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3 Tips To Unlock Legendary Brawler Faster in Brawl Stars

Are you in desperate need of unlocking Legendary Brawlers and ask yourself how to optimize your chances? Find all answers here.

Legendary Brawlers are the most powerful in Brawl Stars if you take a look at it in the long run. Basically every Brawl Stars player want to unlock them but are let down by the difficulty and starting to look around how to improve their chances.

In my guide here you will find all the answers you can get when trying to unlock a Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars.

How To Unlock Legendary Brawler

First of all, there are only two valid ways that can unlock you a Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars:

  1. Unlock them via Brawl Boxes
  2. Get them in the one-time offer in the shop for 560 Gems

In my opinion, the 560 Gems in the shop are really expensive (around $30) and only if you’re really desperate to get the offered brawler an option you should take.

You should absolutely focus on getting them through the Brawl Boxes.

What Boxes Have The Best Chances?

Unlike other games, there are no boxes in Brawl Stars that offer higher or lower chances on anything than other ones. The Brawl Box, the Big Box and the Mega Box simply offer higher amounts of cards, coins or tickets than the other ones. The Big Box rewards 3x and the Mega Box 10x what the Brawl Box offers.

So, wait, but you don’t get more different Power Points when opening such a box – you simply get more Power Points for the same chances.

This leads to the conclusion that actually the Mega Box offers lower chances to unlock a Legendary Brawler than a simple Brawl Box by probabilities – so if you open 10 Brawl Boxes instead of 1 Mega Box will give you the better option.

legendary brawler chances

The best strategy is to invest all you can in getting as many Brawl Boxes unlocked every day, use the token doubler and tickets and your daily capped tokens as much as possible.



Ways To Unlock Legendary Brawler Quicker

Now let’s take it to some things you can actually do to rise your chances.

Open Brawl Boxes!

With every box you open up in Brawl Stars that doesn’t contain a Legendary Brawler, you will rise the chances to unlock a Legendary Brawler in the next box by – hold tight – 0.0048%.

Thet’s not much. Actually that’s just a little tiny of very little. But it’s something that works for you and it will help you.

So, if you’re in need of a certain brawler you don’t want to stockpile any boxes and open them up to get a higher chance to unlock the Legendary Brawler next time.

Pro Tip!

If you have the max Power Points for a certain brawler, the chances to get Power Points for the other brawlers are higher.


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Stockpile Brawl Boxes

In return, if you have all brawlers unlocked that you really want at this point do not open up any more boxes anymore and stockpile them up. As soon as a new brawler gets released, you have a lot higher chances to unlock that new brawler early on.



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