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Make Your Clan Castle Unlurable

Your Clan Castle is and will always be your strongest Defense. I don’t think I need to tell you that, but many Clashers simply place it in the center of the base and leave it there. Job’s done? No! In this post, I want to show why you should make some extra adjustments to your base layout to make the Clan Castle troops unlurable, especially in your War Base Layout.

Unlurable Clan Castle – Why?

The Clan Castle is much weaker when the attacker is able to get your defending Clan Castle troops out and kill them in isolation. This gives the attacker the power to plan his attack and not see any surprises – and that is exactly opposite what you want. You want to force the attacker to deal with your Clan Castle troops in the middle of his attack or, at least, make him invest a significant amount of his troops to get them out before sending his kill squad.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the new Poison Spell adjustments (idle troops go out of the Poison Spell radius) will change this. The attacker will always try to lure the Clan Castle troops out before starting the main attack. Especially in Clan War, because they have unlimited time to scout the base and are able to see the defending radius of the Clan Castle in full detail.

Most Common Luring Tactics

There are several ways to lure Clan Castle troops – the easiest way is sending in 2 or 3 Hog Riders. This is ridiculously cheap, and I admit I love to do it when I come across a War Base that allows for it:

hog rider luring clan castle troops

You see how easy it can be? Surprisingly, not many Clashers check their bases for this weakness, but I can promise you that attackers check it first, because it makes the attack so much easier.

How To Prevent an Easy Lure?

The good news is that you can adjust your base (or always check internet bases). You have to prevent an easy road to your most outside defense which is fully inside the Clan Castle defending area.

Take a look at this base layout:

unlurable clan castle

You can see that the outside defensive ring is located ON the radius of the Clan Castle. Even if the attacker sends in some Hog Riders, they won’t trigger the Clan Castle. To trigger the Clan Castle he has to send enough to destroy that Defense, which is less profitable. Worst case is that the next Defense is also located on the outside.

To make it short, the person scouting this base will let go of the plan to lure the Clan Castle troops before hand very quick.

Not Enough Buildings?

If you’re in a lower Town Hall level and you simply don’t have enough buildings to create a big area in your layout, you can help yourself by placing some Hidden Teslas outside the defensive ring. You can see that in the example base above on the upper left side, next to the Gold Mines.

The attacker might go for it, but his Hog Riders will be stuck at the Hidden Tesla while the other defenses take them out. He will need to send more and more Hogs, which is a pain for his army strength.


Placing your Clan Castle in the center of your base is only half the battle, making it unlurable will give attackers a much harder time. If you’re using a farming base or a trophy pushing layout, you will be safe most of the time, but solid attackers with some scouting skills will take you down in Clan War for not having an unlurable Clan Castle.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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