Ultimate BARCH Guide (High and Low Level)

Have you already started upgrading your Archers and Barbarians to level 7? It’s pretty obvious that last update’s improvements for the Archers and Barbarians gave the famous BARCH (Barbarians+Archers) an extra push. There are a lot of people out there that think that you only use this troop composition for farming resources and not for getting trophies. This is wrong and I can prove you that only Archers and Barbarians can even get you trophies in Champion League but this not the main topic of this post (however here you can see that even people at very low Town Hall levels got themselves into  Champion League) – what I really want to show you is that this is a troop composition that is trained pretty fast and cheap and also able to get you trophies (and your Win Bonus).

Main concept of the BARCH attack in Clash of Clans

If you are using them you should have about 40% of your Army Camp filled with Barbarians and 60% Archers. You should also bring enough Lightning Spells – depending on what level you have them upgraded to (see here some details about using Lightning Spells to take out certain buildings). In addition you should have your Clan Castle filled with either Giants or a Golem if you can get one. The tank is needed depending on the farming range, I would propose:

  • Trophy range below 2000: No Tank needed in the Clan Castle for BARCH
  • Trophy range between 2000 and 2400: You should bring some Giants, otherwise you run the risk of having very close attacks and sometimes not reaching the 50% destruction
  • Trophy range 2400+: Without having Giants or a Golem in the Clan Castle you won’t get a star most of the times

Now that we get that, you have to find a proper base to raid. What you are looking for is a base with lots of outside buildings and try to prevent running into outside Wizard Towers. I have here an example of a base you should not try to attack with BARCH:


This is a base you can attack with BARCH:


Now that you got your base you “just” have to follow this simple protocol:

1.) Use you Lightning Spell(s) to BARCH

You want to take out the Mortars because they are a real pain in the a** for your Archers and Barbarians. Depending on your Lightning Spells level you can take out 1 or 2 Mortars with them.


You don’t need to take out 2 of them (Lightning Spells costs Elixir and are quite slowly produced) and you will quickly get a feeling when you need to destroy two of them or when maybe one of them is enough to win the attack. For beginners I recommend you to use the safe route and destroy 2 if you can.

Important: Always keep one Lightning Spell because you don’t know what’s inside the Clan Castle – if you face a group of Wizards you will be very glad to have saved a last Lightning Spell.

2.) Deploy your Barbarians and Archers

When deploying your troops you always do it the same way. You draw a line of Barbarians which will be something like a spread tank the defensive buildings will focus on:


Right after that you will send in a line of Archers directly behind them – while the Barbarians take the damage the Archers will destroy the buildings with their ranged attacks:


3.) Heroes and Clan Castle troops

Now you can send in your Clan Castle Giants/Golem if there is a spot where you can use them – I always use them next to Wizard Towers. Also your Heroes should not be sent in first but only when needed. The simple reason is that as soon as you reached the 50% destruction and your star you should end the battle as soon as possible. There is no difference in 50% or 60% (besides League Bonus difference under the December 2015 update) because for your second star you will need the Town Hall which you will not destroy with BARCH under regular circumstances. 

By ending the fight directly after you got what you wanted you save your Heroes health and reduce their regeneration time.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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