Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

The Drop Ship is the new troop you’ll unlock at Builder Hall 7 and when it was released, there was, unlike the release of the Night Witch, not that much fear about the troop being too strong. Now we’re sitting here a couple months later and the Drop Ship has not been getting that much love so far, but I have been working on this strategy guide for a while and found this attacking strategy very helpful against maxed out BH7 bases that have all their strongest defenses (Roaster, Giant Cannon, Air Bombs) extremely hard to reach and this strategy helps me getting high percentage 2-Star attacks against bases that other strategies will fail against.

Dropships in Versus Battles

First it was hard to find the real place in the army for the drop ship – it’s a air tank that will drop skeletons on defenses but not dealing damage itself.

So in order to find an army composition for it, you will need to find the correct troops that will benefit from it and in this case it’s Night Witches & Minions. They already make an own strategy, but against solid Builder Hall 7 bases they are at a certain limit because the Giant Cannon takes down your Battle Machine very soon, the Multi Mortar taking on your Night Witches then and the Air Bombs & Roaster will make your Minions’ job hard.

That’s where the Drop Ship comes in perfectly with using the Skeletons to distract the Multi Mortar or the Giant Cannon & the Drop Ship protecting your Minions and Bats for quite some time – basically, the Drop Ship makes your troops survive longer until they are in such a massive load that they become unstoppable.

Who Should Use This Strategy?

Upgrading the Drop Ship is a pain, because already the first level cost more than 1M Elixir and take 1 day or less. This means you can’t keep the Laboratory running straight upgrading them.

Using the strategy also requires Drop Ships Level 10+, so I only recommend those of you who have progressed in BH7 to work on this strategy.

If you have your Barbarians, Bomber, Night Witches & Minions maxed out and also got a Battle Machine with Level 15+, you can start focusing on upgrading Drop Ships πŸ™‚

If not, I recommend you to either use Barbs/Bomber or Night Witch/Minion attacks, you can find a full guide here:

Attacking Strategies for BH7

Hint! If you have a Power Potion from a recent Clan Game, you can also use this to try out this strategy as it also maxes your Builder Base troops for 1 hour!

The Future of Drop Ships

When taking a sneak peek to Builder Hall 8 that will get released in the not-so-distant future, I’m sure the Drop Ship will get even more viable to use. At BH8, we will see the Mega Tesla, a Tesla that will deal massive damage and the new troop, the Super Pekka.

With the distracting troops that can spawn, the Skeletons from the Drop Ship, it will get possible to use this new troops against this massive new defense that will crush next to the Giant Cannon but also with very low attack speed!

Here are the stats from the current developer version and look at that massive damage output!

mega tesla bh8

So, investing now into the Drop Ship can be something that will help you a lot when Builder Hall 8 gets released in the next weeks.

How to win with Drop Ships

Your army composition is as follows:

  • 2 Army Camps Night Witches
  • 2 Army Camps Minions
  • 1 Army Camp Drop Ships

If you have done several Night Witch attacks so far, you know how essential the entry point & timing is and that this makes the difference between 0 Stars & 2 Stars.

Using the Drop Whip will take away a lot of this timing pressure as you will send in all your troops at the same time and the Drop Ships eliminate this part of your scouting process!

Drop Ship attacking strategy BH7 clash of clans

Here you see how the arrangement looks like.

You will deploy your Night Witches in a line and let them send in their bats. Then you place the Battle Machine before them to hit through the wall and agro the Multi Mortar.

Now you deploy your 2 Drop Ships as tanks near the walls and deploy a line of Minions right after them.

You can leave 1-2 Minions in your pocket in case there are some leftover buildings you can clear, but at that point all you need to do is watch the attack and hit the Battle Machines’ ability button as often as possible πŸ™‚

drop ship attacking guide clash of clans

When using this method, you always want to attack from a side of the base where your Night Witches will walk across the whole map, that will get many bats into the fight before they will reach the base and enter the area where they can suffer any damage.

right side to attack with drop ships in clash of clans

If the base you’re attacking is in the corner, do not attack from the corners as this will make your attacks fail!


In my opinion, the Drop Ship has been stepping out of its not-so-well image it had when being released along with BH7 lately and using it is not a gambling 50:50.

You can use it very stable at Builder Hall 7, where you see many other attacking compositions fail and the reason for that is that at the beginning of BH7, not many had their defenses well-upgraded and now that many have done this, the traditional compositions (Barbs & Bomber or Night Witches & Minions) are only able to get close 2-Star attacks where the Drop Ships are able to get a lot better results.



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  1. So do you know when will the builder base 8 will be released? Cause i have crushers left to upgrade to lv7 and battle machine is in lv16. Will it affect me when i reach BB8 or what?

    • I think it will be soon – they always take a look at what’s possible for F2P and if it is possible to max out BH7 they will progress.
      Also, I think with all defenses lv7 and BM 16 you can also go to BH8 directly πŸ™‚

  2. JUST wanted to add that 2 camps boxer giant, 2 camps cannon cart and 1 camp baby dragons is also a great strategy for BH7, I pushed from 2800-4100 in just a week or two doing mostly loot attacks and one or two sessions of boredom waiting for regular army. Hope you can make a strategy guide for this as well. My BM is lvl 10, boxer giants 13, baby drags and cannon carts now max but they were lvl 13 when I began pushing past 3000 trophies. Great guide and can’t wait to get minions and night witch maxed and push my BM a bit so I can try this out. Gaining full loot bonus should help me get there just a little faster lol

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