Upgrade Times & Hero Regeneration Times Reduced

Amazing! Regeneration times reduced!

What a boom out of nowhere! Upgrade times for not-maxed troops, spells & defenses got reduced plus the regeneration times for Heroes got adapted.

Especially the last one have been a pain for higher levels as they took a lot longer than the army creation.

You can find the full list here.



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  1. While the new shorter upgrade times are appreciated, I am a little annoyed about lost builder time because we didn’t know this update was coming.

    I was 3 days into a level 12 barracks upgrade and a level 7 Tesla upgrade (10 days each) when the update hit – if I had have known this was coming I would have put my builders on bombs for the first couple of days and started the longer barracks / tesla upgrades with the shortened build times AFTER the update. They would still have finished at much the same time as they are going to finish now – so I’ve lost at least 6 days of builder time 🙁 That’s the 3 builder potions worth gone!!!

    I also had to gem the last 18 hours of my level 10 AQ upgrade for a clan war, after it had been going for almost 4 of the old 4.5 day upgrade time… so another ~180 gems down the toilet when I could have waited 2 days and got her up to 10 in the 2 days between wars.

    One hand giveth, the other takes away! 🙁

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