead of waiting 45 minutes in the Home Village

  6. Dropping trophies to a lower league is not very possible unless I stay on the game for 12 hours attempting to get a base to actually drop trophies on…I’m currently in Titan 1 and average wait is 10-15 minutes.

    • Since the 1 gem army boost and 4 star bonus event it has really gotten worse… i think there‘s nothing we all can do lets hope supercell throws in a couple of mire abandonned bases

  7. The 2 hour guard in titan league is one of the advantages to being in a higher league. Reducing that amount negates the efforts put in to reach it. They just need to allow TH in higher leagues to attack ones in much lower leagues. As a TH10 in Titan league sometimes I’ll get 3* by a TH11 in the same league and it causes me to lose 57 trophies.

    • You’re right reducing the Guard is nothing I would like to see neither – however, without any doubt there’s a problem that needs a solution soon.
      To be honest I don’t know how this could be possible, so I’m really happy to not be the one in charge for it…

  8. Can the book of builders ALSO work on heroes thats the main question noone knows right now. We need someone that has already used the book of heroes…and has another hero…likely battle machine…upgrading to know if this is possible.

    • Sometimes things need to get worse before they will get better – let’s hope Supercell now realized that they need to do something and hopefully they don’t limit down the Clan GAmes to something like once per month

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